25+ Pros and Cons of Living In Devon (Explained)

Devon popularly known as Devonshire is a beautiful shire county located in Southwest England. The region is distinguished for its sandy beaches, beautiful coastlines, cream tea, and deviant landscapes.

The region has an approximately 1.1 million population, which is relatively lower than other south-western counties in the United Kingdom. The county has a semi-agrarian and semi-industrial-based occupation. 

Benefits of living in Devon Drawbacks of living in Devon 
Decent property priceUnderdeveloped area
Cost of living is lowVery few good schools in the county
Good market forcesLower wages and salaries of employees 
Elevated quality of life in Devon Unemployment among the youngsters 
Freelancing business and tradesInadequate transportation facilities 
High spirited people in the place 
Suitable surroundings to raise children
Astonishing spots to visit
Culture and arts of the county

Advantages of living in Devon

Decent property price-

The property prices in the region are relatively low. The major merit of living in the region is that the buyers are who are interested in buying the property in the region come across a reasonable cost as compared to other cities in the country.

People in London or Berkshire have to pay 5 times a higher price of properties than in Devon.

This point attracts a lot of buyers to the region. After all, why would anyone pay double prices when relatively lower prices are available. Everyone wants to earn profit and the place guarantees it.

Cost of living is low-

The fact that housing and rents are available at ground-level prices has made the cost of living very low and good. People of the region are obviously able to save more amount of money from housing which helps them to spend their savings in some other sphere.

The low cost of living in the region helps the average income earners to settle in Devonshire. So if you too are looking for a cheaper place to live then the place is just apt for you to live and settle.

Good market forces-

The market forces meaning demand and supply of a commodity are at their best in Devon. The good market forces help retailers and traders to run a profitable business in the region if Devonshire. The reality that there are no big industries or corporations in the area helps the local business to flourish and excel in the market.

Several business firms enjoy a monopoly and sort of control over the market forces. Hence, if any person or a firm is willing to start their business in the region, the possibility to earn profits is relatively high. 

Elevated quality of life in Devon-

Do you want to live in an elevated quality of life with elevated people around? If yes, then the region of Devonshire can be the best pick for you. The standard of living is quite high and enriching.

Even though the cost of living is low and cheaper than in other counties in England. The people of Devon are highly educated intellectuals who practice a high quality of lifestyle. 

Freelancing business and trades-

The place is not just good for a living but also for starting independent businesses and trades. There is a lot of factors that support freelancers to flourish in the region.

In truth, the area is still a developing area and not a fully developed one so the possibility that independent firms can relatively perform better than in other states is higher and quite promising. The self-employment rate is higher in the region compared to other counties in England.

High spirited people in the region-

The people in the county are high-spirited and follow the principle of ‘can do attitude. They have a very optimistic approach to life and business.

The people of the region have faced several setbacks in business even though they didn’t quiet, in fact, they tried harder and succeeded at last. This kind of approach helps individuals to maintain a high spirit in living. 

Suitable surrounding to raise children-

The environment of the region in Devon is very safe and healthy for children to grow. The reported crime rates in the region are very low ensuring the safety of the people. 

Astonishing spots to visit-

The place is rich in places where you can go to chill with friends or family.  The Jurassic coast, Dartmoor national park, and many more are amazing places to visit in the county. A lot of people visit the place to witness the picturesque scenery and amazing wildlife sanctuaries. 

Culture and arts if the county-

The county has a fine collection of arts. The street arts of the region are countrywide famous. The finest quality of arts and sculptures are available in Devonshire. Not only art but the culture of the country too is amazing.

The people of the county cherish the culture if the region and have been protecting and preserving it since historical times.

Disadvantages of living in Devon

Underdeveloped areas-

The major setback of living in the county is that it is an underdeveloped region with a lack of technological facilities. In the 21st century, where the world is competing with each other on technological accomplishment, Devonshire is not even 50% of the rest of the developed counties in England. So this is a major con of living in Devon.

Very few good schools in the county-

Another major disadvantage of living in the region is the lack of good schools in the region. Students really have to face tough times to get admission in good schools because of the competition.

The governing body has to look after the educational institutions in order to make a good life for students.

Lower wages and salaries of the employees-

First up, finding a good job is very difficult in the region of Devon and even if a person gets a job the payment made is very low. Many people migrate to other counties in search of a good job with high salaries and incentives. After all, no one wants to settle for less when they can literary have more.

Unemployment among the youngsters-

The rate of unemployment among the youth of the county is high and tends to increase even more in the upcoming years. So it is definitely not a good pick for those wanting to have good jobs and a better life for themselves.

Inadequate transportation facilities-

Another demerit of living in Devon is that it is not well linked with other major cities of the United Kingdom. Traveling from one place to another is relatively difficult and stressful. The major problem is faced by the people who commute daily for either studying or working.

The above mentioned are the pros and cons of living in Devon. Inspire of the cons, the place has a lot to offer in the field of starting a business and living a healthy life amidst the greenery and beautiful rivers.

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