23+ Pros and Cons of Living In Dorset (Explained)

Dorset is a small county, with beautiful greeneries and coastlines. The land is famous for its fossil fuels, the largest natural harbor, and also for the hottest red chilies productions. The region has some of the most expensive and richest places to live in Britain.

It is a non- metropolitan county yet it attracts thousands of tourists per year. Continue reading to know the pros and cons of living in Dorset.

Benefits of living in DorsetDrawbacks of living in Dorset
Beautiful region to liveVery few job opportunities 
Rich and healthy lifestyle The county is not well-linked
Great place to live with familyClogged rooms and area
The density of the population is lowParking issues 
Less traffic and pollution issuesHumid climate  
Chocolate box housesPoor education system
Shopping Inappropriate medical facilities 
Friendly and helpful neighbors Slow internet speed 
Home to thousands of species 
Good health

Advantages of living in Dorset

Beautiful region to live-

The location of the region is amazing and fascinating. The county is surrendered by water and cape on all four sides. The region is well known for its botanical parks and coastlines.

Jurassic coast with wide-stretching and Bournemouth is a famous visiting location in the region. People from all over the world are attracted to visit the picturesque view. 

Rich and healthy lifestyle-

People residing in the region of Dorset maintain a rich and healthy lifestyle. The people living in the region are class conscious lots, who focus more on showing off. People who want to live with elite beings can definitely opt to live in the region. Maintaining a standard of living is a good aspect that many people love.

Great place to live with family-

The region has a relatively low rate of reported crimes in the region and very few riots have taken place, making it a safe place for living with family. On top of that, the county is just over suitable for children to grow and learn from nature.

The density of population is low-

Dorset is a small piece of land with very less population. According to studies, it is widely believed that a county is meant to prosper if the population of the county is less. Fewer people means more resources left for residing people to consume. Hence, the county offers great relaxation in the field of population and availability of resources.

Less traffic and pollution issues-

The fact that there are very few people residing in the county, which further means fewer vehicles on the road gives a clear passage for driving.

Most of the counties in developed countries have the issue of traffic jams which are an asset in today’s times. furthermore fewer vehicles on road mean less emission of harmful gases leading to low air pollution.

Chocolate box houses-

The region has beautiful houses that look more like chocolate boxes. The house is made of red stones and thatched canopies in the county. One who visits Dorset gets impressed with the housing pattern. 


Another merit of living in the region is excellent shopping centers. People visiting the region definitely go shopping. The county has a vast variety of shops and malls selling different commodities and accessories. 

Friendly and helpful neighbors-

The nature of the people living in the county is very kind and humble. They believe in co-existing and helping each other in times of need and problems. To settle in the region for a newcomer is not much of a problem. 

Home to thousands of species-

The region of Dorset is a natural habitat of thousands of species. The county is rich in chalks, limestone, and grasslands. The county is also famous for its biodiversity. It is home to many coral reefs and coastal creatures. 

Good health-

People of the region have good health and are away from lots of airborne diseases, as the level of air pollution is very low.

Disadvantages of living in Dorset

Very few job opportunities-

The major drawback of living in the region is that the job opportunities are very low. No big firms or companies have their base in the area which has led to no new job employment. People of Dorset go to different other places in search of good jobs and build their careers.

The county is not well-linked-

People living in the region face a great problem while traveling or transporting goods to another part of the county. Those who commute in the region for work or study face this issue on a daily basis.

Buses are rarely on time, railways are overcrowded and airways are way more expensive for average earners to afford. Very little has been done to make transportation easier and more convenient. The public of Dorset has a really tough time managing all this.

Clogged rooms and areas-

The fact that the county is a small piece of land has led to overcrowding in the area. The houses given on rent are small and congested with more number of people living together. On weekends and market days, the streets are exceptionally crowded preventing an easy passage of movement. 

Parking issues-

During summers the parking issues increase in the region. A very small area is allowed for parking of vehicles causing people to park on heat during sunny days. 

Humid climate-

Unlike other places in the south of England which has the pleasurable climatic conditions, the region of Dorset experiences a hot and humid climate. During summer and rainy days, the humidity increases which gives rise to stickiness and sweating. 

Poor education systems-

Everyone wants to live in a region where the educational facilities are at its peak. Unfortunately, the county lacks in this ground. Very few good schools are located in the region, the education system is old and redundant.

It focuses more on mugging up chapters than actually making students understand. The administrators need to work in the education system.

Inappropriate medical facilities-

Another major drawback of the region is that it lacks in providing medical facilities to the public. The beds available in the government hospitals are very few in number, the food provided to the patient is poor. The government needs to fix this flex as soon as possible. 

Slow internet speed-

Another demerit if living in the region of Dorset is that many places have internet issues. In today’s time, we need good internet access to carry out everyday work. From students to employees, everyone needs good internet speed. So before settling in the region, it would be advisable to inquire about the internet speed with the neighbors to avoid any future problems regarding internet connectivity. 

Even though it has a few cons, the place is good for spending the after retirement life. With a friendly environment and good health, people can lead a good life in this region.

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