26+ Pros and Cons of Living In East Sussex (Explained)

The beautiful shire county is located in the southeast region of England. The land has a remarkable collection of music and art. The region is well-known for its cultural heritage and historical events.

The land consists of 96% of the white race and 2% black and 2% Asians.  Listed below are some of the significant pros and cons of living in East Sussex for a better understanding of readers.

Benefits of living in East Sussex Drawbacks of living in East Sussex 
Great job opportunities Low wages and salaries
Good transport and infrastructure The high cost of living 
Great optionInadequate medical facilities 
High standards of livingIncrease in poverty among the backward areas
Amazing sites to visitIncrease in population and pollution
Rich in culture and arts
Delicious eateries 
Neat and clean areas
Historical monuments 

Advantages of living in East Sussex 

Great job opportunities-

The major advantage of living in East Sussex is that the people of East Sussex don’t face many difficulties in getting a job for themselves. Many big and well-known companies have been set up in the region, increasing job opportunities. Thousands of people migrate to the region to secure a good pay job for themselves in order to live a good life. 

The job opportunities have increased by 2% in the last two years. Many more big companies have shown interest in investing in the region which will lead to further job availability for the people of the county. Also, the fact that the county is near to many big cities has also increased job opportunities.

Good transport and infrastructure-

Another major benefit of living in the county is that it is well-linked with the major cities and counties of the country. The roads are well built and connected to almost all the small and big cities of England.

Buses and taxis are available on a daily basis at a relatively cheaper price. Trains and metros to run daily make transportation very easy and convenient for the public. The county is near to international airways as well.

The counties with a good transportation system are more attractive than the counties which have an inadequate transportation system. 

Great option-

The place has great potion and offers more fun for people living in the county. One can have all the fun all in one county. One can go for tracking, cycling, swimming all in one day. All kind of recreation is available in the county.

Whether it is theatres or clubbing or just walking down the allies. On weekends one can plan an outing with friends or family within a county.  

High standards of living-

Another merit if living in East Sussex are that the people of the region maintain a high standard of living. Many elites reside in the county who believes in living a standard life. With good housing, schooling, clothing and etc. So if a person wants to live a high standard of life then the place is just suitable for them.

Amazing sites to visit-

The county is rich in beautiful viewpoints. So if you are a nature blogger or just simply live to post pictures on social sites then do visit the amazing parks and allies if the region. The picturesque views of sunsets and sunrise during winters should not be missed.

Beautiful lakes and landscapes attract different types of birds to the region. People from all over the world come to the place to spend their summer vacation to witness the fascinating views of the region.

Rich in culture and arts-

One of the most important advantages to live in the region is that the people of the region can be a part of the diverse culture of the region. The place is famous for the bonfire nights held during the winters.

The people of the county have been protecting and preserving the varied heritage of the county since historical times. The art of the county also is also famous.

The local art galleries of the region are beautiful and inspiring. 

Delicious eateries-

Pancakes and pie is very famous in the region. Food available in the region is very cheap and delicious.

Even the local subways and restaurants also serve the best food. People who live far away from their homes face no difficulty in getting good and tasty food. 

Neat and clean areas-

The streets and lanes of the county are very clean. There are dustbins installed in every loop and corner of the roads and streets of the region. 

Historical monuments-

The region is also famous for its ancient buildings and museums. The Pevensey castle, St Giles church, Fireplace, and more have historical significance. A lot of tourists come to visit the place every year.

Disadvantages of living in East Sussex

Low wages and salaries-

A major disadvantage of living in the region is that the wages paid to the workers of the region are lower than that of another state. Working hard and getting low pay is a big flex that needs an immediate fix.

Sometimes workers are made to do overtime and are not paid for the service. Many unions came together and protested against the company owners but no significant changes were made.

The high cost of living-

People in the region maintain a high standard of living which, of course, will cost high. This factor becomes a problem for average income earners. They feel left out if they lower their standards of living.

Inadequate medical facilities-

The residents face a tough time getting proper medical treatment. The private hospitals charge high and the-government hospitals have very poor conditions, a very less number of beds and impolite behavior of the staff has disappointed the masses.

However, many measures have been taken place to improve the condition of the place.

Increase in poverty among the backward areas-

The fact that there is an unequal division of resources and distribution of income in the county has led to a rise in the rate of poverty.

The poverty strike areas get the bare minimum for living, they are done priced of their basic rights and are forced to live in bad and unhygienic conditions.

Increase in population and pollution-

The ever-growing population of the county is a major problem in the region. An increase in population means difficulty in managing the mass, providing them jobs, education, medical facilities and etc. More the population of the county less is the resources left for consumption.

Also, the increase in population has less to rise in air and water pollution as the number of harmful gases has increased. The rise in pollution means more prone to disease. 

The above mentioned are the pros and cons of living in East Sussex. However, the greenery and culture of the region have always attracted people from all over the world. 

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