25+ Pros and Cons of Living In Gloucestershire (Explained)

The beautiful region of Gloucestershire is located towards the southwest of England. The dynamic historical and religious events have attracted thousands of devotees to the place. People from all over the world visit the iconic cathedral churches and docks of Gloucestershire.

The region is also famous for hunting and forestry. Continue to read the pros and cons of living in Gloucestershire to have adequate knowledge about the county.

Benefits of living in Gloucestershire Drawbacks if living in Gloucestershire 
The lower price of the property Very fewer job opportunities 
Peaceful environmentThe problem of the low wages of workers
Rich in ecclesiastical bodies Increase in crimes
Fine cultural heritages Overcrowded areas
Reliable transport systemUneven income and resources distribution 
Food and beverages Growing unemployment 
Good quality of lifeBoring lifestyle 
LocationIncrease in pollution
Social activities
Good primary schools in the region

Advantages of living in Gloucestershire 

The lower price of the property-

The significant merit of living in the county is that properties are available at reasonable prices. One has to pay almost 45% lesser price of the property than in London or Berkshire.

Getting property at a relatively lower price is a treat for average income earners. No one wants to pay higher prices of anything if it is available at a lower price. 

Peaceful environment-

The environment of the region is very calm and nature friendly. People out there are more civilized and less sophisticated than people in urban areas. In today’s time, getting to live far away from chaos is really a blessing. One can spend their life amidst nature away from the hustle and bustle of the cities. 

Rich in ecclesiastical bodies-

The region is known for its cathedral churches and worship places. People often gain spiritual awareness in this region. Some of the famous ecclesiastical buildings are- Tewkesbury Abbey, Gloucester Cathedral, St. Mary Church, St. Nicholas Church, and many more.

The region of Gloucestershire attracts thousands of devotees per year. Many churches are built during the late 1850s and are still there. 

Exceptional cultural and historical heritages-

People from all over the world visit the place for it’s cultural and historical heritage. Each ancient monuments and buildings carry historical significance.

Like the Blackfriars, but in the 13th century, Grey Friars Priory- founded in the late  1230s, Soldiers of Gloucestershire Museum built in 1694, and many more are the best sites to visit to know the history of the region. The vibrant culture of the county has been protected and preserved by the citizens since the Roman age.

Reliable transport system-

Another outstanding reason to live in the county is that the state has an excellent transport system. Buses, trains, and cabs run daily, making transportation easier and more convenient for the public of Gloucestershire.

Not only that, but the county is also well-linked with all the major cities and counties of England. Hence, transportation can never be a problem for those residing in the county.

Food and beverages-

People who visit the place crave for the food available in the region. Overcooked steaks and lump potatoes are the go-to menus for people living in the region. The Perry cider, cold coffee, and hot chocolate shakes are best available in Gloucestershire.

Good quality of life-

The fresh air and less population make the quality of life high. The region delivers great scopes for enjoyment and leisure—a lot to do for kids (and adults too!). People generally go there to spend their summer vacation with family and friends.


Surrounded by hills, rivers, and beautiful landscapes, give a picturesque view. One who loved the beauty of nature can find themselves captivated by the views of the county.

Social activities-

In Gloucestershire, many social activities are conducted making life more fun and enjoyable. Many concerts, feast nights, musical evenings, and many more have taken place in the region.

Good primary schools in the region-

The county has many good schools for primary education. As the St. Peter School and the St. Joseph’s convent school are some of the top-ranked schools in Gloucestershire. They just not promise the quality of education but also ensure good results. Living in an area that has good academic facilities is merit.

Disadvantages of living in Gloucestershire 

Very fewer job opportunities-

Getting a good job in the region of Gloucestershire can be a little difficult. The information that there are very few good companies and factories in the region has reduced the possibility of getting a good job. Often the residents are seen to start their own independent business in order to earn their livelihood. 

The problem of the low wages of workers-

The southern counties of the United Kingdom face the problem of low wage rates. It is really discouraging to get an unsatisfactory amount at the end of the day after all that labor. However, many big and well-known brands have shown interest in the region, so, in the coming year, the problem may be solved.

Increase in crime rates-

The passing years have witnessed an increase in the reported crimes in the region. Gloucestershire was known as the safest place to live in the country of England but in the year 2018-19 crimes in the robbery and road accidents have raised making the place a little unsafe for living. 

Overcrowded areas-

Gloucestershire is a small piece of land with a relatively higher population. During the festive time, the place seems to be more congested and overcrowded. During Christmas shopping or in new year’s eve the place is clogged with people preventing an easy passage. 

Uneven income and resources distribution-

Another big disadvantage of living in Gloucestershire is that many backward areas are poverty-stricken with uneven income distribution. The resources available in the backward areas are very few compared to the uplifted areas.

This pattern of uneven distribution and disparities has led the poor masses to live in an unhygienic and filthy environment. They are even deprived of the basic rights to education. 

Growing unemployment-

The rate of unemployment among the citizens of Gloucestershire has risen with the passing years. Due to fewer job opportunities and low wage rates, many people have migrated to another place in search of a good job with attractive packages and incentives.

Boring lifestyle-

If a person shifts from London to Gloucestershire, then obviously he/she would find life in the region very boring and monotonous. Anyone who has newly shifted to the region can find a little problem in settling down. 

Increase in pollution-

The growing population has led to an increase in air and water pollution, which has also given rise to deadly air, waterborne diseases. 

Gloucestershire is a rural area, and yet it offers a lot of enjoyment and recreation for the people. The delicious eateries and the eccentric locations of the region attract thousands of tourists per year.

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