26+ Pros and Cons of Living In Herefordshire (Explained)

Herefordshire is a county located in the West Midlands of England. The county is popularly known as a trading center. It has mixed ethnicity of the county with 96% white race, 2% black, and 2% Asians. The splendid views of botanical gardens and huge mountains attract a lot of tourists to the region. It is a beautiful county with great business scopes.

Benefits of living in Herefordshire Drawbacks of living in Herefordshire 
Low cost of livingExpensive train travel
The county is well-linked to other statesGluten foods in the county
Flourishing local business Antisocial life
Renting houses is a great source of making moneyPolitics gets dirty 
Pleasant weather of the countySmall houses and congested rooms
Ancient buildings and places to exploreAverage schools in the region
Community acceptance 

Advantages of living in Herefordshire 

Low cost of living-

Living in a big city with a low cost of living is obviously an advantage no one would like to miss. Along with maintaining a good lifestyle, you can save your money as well. The cost of housing, clothing and food is very low in the region.

The county is well-linked to other states-

One of the biggest advantages of living in the region if Herefordshire is that the county is well connected to other parts if the United Kingdom through roadways, railways, and airways. Traveling to different places can never be a problem, in reality, it is much easier and more convenient than in many other counties. 

Flourishing small business-

The market of Herefordshire helps small businesses and farms to flourish. Many small and independent farms have emerged in the passing year, making the economy to rise rapidly.

A person interested in starting their own business or shop can give the region a try, earning profit has a greater chance if planned and executed strategically. The market forces of the region are great so the risk of running loss is quite low. 

Renting houses is a great source of making money-

The simplest way of earning money is by renting a room in your house or renting the entire house. The county registered approximately 2% growth in income if the people through the same means. Many people in Herefordshire do nothing and yet earn a good amount by renting a system. 

Pleasant weather of the county-

The major benefit of living in the county has to be it’s fascinating and pleasant weather. The region offers a variety of seasons.

Like during the new year or Christmas the region experiences snowfall, during summer it has the sunniest and brightest days, spring is accompanied by a swift breeze and during rainfall, the county has precipitation. The weather in the region is very suitable for living, one would love the region for its diverse seasons. 

Ancient buildings and places to explore-

The place is rich in ancient and historical buildings that tourists from all over the world love to visit. Like Arthur’s stone, Langton Castle, Goodrich Castle, and many more all these buildings and places were built and founded in the medieval age.

The famous and the oldest Hereford Cathedral is a holy place for Christians, thousand of devotees come to visit the cathedral each year. 


Many counties claim to have done great in the field of literature, however, no county can outshine the contribution of Herefordshire in Literature. Many great poets and authors are born in the region. Like the renowned writer John Masefield, John Davies, and many more. Literature can forget the fine work contributed by these legends.

Masefield’s work consists of ‘the midnight folk’ and ‘the box of delight’ and etc. Were the famous novels. So to live in a county which has given birth to such great personalities is really a great experience. 

Community acceptance-

The people of Herefordshire have a commendable approach towards life and people. They try to be helpful to those in need of assistance. They live like a community, always together sharing each other happiness and sorrows.

Settling and adjusting in the region if Herefordshire has never been difficult for a newcomer so far. 

Disadvantages of living in Herefordshire 

Expensive train travel-

As we all are aware of the importance of the railway’s transportation in today’s life. In Herefordshire, the railway’s transport is costlier than in other counties in England. An expensive train ticket is a major disadvantage of living in Herefordshire. 

Gluten foods in the county-

Another setback of living in the region of Herefordshire is the food available in subways, restaurants, hotels and local shops is rich in fats and carbs. Figure and health-conscious people would find the food unhealthy and harmful to eat.

This becomes a great problem for those who solely depend on the canteen system for their three-time meal. However, if one follows a strict diet plan then it is avoidable. 

Antisocial life-

One can find themselves completely cut off from social life in Herefordshire. The reason can be anything, like workload, strict routine, or the reserved nature of people in the region.

The people who live in the region are helpful and compassionate but they prefer the kind of antisocial lifestyle which can be a con for those who love to socialize and make friends.  

Politics gets dirty-

People in the region themselves warn not to join politics as it gets dirty with time and increasing power. The rate of corruption and black money has been increasing tremendously in the region.

The person involved with politics seems to have an arrogant and cold attitude towards the public which is criticized by the people of Herefordshire. However, few exceptions are always there, not all turn abusive and cold, few genuinely work hard to serve the society. 

Small houses and congested rooms-

The region of Herefordshire has small built houses with very few and congested rooms. This kind of pattern is generally not considered and appreciated well by the newcomers.

Those who are habituated of living in big houses, with gardens and balconies find the houses in Herefordshire very congested. This factor acts as a con of living in Herefordshire.

Average schools in the region-

A person who is in search of good top schools for their children in Herefordshire can find it difficult as there are no good schools. Many people have moved to different parts of the country in search of good schools. Ensuring that their children are getting a quality education is the right of every parent.  

Herefordshire is a beautiful region with lots of cultural and historical monuments. The place is very suitable for living for those who are planning to set up their own business.

The welcoming nature of the people us a major benefit, after all, who wants to live in a society where the neighbors are rebuffing?

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