25+ Pros and Cons of Living In Hertfordshire (Explained)

Hertfordshire is a rural county situated towards the southern part of the United Kingdom. It is considered to be the safest county in England with relatively very low crimes. Famous for its historical events, amazing countryside, and beautiful cathedral, a county is a go-to place for people who love exploring the unexplored. 

Benefits of living in Hertfordshire Drawbacks of living in Hertfordshire 
Increasing employment rates The weather 
Good salary and attractive incentivesBusy life
Low mortality ratePoor bus service in the region
The safest place in the UK The growing population of the county
Excellent transportation facilitiesTraffic and parking issues
Small businesses Unemployment among the youngster 
Friendly neighborsVery few good schools in Hertfordshire 
Good drainage and dumping facilities 

Advantages of living in Hertfordshire 

Increasing employment rates-

The region is increasing job availability which has led to a decrease in the unemployment rate. Many big companies and brand have established their headquarters in the region of Hertfordshire.

Brands like Coke, Nike, and Nestle have signed various contracts in the region for building factories and industries in the region, thereby increasing the rate of employment in the region. Many people migrate to Hertfordshire in order to secure a good job for themselves.

Good salary and attractive incentives-

Not only does the county has a high rate of employment but also good salaries. Many people in different counties in the United Kingdom face the problem of low wages against heavy labor.

However, in Hertfordshire, there are many companies that offer good pay with attractive perks. All of these factors make the region very attractive. Thousands of workers migrate to Hertfordshire in order to get good pay jobs to secure their future.

Low mortality rate-

The advanced medical facilities and a healthy environment have increased the life expectancy of people living in Hertfordshire. The average life expectancy of men is 85 and for women, it is 80.

Many regions in England have a poor medical aid system thereby increasing the mortality rate. One of the major reasons for the decrease in mortality rate is that the county has less rate of pollution compared to other major states.

The safest place in the UK-

According to government statistics, the region of Hertfordshire has a relatively low number of reported crimes making the county the safest place for the public to reside. The strict laws and regulations of the county have enabled the region to achieve this euphoria.

There are always one or two police officers who guard the county and do the timely patrolling duties. The cases registered during the daytime are close to null, just one or two cases of the robbery have been filed during the nighttime.

Excellent transportation facilities-

Another merit of living in Hertfordshire is that the county has a good transportation system. Buses and trains run daily making mobility more efficient for the public. The fact that the county is well connected with the major county of England makes traveling less exhausting.

Many people commute every day without facing any problem regarding delays of bus arrival or that if train. Everything becomes easy if the county has adequate transportation facilities which Hertfordshire definitely has it.

Small businesses-

It is to be noted that not only big farms and factories do well in the region but also the small and independent business farms. Many people in the region have started their own businesses and have started earning a good amount of profits. 

Friendly neighbors-

A humble and kind neighbors are very necessary for living peacefully in any county. Hertfordshire’s citizens are very kind and welcoming. One can find the environment apt for living.

Good drainage and dumping facilities-

One of the major merits of living in Hertfordshire is that the county has a good drainage system. Many major cities and counties fail to have a good drainage system, often the citizen faces the issue of smell leakage and overflowing drains. Plus the county also has good management of the garbage dumping.

The county is neat and clean because the citizens are responsible enough to take care of the cleanliness of the county. 

Disadvantages of living in Hertfordshire 

Busy life-

The disadvantage of living in the region of Hertfordshire is that life in the county seems very busy. If you want to spend a peaceful life away from the city life then the place can be a little disappointing as the lives in the region is very much like life in any other major cities.

The hustle and bustle in the city can be a little annoying for those who cane to the region in search of calm and peace.

Poor bus service in the region-

Even though the county has an excellent transport system, the bus service sucks. Poor bus services, especially in the backward areas, have been increasing leading to difficulty in traveling for the public. Buses need to run on time in order to not cause delays. 

The growing population of the county-

Another huge problem is that the population of the county has been rising tremendously in the region over the passing years. A growing population can be a problem as the more people to feed the fewer resources are left to be saved.

The reason for the increasing population is a huge number of people migrated towards the region in search of a good job and a healthy lifestyle. 

Traffic and parking issues-

The narrow roads and a growing population have led to huge traffic jams. As the number of people residing in a county is increasing, the number of vehicles has also increased which led to huge traffic jams during the day and night times.

During the rainy season, the roads get clogged with water which further affects the smooth running of vehicles on the road. A very small area has been allotted for parking the vehicles which have caused a problem for those who come late.

Unemployment among the youngster-

Even though the county has great employment opportunities with good salaries, the youths of the region are mostly left unemployed. Either because they did not find an appropriate job or because they simply didn’t want to work. 

Very few good schools in Hertfordshire-

Another setback of living in the region is that there is very few good schools for children to get admitted to. Many families have shifted to different counties in search of good schools for their children.

If we as a reader ignore the con part of living in Hertfordshire then the county is best for living with great job opportunities and healthy life.

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