Living In Auckland: 13+ Main Pros and Cons

Auckland is one of the biggest and most crowded cities in New Zealand. The nation has over 1,440,600 people. It is situated between the Hauraki Gulf to the east, extending in Hunua Ranges to its South-East, with Manuka Harbour to its South-West and the Waitākere Ranges to its West and North West.

If you are willing to enjoy some of these, below is the list of pros and cons of living in Auckland.  

Benefits of living in AucklandThe Drawbacks of living in Auckland
Pollution-free environmentExtreme quiet environment leading to sorely disappointment at times
Family-friendly environmentHigh housing standards
Stable governmentThe high cost of imported goods
Safe and secured environmentExpensive dental care
Pros of Pollution-Free Environment in Auckland

Advantages of Living in Auckland

Embracing Friendship: 

There are many cities or countries in the world where people are known to be quite rude to foreigners. New Zealanders are quite the opposite of it. The people of Auckland are very caring and greet foreigners with pleasure and warmth. 

They believe in the traditional Māori spirit of ‘manaakitanga’, known as hospitality and generosity. They believe in human peace and tend to deal with any situation quite calmly.

Developing into an International City: 

Auckland is considered to be a developing city that is all set to mark its impact globally. Great, innovative companies are growing on the global stage, making the town reach new heights in the international markets. 

The established companies and many new startups are also growing in the area. With reaching such developmental heights of power, Auckland is known as the economic powerhouse and a global city in New Zealand.

How is Auckland Growing Into An International City

Increasing Job Opportunities: 

As the city is entering the international market and making solid impacts, the economy, population, and key industry sectors are increasing. This has resulted in more job opportunities for everyone.

With the connection with global business hubs from across the world, the growth in the youth’s career is on the move at a rapid pace. 

World-Class Lifestyle: 

Auckland provides its people with lavish cultural city life and simultaneously manages to bring the natural scenic beauty of the environment, spread in every direction.

You will be able to enjoy world-class food with significant buildings and lights matched perfectly with the city’s beautiful and natural islands, beaches, forests, harbors, volcanic cones, and more are present around it.

This makes the city attractive to tourists as there are great adventure activities available, from biking, mountain climbing, hiking, and much more.  

Natural Scenic Beauty:

The surroundings of Auckland are covered with beautiful sceneries and landscapes with about 53 dormant volcanic cones. Only one in a few has a harbor on each of two separate bodies of water across the globe. 

Socially Stable Lifestyle: 

As stated above, the city manages to have it all with beautiful city lights the exquisite scenic beauty. The social life in Auckland is considered to be relatively steady and stable. The people here are quiet and calm; there is no hurry for the people like in other developed countries.

You will find people enjoying beach time with their families, whereas there are many social clubs you can join and enjoy your weekends. All entertainment amenities for a calm and satisfying lifestyle are available in Auckland. 

Disadvantages of Living in Auckland

Things to do in Auckland

Living in Auckland can be Expensive: 

As the city is growing and making its mark in the international market, the standard of living in the area has also increased in the past years. Maintaining a high standard of living comes with a high cost of living. You will get all your amenities fulfilled at your fingertips in Auckland, but it will come with an expensive price tag. 

Auckland was ranked 103rd in Mercer’s 2020 most expensive cities list. The housing facilities are also costly, as a two-bedroom apartment, on average, will cost around $350-$500 per week. 

Mostly Isolated from the world: 

Auckland is a small place in comparison to many globally developed cities. New Zealand itself contains around a million people.

People usually coming from more significant and crowded cities such as New York or London may find the place too lonely. 

Time-Zone is Completely Different:

The people here are pretty friendly and welcoming, but the environment still can be felt quite the opposite to the above-mentioned busy cities.

Also, the nation’s time zone is opposite of countries such as the United States, which can form a communication barrier or challenge for you.  

High International Transportation Costs: 

The traveling transportation cost to New Zealand is considered to be very expensive. Supposedly you are traveling from the United States, then converting the U.S. dollar into the New Zealand dollars will make you open your savings, stitching up your finances.

You will need a stable amount of money with you, like the necessary flight charges for New Zealand start from $1,000. 

Less Availability of Public Transport: 

In Auckland, the availability of public transport is significantly less. Not only in Auckland, but it is the same situation in the whole of New Zealand.

Most people there have private vehicles as the country does not have a well-organized rail system. Only a few trains move across the islands but are also fewer in number. 

Only One Mode of Public Transport is There:

The only public transport which can be used is the bus service, which still has connected routes across the country, or your best option will be your own private vehicle.

Insect Bothering Surroundings: 

The climate of Auckland is a kind of temperate where standing water is pervasive. Here, you will be able to come in contact with a lot of mosquitos and sand flies which will be a problem for you mainly at night.

Many people moving to Auckland initially have been through this problem and have come to settle their pain by using insect repellents for protection. This can be pretty irritating at times.  


These pros and cons can be helpful for those who initially want to move to Auckland, New Zealand. By considering and going through them, you will be able to make up your final mind and be ready to deal with the cons and enjoy the environment of this city. 

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