21+ Pros and Cons of Living In Bay Of Plenty (Explained)

The Bay of Plenty is a region in New Zealand that is located near the bight towards the northern coast of North Island. The region is rich in wonderful beaches and amazing wildlife and sanctuaries. For several years the region has been a tourist spot, it attracts a huge number of tourists every which boosts the national income of the country. The area has loads of incredible hips of the 

The region is an average size that stretches approximately 12,000 km2 wide with an average population of 337,300.

If you are intrigued to know about this beautiful region, continue to read the article. 

Advantages of living in the Bay of PlentyDisadvantages of living in the Bay of Plenty
The cost of living is relatively lowPretty much-isolated region
Quiet lifeMust bear the boredom
More employment opportunitiesAn inadequate public transport system
Chance to live amidst a beautiful scenarioGoods are expensive
Good infrastructure and health care facilities
Top-notch education system
Rich in culture and history
Low amount of pollution

Advantages of living in the Bay of Plenty

The cost of living is relatively low:

The major advantage of living in the Bay of Plenty is that the cost of living is relatively low, compared to the other regions and states of New Zealand. The price of housing and rent will not make a hole in your monthly budget.

Any individual with an average salary package can find the place suitable for living because of this reason. Not just housing but you can get access to other necessities at relatively lower and affordable prices.

Quiet life:

The region offers a quiet and peaceful life. Anyone wanting to live a life away from the hubbub and chaos of city life can pick this region. Another important aspect of this region is it does not trap its residents into the mad race of success and stardom. People out there prefer a simple life.

More employment opportunities:

The fact that it is not a densely populated area increases the rate of employment. The Bay of plenty has a relatively lower rate of unemployment. People out there have something or the other to do, most of the people are self-employed.

One of the major reasons for the low rate of employment is that the region favors small businesses. Most of the people are into small trades which yields them a considerable amount of money.

Chance to live amidst a beautiful scenario

The region is surrounded by beautiful beaches like- Papamoa, Mt Maunganui Main Beach, Ohope beach, and many other such amazing beaches. It also has lots of wildlife parks, sanctuaries that simply add beauty to the region.

One who has a habit of posting scenarios on social sites or does natural blogging can find the place very favorable.

Good infrastructure and health care facilities:

Another major merit of living in the Bay of Plenty is that it has a good inbuilt infrastructure and healthcare facilities. The hospitals and other clinics have good treatment facilities with proper beddings, hygienic food, and clean surroundings.

It is well-connected with other major cities and pots through roads, railways, and airways, so, traveling from one place to another will not be a sport.

Top-notch education system:

Living in a region that offers a good education system is a blessing. people living in this region don’t have to migrate to other states and cities in search of a better education system.

Schools in the region offer a quality of education with good faculty members and infrastructures. parents willing to shift in this region can find this place favorable because of this reason.

Rich in culture and history:

Who doesn’t want to live in a region that cherishes the culture and history of the region? The place is known for its music and bonfire nights held during festivities.

Children growing amidst the cultural diversities can be a plus point because this can enrich them with the idea of culture, and they will also learn how to preserve them.

Low amount of pollution:

The region has a relatively smaller number of populations which also means a low rate of pollution because the lesser the number of people less is the number of factories and vehicles on the road which leads to a low rate of pollution.

Disadvantages of living in the Bay of Plenty

Pretty much-isolated region

Every region has its drawbacks and for the Bay of Plenty, the major drawback is that it is kind of an isolated region. Living in this region means one must travel for hours to get into other regions or the major cities of the country. Commuting from this region to other cities for studies or a job can be exhausting and frustrating at the same time. 

Must bear the boredom

If a person is new in the region and is accustomed to city life- like partying, clubbing, hanging out in exotic restaurants during the holidays can find the place boring. On normal days, however, the boredom is not realized as the people are too occupied with work but on weekends one is sure to miss the city life.

However, the region has its own kind of recreation- like visiting beaches, wildlife, and other natural habitats.

An inadequate public transport system

Public transport sucks! The region needs to update its public transportation facilities to the earnest. Local trains, metros, and buses are few and have complaints about never being on time.

Those people who are dependent on public transport find it difficult to deal with. However, it is to be taken into accounts that many steps have already been taken by the governing body to improve the public transport issue.

Goods are expensive

Since it is an isolated and backward area, many goods and commodities have to be imported from other states which leads to a spike in the price of the goods. Goods like clothes, grocery items, petrol, and other stuff are available at a higher price. t

This can be a sort of problem for average earners and for those who have a family to feed.

The region with beautiful landscapes, beaches, wildlife, and unparalleled is no doubt the best and a beautiful region to live in. Not just beautiful but the region also offers a kick start to people’s career and life. One can choose this region for a peaceful existence.

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