23+ Pros and Cons of Living In Bedfordshire (Explained)

Bedfordshire is a county in the United Kingdom. The region is a non-metropolitan city, well known for its natural beauty and heritage. The beautiful landscapes in the region are the source of attraction for tourists.

With a population of approximately 669,338 against an area of 542km2, it is considered to be the 14th densely populated county in England.

The place offers a variety of recreation scopes, like the VSL Whipsnade Zoo, Woburn Safari park and etc..  This article, we will discuss the pros and cons of living in Bedfordshire which will further help you decide whether this is a perfect place for you or not.

Benefits of living in BedfordshireDrawbacks of living in Bedfordshire 
The job market in Bedfordshire is quite fairHousing is expensive
The quality of education provided by the educational institutions is highUnsafe due to ever-increasing crimes
Natural beauties of the landscape attract tourists City taxes are quite high
Rural areas Good place for starting a businessAnti-social behavior of people
A good place to raise your childrenNo proper parking system
Self-employment Poverty
Low level of pollutionMass unemployment among the youths

Advantages of Living in Bedfordshire

Job Market in Bedfordshire is quite fair-

The direct link to the metropolitan cities like London, Watford, and Hatfield makes the job market in Bedfordshire fair and good. People residing in the county have great career opportunities be because a lot of multinational bad international companies are based there.

Quality of education provided by educational institutions is high-

According to the survey made by the neighborhood websites, the schools and colleges in and around Bedfordshire are ranked 27th in terms of quality of education and results.  The county has a strong commitment to bringing reform to the education system.

To make the education system more interesting and learning, to add extracurricular activities in the school. All these features are bent to make the education system more interesting than just being boring. 

Natural Beauties of the Landscape attract Tourists-

Bedfordshire is also famous for attracting thousands of tourists per year. People from all over the world come to visit the Forest of Marston Vale, Greensand Ridge, and the Dunstable Downs, to witness the nature and calmness of the region.

This wide and varied county as many great contrasts, from Safari parks to family attractions to exciting events and beautiful places to stay which attracts a lot of people from all over the world.

Well connected to London-

One of the major merits of living in Bedfordshire is that the transportation system is at its best. The people living in rural areas in Bedfordshire can reach London within 1hour of traveling.

The regions in the north are 51miles away from Charring Cross but it only takes 40 minutes to reach via train. The good connectivity of the county makes commuting very easy and convenient for people working or studying in other cities.

Good place for business

Big national and international companies have set their bases in the region of Bedfordshire making the location best for trade and business. The reason for this is the cheap labor available in the county. The market is apt for starting your own business as the demand for commodities is high due to less number of companies. 

A good place to raise your children-

If you want your children to be raised in a good environment where people value culture then the place of Bedfordshire can be a good pick. The environment and the people in the region have a healthy approach to life. Spending and growing your children amidst the beauty and greenery is a blessing.


People of the Bedfordshire region are mostly self-employed. The area gives tremendous chance for a good start-up of your own. The structure of the market in the county favor self-employment opportunities. 

Pollution is less-

The rate of pollution is relatively low than in other counties in the United Kingdom. Less pollution means a healthy life with less illness. 

Drawbacks of living in Bedfordshire

Housing is expensive-

Housing is relatively expensive and shared accommodations are also overcrowded. The county has more people per square mile than any other British county excluding London. As of late April, there were few valuable houses in the market documented for less than 700,000 dollars, with prices for several ascending past 1 Million Dollars

Unsafe due to ever-increasing crimes-

Bedfordshire showed an increase in knife crime. In the year 2018, there were approximately 44,445 numbers of crimes were reported. Increasing knife crimes in the region have tensed the local people. People began questioning the authorities about the safety of the people around the region. The increasing crime rates have been scaring people to move to the region. 

City Taxes are quite high-

  The City of Bedford’s Tax Rate is 3%.  City taxes are really high in comparison to what you receive as the services provided by the Government. Average wage earners and students around the region face tough times due to this reason.

Network issues in rural areas-

Few backward places in Bedfordshire face the problem of an unstable network. The internet speed is relatively very slow due to which students and employees face a lot of problems.

No initiatives have been taken by retailers to fix the issue. A regular glitch in the network can be a major issue for people who need a good network and internet connectivity.

Anti-Social behavior of people –

If you are willing to live in the Bedfordshire region then you have to put up with the anti-social behavior of people around the area. People out there keep themselves occupied. Let’s see the positive aspect of it, you will get more time for yourself and who doesn’t want enough personal space.

 No proper parking facilities-

The parking problem is the everyday problem that people in the region face. It works on a first come first serve system. Vehicles do not get space for parking if they are late to arrive. 


Few places in Bedfordshire face the problem of ever-increasing poverty. A certain section of the region is deprived of healthy living, they have no choice but to live in a filthy environment. The government of the region has taken no stern measures to eradicate poverty from the region.

Mass unemployment among the youths-

The unemployment rate among youths is very high in the region. The fact that it has very little to offer in the field of technology has made job availability for youngsters very low. Youngsters after getting a good education are not willing to settle for low wages.

Bedfordshire is a beautiful region with amazing greenery and advanced technology. In spite of the drawbacks, the county has much more to offer. For people wanting to start their own business the location is a good pick for them.

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