25+ Pros and Cons of Living In Berkshire (Explained)

Berkshire is a county in the United Kingdom. The region is famous for Windsor Castle and many other ancient buildings and monuments. The ethnicity of the county consists of 88% white race, around 7% Asian, and around 2% black race. The density of the region is 722 km2 with a 911,400 population.

The city has many wildlife parks and botanical gardens which attract a huge number of people every year. After reading the article you will get an absolute idea whether the county is suitable for living or not.

Benefits of living in Berkshire Drawbacks of living in Berkshire 
Pleasurable weather of the region Transportation issues
Food and clothing at it’s bestFewer job opportunities in the region 
Best shopping centersNot much to do in terms of recreation 
Royal regionIncrease in unemployment 
Amazing points for outings with friends and family The high cost of living
Social activities of the regionPoor renting facilities
Simple yet high living standards Very few good schools in the region 
Beautiful landscapes and countryside 
Art and culture

Advantages of living in Berkshire

Pleasurable weather of the region-

Unlike the rest of southeast county and city, the region of Berkshire experiences very pleasant weather.

Most of the other counties in England have hot humid weather in summers and extremely cold temperatures during the Winter seasons but Berkshire does not experience the extreme heat not the cold. The climatic condition of the county makes it the best place to live and work.

Food and clothing at it’s best-

The county claims to have the best delicacies in the region. People out there serve good quality food and drinks.

The catch is that not only do the five-star hotels serve good food but the local vendors serve scrumptious foods! And who wouldn’t love to stay at a place with good food and low rates?

Clothes available in the region are way cheaper than the other counties in the United Kingdom. So food and clothes both basic necessities are available at it’s best price and quality.

Best shopping centers-

In Berkshire, there are many shopping centers and malls for people who live shopping. The local independent shops have varieties of collections of goods and commodities at relatively low cost.

All ranges of shops are available in the market of Berkshire. You can get access to the cheapest and costliest brand clothes and accessories in the region. The fact that it has a wide range of products in the market that has high demands makes the place a must-visit place.

Royal region-

The Windsor Castle is located in the region of Berkshire which makes it a royal county. People from all over the world come to visit the beautiful castle. The fact that it is considered as a royal place can benefit the ordinary people residing in the region, the area is taken extra care of by the government. 

Amazing place for outings with friends and family-

The place is rich with many wildlife and botanical gardens which make the place amazing for outings and picnics with friends and family. If you are a family man or woman you can bring your children to witness the greenery and nature of the region.

People from all over the world go to visit the place. Even the youngsters love to spend their vacations in the region of Berkshire.

Social activities of the region-

There are different social activities taking place in the royal region of Berkshire. No month in Berkshire is a boring one, each month one or the other activities take place.

Whether it’s a music concert or a bonfire night or dance or anything like that, the place is much more happening than the rest of the city in the United Kingdom. Whether it’s a youngster it a child everyone enjoys the place.

Simple yet high living standards-

The lifestyle of the people in Berkshire is very simple. They are away from the sophisticated world and the lifestyle. They like living amidst the greenery and beautiful landscapes with good health. Even though they believe in a simple lifestyle yet they do maintain a standard of living.

Beautiful landscapes and countryside-

 People who reside in the region of Berkshire have easy access to every leisure. The fact that the county is full of amazing landscapes and countryside makes the region even more attractive.

Art and culture-

The county is very rich in art and culture. The street arts in the region of Berkshire are quite very famous and inspiring. The region has its own uniqueness in the field of culture. They are very proud of their rich and heritages.

Disadvantages of living in Berkshire 

Transportation issues-

The place has many complaints regarding transportation facilities. People often have to face the problem in terms of traveling. The place is not well connected through railways and roadways. It is really tough for people who have to commute daily either for working or studying. The bus service is not up to the mark, it is never on time.

Few backward places in Berkshire have to undergo the problem daily. In spite of the complaints, no stern measure is taken by the officials to improve the transportation facilities.

Fewer job opportunities in the region-

The place is not as developed as the other county in the United Kingdom. It has very few numbers of good companies and industries in the region making the job availability in the region very low.

People have to move to another place in search of good jobs and salaries. The issue of searching for a new and a good job can be a real problem in the region for the newly shifted people.

Not much to do in terms of recreation-

Although the place has a lot of botanical and wildlife parks still the place has the very little scope of recreation. People run out of choice as there is no such option in the field of recreation and passing time apart from visiting the wildlife.

Increase in unemployment-

The issue of unemployment is also a great concern among the people of Berkshire. The rate of unemployment mostly among the youth has been increasing day by day. However, the government is trying its best to employ the youths of the region. 

The high cost of living-

The cost of living in the region is higher as compared to the average income of the masses. The cost of shelter, clothing, education is relatively higher than the other southeast counties of the United Kingdom. People with low income can find difficulty in adjusting to their surroundings.

Poor renting facilities-

The renting facilities in the region of Berkshire is very poor and unhygienic. The houses given on rent have fewer rooms and the size of the rooms are also small. The condition of the mess in the region is very bad and filthy. Some owners of the mess charge high prices but give a very bad quality of service.

Very few good schools in the region-

It is not like there are no good schools in the region of Berkshire but very few in number. Parents and students get very few options in terms of choosing a school for themselves and their children.

Every region has its drawbacks and benefits it depends solely on the people if they want to live in the region or not. However, the region is absolutely for people who want to live a simple and healthy life.

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