24+ Pros and Cons Living in Canterbury (Explained)

Canterbury is a beautiful city situated in the United Kingdom. It is said to be the heart city and one of the most famous Cathedral cities which attracts thousands of tourists every year. This beautiful city is rich in amazing locations and monuments, which further adds to the city’s beauty.

Living in this city is backed by a few pros and cons, which can help the reader, decide whether or not the city is suitable for you.

Advantages of living in CanterburyDisadvantages of living in Canterbury
Exciting lifeUpscale lifestyle
Excellent Universities and schoolsToo crowded place
Great job availability Inadequate public transport facilities
Linked with major cities and portsHilly region
Abundance of optionsPoor medical facilities
Great tourists locations
Amazing food and culture

Advantages of Living in Canterbury 

●    Exciting life

When you are in Canterbury, there is a lesser chance of you getting bored there. The life in Canterbury turns to be happening and exciting at the same time. The place remains pre-booked for one or the other social events, like live concerts, music shows, opera shows, and many other events.

One can always get access to fun and recreation on their weekends and short term holidays without having to travel from one place to the other.

●    Excellent Universities and Schools

Another major merit of living in Canterbury city is that you can get into good colleges or universities. Many developed regions and places do not offer these facilities, and people have to migrate to other cities searching for good education systems.

However, Canterbury has good primary, secondary schools. It is also famous for the most well-known university, DICE, where students worldwide get admitted here for the quality of education.

●    Great job availability

Who does not want to live in a region where getting a job is not a sport? Everyone! In this sphere, Canterbury city has a plus point.

Since many national and international brands have their industries and factories in the region because of its geographical factor, the demand for workers and employees has increased tremendously in recent years. One can have a boost and a kick-off career in this region.

●    Linked with major cities and ports

Another interesting factor is that the city is considered the heart of Kent’s district because it is well-linked with all the major cities and ports. One can reach London or Berkshire within 40 minutes of driving.

This factor makes commuting from Canterbury to other places real, quick, and easy. Going out for shopping or outing to the capital city will not be a sport for people living in Canterbury. Not only this, but the major Airports, railways, and metros are also very near to the city.

●    Abundance of options

People living in the city do not find themselves trapped in a monotonous lifestyle or a job. The place offers an abundance of options in every term; whether maintaining a good lifestyle or getting into a good job sector, or taking a break from city life, it has everything.

If a person is not happy with the current job, he/she can quit or switch their jobs without fearing unemployment.

●    Great tourist locations 

The place is rich in amazing places which attracts a lot of tourists every year. Tourism is one of the most important occupations of the city, which yields them enough income. The palace is mostly famous for its cathedral and ancient monuments and museums.

Most famous places like- Canterbury Cathedral, St Augustine’s Abbey, Canterbury Roman Museum, Canterbury Castle, Westgate Towers Museum & Viewpoint, and many more such beautiful and historical monuments add to the heritage and culture of the region.

●    Amazing food and culture

The city offers a great taste to life; the foods available in the region are cheap and delicious. Many famous spots for fast foods, subways, and restaurants are available in the region. Apart from food, the city has a vibrant and unique culture, making it the best for living.

Disadvantages of Living in Canterbury 

●    Upscale Lifestyle

Every developed city has a life that every individual cannot afford; the same goes for this city as well. People living in this region have to put up with an expensive lifestyle.

The cost of education, shelter, and clothing is high, which average earners can find it difficult to bear, especially those who have a family to feed. However, this is not just the case of this city; every metropolitan city has a relatively costlier lifestyle.

●    Too crowded place 

Another demerit of living in this city is that it is an overcrowded region with many tourists and visitors flooding the region. If a person wants to go cycling or jogging, they can find it difficult to make the way out for themselves.

The place is exceptionally crowded during the market days and on Sundays. But this is not much of a problem; one has to adjust everywhere.

●    Inadequate public transport facilities

The major problem that the people of this region have to face regularly is that of transport facilities. Uber or any other cabs are very few, and the available Ubers are too expensive for students to afford.

There are very few buses that have direct routes from London to Canterbury. As a result, passengers have to change the bus, which is tiring and frustrating at the same time. 

●    Hilly region

The Canterbury region is mostly a hilly region, which adds beauty to the place but hinders smooth transportation systems. The roads are in a zigzag shape, which causes motion sickness to the passengers.

●    Poor medical facilities

The region has very poor medical facilities, very few good hospitals in the region, and those hospitals charge a lot. Government base hospitals are overcrowded with very few seats and beds. However, the situation is improving; the local government is taking adequate steps to improve medical institutions’ condition.

Every city is backed with advantages and disadvantages, the same for this city as well. If you want to live in a great city that offers a kick start to your career and life, then Canterbury is the place for you.

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