16+ Pros and Cons of Living In Christchurch (Explained)

Christchurch is a city settled on the South Island of New Zealand and the Canterbury region. It is the largest city in the area with an urban population of over 376,400 people and about 387,700 territory authority people.

This enormous number makes it the second most populated city in New Zealand, whereas Auckland is on the first number. With an unusual step of history, let’s see what you can gain from this city.

If you are giving a thought to shifting to Christchurch due to any reason, then you must read this article. It will help you get an answer.

Benefits of Living in ChristchurchThe Drawbacks of Living in Christchurch
Less pollutionLimited employment options
Safe and secureUnpredictable traffics
Close to natureExpensive dental treatment

Advantages of Living in Christchurch

Availability of outdoor activities: 

Christchurch has several beaches and beautiful valleys, parks, and nature reserves around it, where you can go for biking, hitch-hiking, fishing, selective dining options, camping, etc. The city has ample of things to do on weekends, which you can never get bored off. 

Easy transportation service: 

The transportation service is very convenient. The nature parks or valleys are relatively close to the city; therefore, people can walk or can use their bikeS as well, as the area is low land and flat. 


People here are quite friendly and welcoming. Walking down the hill or road in the city or on the outskirts as well, you will get a warm and smiling nod from people or people greeting you with ‘Lovely Day.’ 

You won’t find such happy faces in other New Zealand cities, namely, Auckland, Wellington, and others. There is a 100% chance that you will end up making new acquaintances, which is an excellent idea for a new place. 

Variety of delicious food: 

There are plenty of dining options available in Christchurch, serving you with all types of cuisines from around the world. There are food trucks, open cafes, 5-star restaurants, etc., from where you can choose and eat your favorites. 

Affordable prices for basic amenities: 

Christchurch’s housing prices are relatively high, but they are cheaper compared to the other cities of New Zealand. Also, if you are moving to the suburbs, you will find better deals. 

However, the city is easier on your wallet when it comes to purchasing basic amenities and daily use; the food menu in nightclubs and restaurants is also affordable. 

Disadvantages of Living in Christchurch

Harsh weather conditions: 

The summers in the area are quite pleasant, but the winters can be quite long. You will experience the harsh cold weather with grey and drizzly rain with relentless frost. 

The average daytime temperature in winter in the city will be around 11 degrees Celsius-13 degrees Celsius, and often the temperature falls below 0 degrees Celsius at night with about more than 70 days of frosh in a year. You will also find snow, but only near the hill suburbs once or twice a year. 

Prone to the earthquake: 

The area is prone to small earthquakes shocks once in a while. Mostly, these earthquakes are small but once or twice a year, you will be able to feel a strong wave.

People of Christchurch are used to this phenomenon and therefore keep themselves prepared for circumstances. If you are a new resident in the nation, then you have to live with that daily risk. 

Loose infrastructure:

 As the area is earthquake-prone, you won’t be able to find tall buildings and highly maintained infrastructural facilities or roads. As the earthquakes tend to damage the streets and build many a time, the city’s infrastructure process is very loose. 

Prone to mosquitoes: 

As the city is quite close to nature, there are many mosquitos and sandflies in the area. In the summers specifically, you will be able to find more of these. People usually carry repellent sprays or creams with them everywhere. 

High risk of getting skin cancer: 

As the city is hot and sunny during the summers, but it is right under a hole in the ozone layer. This scenario is similar across the whole of New Zealand. The whole country experiences a higher amount of sun rays, which therefore increases the occurrence of skin cancer or sunburn. 

The sunshine here is so strong that any non-living thing, f placed near the window, will tend to lose its color within a day. 

No sign of corruption: 

The whole country is considered to be corruption free. New Zealand was ranked at the 2nd position to be corruption free according to the 2018 Corruptions Preceptions Index. 


Despite the disadvantages, the city is filled with beautiful things that you can cherish and enjoy every day. With a minimal amount of adjustment which you will be used to, Christchurch has a lot to offer. Make a change, adjust, and cherish these moments. 

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