11+ Pros and Cons Living in Dunedin (Explained)

Dunedin is the second-largest city in the South Island and has been always appreciated for its natural and breath-taking beauty, culture as well as coffee. 

This place is a mix and match of urban culture and natural atmosphere. It is home to many green mountains, vast beaches, and lush hinterland. Like all other scenic cities you might have come across. 

This place is the only place in New Zealand that has a castle giving Scotland vibes to New Zealand.

The advantages and disadvantages of living in Dunedin:  

Benefits Drawbacks 
Some of the best beaches in the world.The weather is not that amazing 
Some of the most awesome cafes that you can visit.The prices of Houses are way too high.
Loads of Sports activities to perform Lack of Job opportunities 
High-quality education No nightlife 
Lack of Overseas and International Transport 

Advantages of Living In Dunedin 

  • Some of the best beaches in New Zealand.

Are you a beach person? Do you really enjoy spending your weekend on the shore of the beaches? well, this place has some of the most exotic beaches in New Zealand. Since Dunedin is located on the coast of New Zealand, it has some of the best beaches that you can boast about.

If you wish to lead a #beachblum life in New Zealand, then this place is just for you. Some of the beaches that are local as well as tourist favorites in this place are:

St Clair Beach, Karitane Beach, Dunedin Beach, Warrington Beach, and The Aramoana Beach.

  • Some of the most wonderful Cafes in New Zealand 

If you are a coffee lover then you must have always wondered about the amazing coffee of New Zealand. Well, Dunedin has the best of the best. The coffee here at Dunedin is the best coffee you can ask for in New Zealand. So if you want a fix for your caffeine addiction, then this is just for you.

education institutes better in dunedin
  • Loads of Sports activities to perform 

Are you that surfing freak? Or do you enjoy trying something adventurous every month? Then, if you start packing your bags for a long stay at Dunedin, it won’t be a surprise. This place has a lot for all the adventurers out there.

You can either take a dip at the beach or even enjoy some good live music. 

You can go hiking or even help your sweet tooth get some relief, and let it enjoys the chocolate from the Cadbury factory. The impressive museums and street art are a sight to watch and live for.

  • High quality of education 

If you are planning to move to Dunedin and are skeptical about your child’s education then you need not be. Dunedin has some of the best schools in New Zealand and provides high-quality education to all its students.

Now, you can move to Dunedin carefree, stressing less about your kids’ education.

  • Need fewer cars to travel 

If you love to take long walks or wish to do your best to help nature by not polluting it then this place offers you the best. The area of this city is so compact that you can walk to every place you wish to visit. You can walk to most of the places in the city and enjoy your long strides.

pros of living in dunedin

Disadvantages of Living at Dunedin 

  • The weather is not that great 

If you want the weather just to be right and is a priority for you while you choose to live anywhere, then you need to give second thoughts to your decision of staying at Dunedin. The winters at Dunedin are undoubtedly very cold and dang.

The city is also called the Cloudy city by a few and just like the weather of New Zealand, it experiences extremes of temperatures. 

However, the summer gets you enough sunshine to enjoy while surfing but you cannot expect clear skies and all-day-long sunshine here at Dunedin. The climate of Dunedin is temperate. The weather is expected to be like the suburbs, thanks to its hilly layout.

It also experiences some of the harshest winters in entire New Zealand. The sky is most of the times cloudy with more than enough rainfall the entire year.

  • House Price are way too high

Just like entire New Zealand, the prices of commodities and houses are quite high as compared to other places. The renting fee is also high and is enough to take your entire salary for the month if you do not earn decently.

Dunedin is said to have an increased its house prices by 15 % in the year 2018. So, if you want your own home at the place where you live then you must consider this aspect before settling in Dunedin.

  • Lack of Job Opportunities

Although Dunedin is a great place to love in terms of people and education, there is a lack of job opportunities. You cannot expect a great work-life if you wish to stay in Dunedin.

It does not have much to offer in terms of the job although it provides some of the great education in the world. The prospects of socializing are also less and thus very few to rare chances of increasing your network.

pollution level in dunedin
  • No nightlife 

If you love to hang out and chill with your friends in the clubs during the weekends, then this city is not for you. This city has no nightlife as such as the other cities. It has a very calm and easy country life but nothing much to offer for entertainment and fun other than live music and cafe entertainment.

Your kids might want to move out of the city once they are 18 and wish to enjoy some luxury and nightlife.

  • Lack of Public and International transport 

Dunedin uses buses and cars as a means of transport. However, public transport is quite limited. If you wish to travel out of Dunedin for any reason anytime, you must have a car to accomplish that. 

Travel to overseas is also a bit hectic. If you wish to travel somewhere, then you must visit the Auckland airport first and then board an oversea flight.

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