11 Pros and Cons of Living in Edinburgh

Situated in the hills of UK, Edinburgh is famous for its historic castles the splendidness of Georgian splendour of New Town and the great winding street of the Old Town. Though it is the capital city of Scotland and is quite picturesque like all other cities it also has its downfall.

So, one must evaluate the benefits and drawbacks before moving into Edinburgh. It is extremely important to research your part so that you are aware of the people, job opportunities and other facilities such as health care and education if you wishing to move along with your family. 

The Advantages and Drawbacks of moving to Edinburgh has been listed. 

Benefits Drawbacks 
The homes are historicThe apartments are often small and expensive 
The city is rich in historical heritage with beauty all around The cost of living is quite high 
There are free activities Rainy and cold weather 
Access to the NHS Have to wait long for appointments 
A highly valued educationPublic schools have catchment areas

Advantages of Living in Edinburgh

  • The homes are historic

The rich history of Edinburgh is visible everywhere and this even includes the houses. Some of the tenants in the city have been living there since ages and have probably become the permanent residents of the city. 

However, if you are looking for modern apartments that are not an issue as well as there are numerous modern apartments in the city. If contemporary style is preferred by you, you do not need to worry, this place has got everything that you want. 

  • The city is rich in historical heritage with beauty all around

Although historians do not know the exact date of the foundation of Edinburgh it was approximately 600 AD. Hence, if you move around the city you can find abundant historic places to visit.

One of the best among these is the Edinburgh Castle which is a distinct feature of the City’s skyline. It was built as a hill fortress in the iron age. 

The flora and fauna are Edinburgh are also worth appreciating. This place has around 100 parks with more than half a million trees. So, if you are moving in from abroad, you are surely going to enjoy living in this place .

If you love to spend your day outdoors, this place definitely has a lot for you to look for. The city is green and lush around the year and the people who love to stay indoors can equally enjoy the greenery. 

  • There are free activities 

Edinburgh is also a place which is full of festivities and has various activities related to art and culture. The city is famous for its Fringe festival which is the largest art festival in the entire world.

Edinburgh is also famous for its international festival where performing artists across the globe come in for a three-week stay and make the event a memorable one. 

Although, the cost of living is a little high in Edinburgh you can enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities on a low budget. Every museum allows a free entry for the viewers and the donation is generally optimum. You can even go hiking in Arthur’s seat and enjoy some outdoor activities. 

  • Access to the NHS 

You can rest assured about the health care services in Edinburgh. One of the major advantages of moving to the UK is that it provides National Healthcare services to its residents which takes care of all the appointments, hospital visits as well as prescriptions for you. Scotland is greatly appreciated for its NHS services.

  • A highly valued education

Edinburgh has got some of the best universities in the world. the history of education in Edinburgh is great and is still evident today. It is the home to three amazing univer4sities and has great options for schools for your children.

So, if you are planning to move in with your family, then be rest assured as your kids are going to receive some of the best education in the world.

Disadvantages of living in Edinburgh  

  • The apartments are often small and expensive 

Edinburgh is the place where good accommodations are always in demand. Therefore, good listings can come and go without holding on for long.

Prices are tilted towards the higher range and people who move to Edinburgh may find that although there are good and spacious apartments in Edinburgh the one within their budget might be less spacious and more compact. 

  • The cost of living is quite high 

Although living in Edinburgh is better than living in London, comparatively, however, it is by no reason a cheap place to spend your lives. Especially is anyone who wishes to live in the central areas of Edinburgh.

Accommodation can take the largest share of your budget but this can be considerably reduced if you wish to live in the suburbs. 

However, if you compare Edinburgh with other Scottish cities you might find it cheaper as compared to Aberdeen. But it is slightly more expensive than Glasgow specifically in matters of house rents. 

  • Rainy and cold weather

Just like all the other places in the UK the weather of Edinburgh is not very pleasant. You shall find frequent rains for the entire year and the sun is hardly seen during the months of winters.  

  • Have to wait long for appointments

If you have availed NHS for your health care services then just like any other city in the entire UK you have to wait for long hours for the appointments. However, this time can be fairly reduced if you opt for expensive private treatments.

But it is always advisable to invest in the comprehensive health insurances if you wish to opt for private check-ups.  

  • Public schools have catchment areas

Every school in Scotland follows the catchment area policy. Which means that students living in the residential zones of the schools are given preference during the time of admission as compared to the students who reside outside the zone.

So, if you wish to move with your family and want your kids to go to the best schools then you must research about the schools in that zone before shifting. This ensures that your kid has a guaranteed seat in the best school in the area.

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