16+ Pros and Cons Living in Fiordland (Explained)

Fiordland is a region situated in New Zealand towards the south-western. Which includes the western-most part of Southland. The greater part of Fiordland is overseen by the vertical flanks of the Southern Alps, wide lakes. All these locations give the region a picturesque view which attracts a lot of tourists every year.  

The place is also rich in world life and natural sanctuaries.

Continue reading the article to know more advantages about the beautiful state however, not without drawbacks of living in the state.

Advantages of living in FiordlandDisadvantages of living in Fiordland
Amazing locationsThe cost of living is relatively high
Friendly behavior of people Too far from centers 
High standard of living Stiff competitive life
Rich in culture and artToo many people
An ideal place to raise kidsvery less time for oneself
Good schools and colleges Increasing pollution rate
Good job opportunities Unequal income distribution
Good food
Great infrastructure

Advantages of living in Fiordland

  • Amazing locations

The state is surrounded by amazing locations to visit. The region is quite very famous for its picturesque scenarios. Most of the movies with amazing views have been filmed in this very region. One can find themselves surrounded by amazing views and never get bored of those locations.

  • High standards of living 

One of the unbiased points of living in the region is that the region offers a good and high standard of living. Living in this region means having a high quality of life and health. the fact that the people living in this region follow a healthy lady routine helps them to maintain a good life.

People out there do not compromise with the standards of Living nor do they drop their ideas of Living. They work hard so that their living standards are not dropped.

  • Rich in culture and arts

Another main reason for living in this region is that It was rich in culture and arts. People out there believe in maintaining the culture of the region Since historic times. 

living in a region that offers a lot in cultural diversity and arts is kind of a blessing in today’s time.  The region is not just a metropolitan city but it also tops in the list of cultures. 

  • An ideal place to raise kids

Where the people give enough importance and prioritize cultural diversity and it is rich in arts is always a good pick for kids. Kids living there will learn about their history and their origin and will also acknowledge the importance of preserving them.

  • Good schools and colleges

The fact that the state has many good schools and colleges around gives it a bonus point. Families and students do not have to migrate to another state in search of good education for their kids or themselves. Many students from other states and cities come to this place for getting a quality education.

  • Good job opportunities

Everyone wants to live in a place where there is greater availability of job opportunities so that they are in a peaceful life. The place offers good job opportunities because there are many big brands and factories located in the place which increases job availability in the state. 

Any beginner or fresher wanting to give a boost to their career can find the place very attractive as the place has a lot to offer in this region.

  • Good food

Another advantage of living in this region is the food. People here do not have to put up with the poor quality of food. The restaurant and local subways located in the region offer great taste in the food at a very affordable price.

Students or any person living in rent or aur hostel can find this place very attractive because of the reason that foods available at local hotels and subways are cheap and tasty.

  • Great infrastructure

Another merit of living in this place is its infrastructure.  Not only is it well connected with all the major cities and ports of the country but also has a great infrastructure which adds a plus point to its bucket.

Infrastructure varying from Medical to Transport facilities in everything the place gives top-notch services taking care of all the facilities to satisfy the people living in the state.

Disadvantages of living in Fiordland

  • The cost of living is relatively high

Every place is backed by disadvantages same is for Fiordland, it is also back with disadvantages like the cost of living in this region is relatively higher than other states in New Zealand. 

the fact that people living in this region maintain a high standard of life with the high cost of living.  a newcomer might find it difficult to adjust if he or she is an average earner with a family to feed.  However if one wants they can adjust to it by cutting off the expenses in unnecessary things.

  • Too far from centers

Another important disadvantage of living in this region is that it is too far from the center which also means that people who are commuting from one place to another for studies of who work  I have to travel a lot which can be exhausting and frustrating at the same time. 

  • Competitive life

Life in the state is not an ordinary life it is backed with competition to be better than others and to establish themselves amidst this competitive nature.

Given that the place has a lot to offer in the field of the job also means that the insights wanting to have that job needs to go through competition and has to assert himself or herself in such a way that no other can. 

  • Too many people

 Another disadvantage of living in this region is that the state is overpopulated. The state is a metropolitan city with good job opportunities and good educational facilities all this reason favors the immigration of hundreds of insides looking for a good life and a bright future leading to overpopulation.

  • Very less time for oneself

Another disadvantage Of living in this region can be that one cannot find time for themselves.  the fact that it is a metropolitan state offers a busy life with a tight routine- like from office to home, home to office. 

People living there are very tired and monotonous routines that they hardly have time to breathe and relax which leads to frustration.

No one can deny that every state has its own advantages and disadvantages. The same is for  Fiordland. Despite all the demerits of living in the state, the state has a lot to offer in the field of job opportunities and good food and good food means good life.

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