15+ Pros and Cons of Living In Hamburg (Explained)

Hamburg is popular for having the most beautiful cities across the globe. The Economist Intelligence Unit’s ranking states that the world’s most ‘liveable’ cities in Germany’s northern city of Hamburg as number ten, citing its healthcare, culture, education, and infrastructure. Everything in Hamburg is for the environment.  It is a major international and domestic tourist destination. 

Hamburg is a city of bridges. Here we can see more bridges than in London, Venice, and Amsterdam as a whole. Hamburg is a routine city. People are doing well here, therefore desire to work.

Benefits of Living in HamburgThe Drawbacks of Living In Hamburg
Stable and better-paid jobsHigh Tax
A safe place to be inPeople are not friendly
CleanlinessGerman is must
Low CrimeHigh Tax

Advantages of Living in Hamburg:

Public Transport:

Public transport runs around the clock. If some route is off, then there is always an alternative nearby. Maybe you will have to walk a little longer. Trains run all night on the weekends.

Traveling around the city is very easy as there are many buses that help in traveling around the city. You don’t need to buy a car when you live in Hamburg, and if you want to travel anywhere, you can book the cab services available in Hamburg. 

Pleasant Environment:

Hamburg is said to be the Green city of Germany. A number is mention in all the trees there which helps the government to take care of their environment. It is forbidden to cut down trees without permission; there has to be a reason.

And clean air is guaranteed here. There are hybrid electric-diesel buses in Hamburg. Thus, fuel consumption is reduced, and energy is saved.

Clean City:

Germans sort garbage, and there are separate containers for the paper. Paper is processed and is used for secondary production. There is a city project for people to throw garbage in the right boxes. In each family, the most crucial document is the schedule of garbage collection.

No Stray Dogs or Cats:

There are no stray cats and dogs in Hamburg. Shelters and services work perfectly, four-legged, and live in the right conditions. To take a pet, you need to pass the test, collect documents, and pay a fee. Shelters in Hamburg also bring animals from Spain and abroad.

Stable Jobs:

Hamburg is a well-off city with many big companies with their dealings in retail, trading, and many start-ups in Hamburg. Therefore, you will find many job opportunities with good salaries and enough to live in Hamburg compared to the city’s cost of living.

However, it is a bit difficult for foreigners to find better jobs. But there are ample opportunities for the people living in Hamburg.

Perfect Place to Make Your Body Healthy:

Hamburg people focus mainly on walking and biking; this is a part of their daily routine, which can help build your immune system. Europe is designed in such a way that you can go for a walk or biking anytime, as they have separate pathways for it. 

A Happy Place:

When it comes to ranking, Hamburg is in the fourth position among the happiest cities in Europe. When we live next to the water, it makes our life more refreshing, as it gives us a soothing vibe. If you feel distracted or do not feel well, you can just sit and relax so that you can be you for some time.

Art City:

This city will give you surprises through its graffiti and Wall art.  You can see graffiti on the walls, and it definitely forces you to take pictures as they are amazing.

Boredom Is Impossible: 

There is so much to do in Hamburg that one can never say that “they are bored.” Hamburg has something to offer to almost everybody, festivals, clubs, music festivals, and sports. There are enormous options or activities available to choose from, which makes the visitors enjoy all the time without getting bored even for a second.

Low Crime:

Generally, crime isn’t a problem in Hamburg, if you are a bit careful about your belongings in public. The policemen are very relaxed in Hamburg; they help people in daily life save their lives. You can anytime catch up with them and seek their help if required; they won’t say NO to you.

Disadvantages of Living in Hamburg:

Learning German Is Necessary:

People from different countries will have to learn German to communicate with the local people; otherwise, it would become complicated for them to survive. If you are not able to understand and communicate with locals in their native language, then it becomes quite challenging for you to survive there.

Though many companies do not require people to speak German, there are still some well-paid jobs that do have these criteria that should be fulfilled. 

Strict Bureaucracy:

You will be asked to submit a lot of documents to fulfill the criteria. If you cannot meet the requirements by any chance, then your documents might not get accepted, and then you’ll have to repeat the whole process again.

The government employees are very strict in making sure that all the papers are right. 

Friendships Are Rare:

It can be challenging for many foreigners to make friendships with people here, at least the real one. Hamburg people have reserved behavior, and they take time to break the ice while talking to them.

They are not good at sharing their personal information, and they usually mind their own business. 

High-Income Tax Rates:

Income tax in Germany is increasing. There are a lot of taxes that the people of Hamburg pay, and you have to be very careful about it. While paying income tax, people also pay a solidarity tax.

Not Easy to Find Job:

It becomes challenging to find a job here if you do not speak German or English. Although there are companies that only focus on people who speak English, in this case, you should be at a proficient level in English;

otherwise, normal English won’t work, and if you are fluent in German, then you don’t have to worry about anything. There will be numerous chances waiting for you.

Expensive Lifestyle:

Hamburg is popularly known as the most costlier and richest city in Germany. The cost of buying a house is costly, so people choose to take apartments on rent because it becomes complicated to buy one of your own.

Working Permits and Visas:

It’s impossible to turn p in the nation and start working in a company if you don’t hold an EU passport. There are various rules, regulations, laws, and a significant battle with the German bureaucracy that is now common.

It’s quite a difficult and annoying task to do, and if you don’t do it properly, you can be kicked out of the European Union for an extended period of time. 


As in any city, Hamburg has its pros and cons for residents. I like to breathe clean air, safely drink tap water, and walk in the park nearby. From green parks, uncountable canals, a metropolis center, and a massive port carrying a thriving economy. Hence, it’s reasonable for the nation to grab all the attention it gets.

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