23+ Pros and Cons of Living In Hawke’s Bay (Explained)

Hawke’s Bay is a small region situated in the land of New Zealand. The region was named Hawke’s Bay in honor of Edward Hawke by Captain James Cook.

The Bay is mainly famous for its culture, schools, and outdoor amenities. It is not densely populated and is a kind of an ideal location for post-retirement life.

Continue to read the article to know the pros and cons of living in this region.

Advantages of living in Hawke’s BayDisadvantages of living in Hawke’s Bay
Low rate of crimes in the cityBackward area
Eccentric locationRacism 
Peaceful and a quiet lifeInappropriate transportation facilities
Pleasurable climatic conditionsFar from cities
Enough space Lesser number of job opportunities 
A good number of schools
Good food, Good life

Advantages of living in Hawke’s Bay

Low rate of crimes in the city

The city has marked a cut off in crime rates. The region is counted among the safest places in New Zealand. In the last five years, it had a negligible number of crimes reported in the police stations.

Except for a few robberies, the region has not witnessed any major crime, and hence it has proved itself one of the safest places.

Eccentric location

The great and beautiful scenarios of beaches, landscapes, rivers give the region beautiful locations to visit and live.

People out there mostly visit the place for its scenario, places like Cape Kidnappers, Te Mata peak, The National Aquarium Of New Zealand, and many other such places. All these places attract a lot of tourists every year. 

Peaceful and a quiet life

If a person is interested in living a peaceful and quiet life away from the havoc and commotion, then Hawke’s Bay is the best option for them. The city is surrounded by natural habitats, beaches, and many other amazing wildlife sanctuaries.

The place is suitable for the elderly who want to live life in peace. Children here are aware of the importance of culture and natural heritage. This makes them understand the necessity to protect their motherland.

Pleasurable climatic conditions

The most amazing feature of this region is that it has temperate climatic conditions. It experiences the most favorable climatic conditions; it is neither too hot in summer nor too cold in winters and showcases snowfall during mid-December and January.

Hawke’s Bay has sunny summers, which makes the day more beautiful. It does not experience much precipitation. Moderate climatic conditions make it more attractive.

Enough space

The fact that the place is a rural area and not that technologically advanced with a low population offers places the citizens to live.

The place does not have the attention of famous brands and factories, so it is used either for housing, plantation, or agriculture purposes. The region has enough places for big companies to set up their bases and factories.

A good number of schools 

Another attractive feature is that the region has many good schools and educational institutions for primary and secondary education for students. The schools have good faculties with a guarantee of 100% good results.

The school also has good outdoor and indoor games which attract lots of students. Schools like Hereworth School, Sacred Heart College, Napier, Lindisfarne College, and many more are some good and well-known schools in the region. 

Good food, Good life

The region is known for its delicious dishes. Not just in reputed hotels and restaurants but also in the local food. Foods like Scallops with bread beans, Steamed mussels, and Mousse are very famous and loved by the people and the region’s visitors.

Disadvantages of living in Hawke’s Bay

Backward area

No matter how good and peaceful life the region offers, it cannot be neglected that it is a backward area. The region still needs a lot of development and investment by big companies to include its underdeveloped region.

People have to face many difficulties in getting the facilities to live their lives like any other regular individual in the city. Nevertheless, many known brands and companies have shown interest in the region, and by 2025, we can notice a lot of changes here.


The white race still dominates the fact that it is a backward and rural area. People out there are not aware of the social changes and have not acknowledged blacks as equal humans with equal rights.

The past few decades have witnessed curbed racism; however, deep inside, it still exists! Such existence might hinder the overall living experience if a person doesn’t belong to the preferred community of the place. 

Inappropriate transportation facilities

Transport facilities can be very disappointing for those who need to commute daily for work or studies. People have to wait for hours if they miss the bus and sometimes they have to return home because no more vehicles are running in a day.

The government has to take extra care of the transport facilities of the place. 

Far from cities

To get into any major city, one has to travel a lot because it is located far from every major city. People find it very difficult, especially for shopping or for an outing. This can be a major drawback of the city since everyone wants to be near to cities if they cannot live in the cities.

Lesser number of job opportunities 

Since it is located in a very backward region of New Zealand, away from cities, the job opportunities are also less. No major factories or corporate is located in the region. This has made the youths and bodies migrate or commute to different cities in search of a good and secure job.

The factors mentioned earlier can help the reader decide whether or not the place is appropriate for them. However, the place is a very calm and beautiful region with lots of amazing locations and wildlife parks. The place is appropriate for post-retirement settlement.

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