15+ Pros And Cons Of Living In Huntsville (Explained)

Huntsville is a small and beautiful city in Alabama, USA. This beautiful city is surrounded by hills and rivers. The city is 217.90 sq mi with a population of around 200,574. It was included in the list of cities in the year 1811.

The population of this City makes the state of Alabama the fourth largest city. The city has many Park, libraries, and art associations which makes the city even more attractive and rich in culture.

Continue reading to the major pros and cons of living in the city which can help you decide whether or not the city is suitable for living.

Advantages of living in HuntsvilleDisadvantages of living in Huntsville
Rich in history and cultureBoring Sundays
Good foodThe Increasing rate of crimes in the City
Happening lifeUnfavorable climatic condition
Plenty of optionsToo many options
Plenty of job opportunities 
The Cost of housing and renting is very low
Good educational opportunities
Neat and clean environment

Advantages of living in Huntsville

  •  Rich in history and culture

The Huntsville city located in Alabama has many historical backgrounds and it is also rich in cultural diversity and music.

This is the region where much civil war and other Uprising had taken place, and so the city has its important historical movement which makes the place unique. not just in history but also in culture, this city is famous for its music and dance which is loved and seen by many tourists from all over the world.

  •  Good food

One of the major merits of living in this city is that you get to have the best food. food never fails to add taste to the citizens living in Huntsville,s life.

The Barbeque world and Subway deliver the best food in the City, people from other regions come to taste the heavenly food of this city. living in the city with the food is delicious and can be fun.

  •  Happening life

 On every other day except Sundays, the city is occupied with social events taking place in the City. There are lots of festivals and gatherings taking place and the City with thousands of people from different backgrounds and caste religion takes part.

Life in hand while it’s kind of fun, you do not have to do much to make your life fun because there is already much happening in the City to make your life happening and fun.

Huntsville Is Rich In History And Culture
  •  Plenty of options

Another major advantage of living in this place is that there are many options available to the residents to make their life interesting and enjoyable.

For example, if you want to take a break from your daily routine one can go hiking In The Hills or go swimming aur watch live events taking place in the City. so when in hands while you are never without any option.

  •  Plenty of job opportunities

It is a metropolitan city and therefore many big factories and brands have set up their factories and industries making the rate of job opportunities very high. People shifting into the city do not have to deal with unemployment for a long time if they have got talent and the right degree to get into the right industry or firm and earn their livelihood. 

  •  The cost of housing and renting is very low

This reason has to be the most attractive for those finding a house for rent in the City. the houses available in the region or the renting system of the region charges relative Li lower price than in other cities and take it within the country.

This is a Perk especially for students and unemployed youth shifting in this region to get a good job. 

  •  Good educational opportunities

The fact that it is located in Alabama USA where there are plenty of good schools and colleges with a standard educational system makes density even more attractive and likable.

Schools located in this region or near to this region are the top schools which guarantee good education with good results for the students, the schools just do not focus on academic results but also encourage students who are good in sports music dance and help them establish their career.

  • Neat and clean environment

Every corner of road and pavement in the city has a dustbin installed for throwing litter and unwanted things. People in the City strictly follow this which helps them to keep the environment clean and free from disease.

Huntsville Has Plenty Of Job Opportunities

Disadvantages of living in Huntsville

  • Boring Sundays

Despite all the happening in the city one has to put up with boring Sundays because Sundays are off day not just for employees or students but also for all hotels, restaurants, clubs, pubs and other places. The majority of places are closed on Sunday forcing people to stay at their homes. 

  • The increasing rate of crimes in the City

Another demerit of living in Huntsville is that the rate of crimes in the city has been increasing rapidly with each passing year. as per the latest source, the local police stations have registered a high number of cases relating to theft, murder, and other such crimes. This is why people are hesitant and not sure about shifting into this city.

Huntsville Has Unfavorable Climatic Conditions
  • Unfavorable climatic condition

No doubt that the city experiences a favorable climate throughout the air but one cannot avoid the fact that the weather in this city changes abruptly. A few times the city experiences above-normal precipitation, extreme cold winds, and a humid climate.

  • Too many options

The fact that there are too many options in every field can be confusing and frustrating at the same time. There are lots of sources of recreation which gives an individual a tough time deciding as to what to do and what not to, ending up doing nothing.

The above-given advantages and disadvantages of living in Huntsville will help you decide whether or not the city is for you. However, the city is best for education and it also promises a good life and a better future for their citizens.

Huntsville Has A High Crime Rate

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