22+ Pros and Cons of Living In Manawatu (Explained)

Manawatu is a local government district which is located in the North Island region of New Zealand. The Manawatu District is mostly encircled by rivers and with plains and hills. In the middle of this region, the existence of ancient landmarks and anthologies also attracts visitors.

The district has an area of 2,624 km sq. and it has a population of about 32,100.

Further, some more detailed pros and cons of this picturesque region are highlighted topic wisely:

Advantages of Living in ManawatuDisadvantages of Living in Manawatu
Cost of HousingFar From Family
Transportation is easyCost of Living
Healthy Education SystemRacism
Good EnvironmentPoverty
MultiCultural Mass unemployment
Hospital Facilities 
Non Violent  
Less amount of pollution 

Advantages of living in the Manawatu

Cost of Houses in the area

One of the good reasons to live in Manawatu is that it is cheaper than the other region of New Zealand. Houses are more affordable compared to other cities, especially with Auckland.

One has to spend a relatively lower amount of money on their housing. Not just housing but also the cost of getting a house or a room on rent is also quite low compared to other cities.

Transportation is easy 

Traffic jams can take a maximum of 10-15 minutes. Manawatu is a transport hub as it connects with four states through air and road. Traveling from one place to another will not be much of a sport in this city.

Many public buses, cabs, and trains run daily, connecting to many major cities and ports.

Healthy Education System

The education system of Manawatu is very excellent. Early childhood education offers more than 200 plus private and public schools. After pre-school secondary school levels, colleges, research fields, and facilities are provided for students. Students from abroad also came for higher studies.

Good Environment

A good environment not only includes the weather or temperature. It includes all those things which come under the environment. Good behavior of people, fresh air, less pollution, good locations for spending holidays, etc.

The climatic condition is quite very favorable; one does not have to spend much on buying winter clothes because it does not witness extreme cold weather.


The place has an attractive history, people from many places from all over the world came here searching for a good life, and they love this place also. So Manawatu is a place of multicultural and multi tradition.

It did not take much time to become a hub of a culture where people promote each other’s culture and ethnicity with pride and love. This factor is one of the most important reasons why Manawatu attracts thousands of tourists every year.

Hospital Facilities

Hospital Facilities are also very promising. Especially for 12 years old, doctor’s visits are free, and dentist’s visits are free for up to 18 years. Hospital visits and accident treatments are also free. The government has taken many initiatives to make medical facilities very cheap so that every section can derive utility from it.

Non Violent

It is also a plus point of Manawatu that the violence ratio is very less. Police do not have to carry firearms all the time to make relaxed surroundings. There are no Nuclear plants near the city, and also the city has been very friendly, which promotes peace and harmony in the country.

Less amount of pollution

The most significant merit of living in Manawatu is that it experiences a very considerate amount of harmful gases. Less population means fewer vehicles on the road, which has led to a decrease in the emission of toxic gases in the air.

A pollution-free area also means a good and healthy life.

Disadvantages Of Living IN Manawatu

Far From Family

Since every good region has some drawbacks, so Manawatu has too. Since it is located in the North Island region, it separates from family, friends, and relatives, and traveling is also expensive.

People searching for a good job, education, and life have to either migrate from the region or commute to other places that separate them from their family.

Cost of Living

The cost of basic needs like food and drinks are relatively higher compared to the salary given here. For a good life, you have to earn more than normal here to enjoy things.

Plus, the region is located to the north, which means the majority of goods need to be imported from the east and center, which leads to an increase in the price of the commodities.


Not a lot, but yes, racism is seen somewhere. If you belong from white or a good sportsperson or have good skills that make you different, it is easy for you to adjust and settle in the region; otherwise, you will be a victim.

People over there have the things to keep the white race as the supreme race. However, you will not find that everywhere, but it is there!


There is a vast difference between the developed places and some of the underdeveloped areas within the city. People have to face a lot of problems with the unequal distribution of income and resources.

Some places are getting all the attention from the government, and the government completely neglects some places. As a result, poverty has been increasing tremendously.

Mass unemployment

There are no big companies in the region; people living in Manawatu are more or less self-employed. They have their own small business; however, the youths who have qualified from renowned universities do not want to settle for small. Hence there is a large and growing number of unemployed, especially among youths.

Overall it is a very good option if you are planning to shift somewhere else. Not because it can give you a kick in your career but also a soothing atmosphere attracts mind and soul. A good life needs can also be fulfilled here peacefully.

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