15+ Pros and Cons of Living In Manitoba (Explained)

Manitoba is a Canadian province located near the longitudinal center of Canada. It is the 5th most populous province of Canada, having a population of over 1.377 million people.

Manitoba is considered as a prairie province along with Alberta and Saskatchewan. Winnipeg is Manitoba’s capital, which is also the 8th largest census metropolitan city in Canada. If you are thinking of shifting to Quebec, then below are some of the benefits and drawbacks of living in Quebec that you must go through. 

Benefits of Living in ManitobaThe Drawbacks of Living in Manitoba
Stable economyTough immigration process
Entertainment options availableDelay in dealing with public issues
Quick access to basic amenitiesLacking in infrastructure
Less crime rateHigh travel costs

Advantages of Living in Manitoba

In-expensive Cost of Living: 

Manitoba is comparatively low-cost than the other provinces in Canada. Starting from the necessary amenities such as housing or electricity bills till university tuition fees or car insurance, you will find it quite affordable in Manitoba.

The healthcare facilities are also at a reasonable price, making it much easier for you. 

Affordable Housing Options: 

Finding the right house with an affordable price tag can be difficult at times in Canada. However, in Manitoba, it can be considered an easy job.

Here, the housing options are many in every city depending on individuals, or families wanting a specific type of neighborhood, and more.

Additionally, the cost of rent and the buying cost for houses is relatively low than the other Canadian provinces. 


There are many ethnic groups available coming from different parts of the world and residing in Manitoba. As the cost of living here is convenient, people do prefer this Canadian province.

Therefore, you will be able to find all types of people from every religion and culture, living in the utmost peace. With such cultural diversity, you will be able to enjoy different kinds of festivals and food cuisines available in the province.

Career Opportunities: 

As the province is developing, many multi-national companies are opening their offices and branches in Manitoba as well as there are several startups that are also on the move, making a path for plenty of jobs available in the province.

The government and government-funded institutions are one of the largest employers considered in the region. Also, in 2009, the province’s unemployment rate was just 5.8%. 

Close to Nature: 

Manitoba is known for its natural beauty. The cities here are very safe and clean, with a friendly and convenient lifestyle. Manitoba is considered a rich source of natural resources filled with freshwater lakes, rich minerals, a healthy and vast range of flora and fauna, beautiful dense forest, huge fertile farmlands, mountains, and many more. 

Popular Lake of Winnipeg is Here:

The Lake of Winnipeg is the 10th largest freshwater lake in the whole world. Many types of fishes are found here, which has created an opportunity for sports and commercial fisheries. Other than this, there is Lake Manitoba, Lake Winnipegosis, etc. 

Perfect Spot for Tourists:

Manitoba has the beautiful Baldy Mountains which is a beauty standing at 2,730 ft, which is about 832 meters above the sea level.

A perfect destination for tourists. It also has Ontario bordered to its east, with Saskatchewan on its West, whereas Nunavut to its North and the United States of North Dakota and Minnesota to its South. 

Disadvantages of Living in Manitoba

Unsuitable Weather Conditions: 

The province is known for its extreme continental weather conditions. As the region is quite far from the subsiding effects of mountains and the water bodies, therefore when it is hot in Manitoba, it gets scorching, whereas when it’s cold in Manitoba, it gets extremely freezing. 

As you will move from the Southern parts of the province towards the North, the precipitation level decreases, where you will expect colder days. In summers, the temperatures exceed 30 degrees Celsius, whereas, in winters, the temperatures drop to -40 degrees celsius. 

Less Number of Public Transportation: 

Many cities in Manitoba are developing quite fast, such as Winnipeg. As economically, the towns are growing, but Manitoba’s infrastructure level is still on the move. 

The cities in the province are expanding, but according to the location and population, only a handful of public transportations are available for the people. You can either take the trains or buses, which are relatively less in number, or you can opt for Ubers or rentals. 


Manitoba is a beautiful and convenient place to live in. With certain disadvantages to bear and adjust to, this Canadian province has a lot to give and share with the world. With developing cities such as Winnipeg, Springfield, Minnedosa, etc. the region can be a fabulous place to settle in. 

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