21+ Pros And Cons Living In Nebraska

Nebraska is a state settled in the midwest region in the United States, filled with beautiful scenery. The people here mainly tend to maintain a quite high standard of living especially in terms of education, living, and more. Whether in the city or around the city. 

Nebraska is also known for its summer thunderstorms, which usually bring lightning, rains, and clouds forming in summer times. Also, the state is quite famous for having the highest underground water reserves in the entire country.

If you are giving a thought to shifting to Nebraska due to any reason, you must read it. It will help you get an answer. 

Benefits of Living in NebraskaThe Drawbacks of Living In Nebraska
Low population densityTornados 
Roads are well maintainedDraught
Good educationRacism can be a problem
No excise taxRare Leisure and Entertainment options
Economic OpportunitiesWeather

Advantages of Living in Nebraska: 

Job Opportunities:

The state’s unemployment rate is around 2.8%, which is considered the lowest in the country. The government was also ranked at the 16th level and was stated to have some of the best job opportunities.

Some of the highly recommended professions include being web developers, computer numerical controllers, and more.

Affordable Accommodation:

Nebraska was ranked in the 4th position for the best housing state at affordable prices. Houses are indeed within a reasonable range, so purchasing real estate is well within range financially. You will be easily able to find accommodation in the state and a very good deal. 


Nebraska was ranked in the 9th position in the country for providing affordable tuition fees with the quality of education. The state has around 20 qualified universities with a variety of courses to choose from for the students. 

Suitable Cost of Living:

The state has almost 22% lower average in the cost of living in comparison to the other states in the country. The low population can be the reason for this and the production of crops and meats in the local market, which does not require transportation costs.

Abundance of Nature:

You will always be able to find a river or lake near your area where you can enjoy the perks of boating, fishing, and more.  Even if you live in a crowded place, there are plenty of places where you can find peace and solitude. 

Socially Active and Friendly People:

The locals in the region are considered to be very helpful in nature and do involve the foreigners in a friendly manner. It’s the best region to raise your kids and family. 

Unbeatable Museums:

Nebraska has a beautiful history, which the localities are proud of. You will be able to find at least one museum in every city showcasing the proud legacy of the ancient people.

People who really love ancient history have a chance to stay forever in this state as they might get to know a lot about it. 

Leading State in Agriculture Output:

The state was ranked at the 3rd position in terms of its livestock receipts, whereas the corn is considered to be the most important crop of the region, as it is also needed to feed the cattle of the area. 

Media and Publishing:

Omaha World-Herald and the Lincoln Journal Star are the two major newspapers that are preferred in the region. Also, there is a variety of radio as well as television stations spread across the state. 

Home to A Variety of Sports:

The state supports several sports such as baseball, American football, and more, which are hosted by the educational institutions and private organizations located in the country. 

Amazing Food:

Are you looking for a place with good food? Then, Nebraska can never disappoint you in this field. They have an ample number of cuisines to choose from. 

Disadvantages of Living in Nebraska: 

Highest Number of Tornadoes:

The state is known to have the highest number of tornadoes and also has a climate that changes whenever possible. It is a valley prone to tornadoes and thunderstorms occurring in the middle of even summers, autumn, and spring. 

Not Much to Do:

The leisure and entertainment options in Nebraska are scarce. If you are looking for a lively lifestyle and a place that offers you many things to do, this is not the state to which you must move.

It is a tranquil place where there are few nightclubs, and rarely do the bars remain open beyond midnight.

Crime Rate Is a Little High:

Nebraska is a state with a considerable crime rate. Although violent crimes are scarce petty thefts are prevalent in this state, especially during Christmas and New Year.

Car thefts are also prevalent, although none of these end up being violent crimes.

Frigid Winters, Muggy Summers:

Another setback of moving to Nebraska is that summers are scorching here. Winters in the state can be very harsh, whereas the summers can be quite flaming. In winter, the temperature drops to levels below zero, with a sensation of cold that is increased by strong winds. 

Weird Laws:

In Nebraska, men are not allowed to open their shaved chests in public. Also, bars and clubs are not allowed to sell beer until and unless they are included in a soup or food.

The weirdest of all is that a mother cannot provide it’s daughter perm until they have a license approved by the state.  

Traffic and Transportation:

As the state’s population is dense, the number and frequency of getting public transport are also significantly less. You must have your own vehicle, either two-wheeler or four-wheeler, to reach your desired place on time. 


Nebraska cannot suit those people who love mountain ranges or oceans as the region has only flat green valleys but no ocean or mountain view. If you are always in favor of a good landscape in your place, you can think twice about this parameter while choosing Nebraska. 

However, all these drawbacks do not prevent their urban centers from being among the country’s best-developed cities and with the most significant employment opportunities. 

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