11+ Pros and Cons Living in Nelson (Explained)

In the past, Nelson was quite isolated from its neighboring areas. It took a day’s drive to reach Christchurch or a three to four hour of ferry ride along with a car trip to reach wellington. Although, this isolation is no longer a matter of concern now due to the cheap airways.

This implies that there has been a great development in its culture of Nelson. However, if you wish to stay at Nelson there are a few things that you must consider while shifting there.

Several reasons must be pondered before shifting to any new place. If you are looking for a quiet life away from the hustle and bustle of big cities along with great education for your children, this place is ideal for you. However, if you wish to have nightlife and depend on public transport for traveling across then you must give second thoughts before you shift to Nelson.

Here are the Benefits and Drawbacks of living in Nelson 

Benefits  of living in Nelson Drawbacks of living in Nelson 
Low Cost of Living Less nightlife for youngsters 
Can enjoy loads of outdoor activities Imported goods are expensive 
Taste the quiet life Lack of public transportation 
Opportunities for entrepreneurs Quite Isolated 

Advantages of living in Nelson 

  • Low cost of living 

The people from Nelson enjoy a great quality of life at a very affordable and somewhat low price. The rent and housing prices are very low as compared to the other places in New Zealand, owing to its isolated geography.

Few things, such as imported clothes and food, are quite expensive, but on a whole, living at Nelson can be pocket friendly. Also, you get to enjoy some of the most exotic views for no price at all.

why education of nelson is better
  • Enjoy lots of Outdoor activities

Since the place is a little Isolated but not as it used to be in the past, the wilderness is untouched. Nelson is a hot spot for many bikers and hikers. Fishing, camping and backpacking opportunities are in abundance in this place. People who enjoy outdoor sports shall enjoy their life here. It has a lot to offer and a lot to discover. 

  • Taste the quiet life

The life here un Nelson is quite laid back as well as relaxed. Most of the population here are above the age of thirty who enjoy a slow and silent lifestyle. The city is away from the hustle and bustle of big cities like Wellington and Auckland, let alone London and New York.

If you wish to have a quiet, quality life, this place is ideal for you. The pressure to get successful in your work is less, and due to less population, the traffic is also less. The city is quieter as compared to other cities in New Zealand. 

  • Opportunities for entrepreneurs 

The economy of New Zealand is growing on an overall basis, and thus this small city has a lot to offer in terms of entrepreneurship.

If you have new and innovative ideas, the market is fit and ready for them, and you can take advantage of making the most out of it. The sense of competition is low, and there are loads of opportunities to grow your sector.

  • Education is great 

Nelson has turned some of its old heritage buildings into museums and has developed its culture greatly. New Zealand takes great care of its citizens, and thus, the education that your kids shall get in Nelson will be top-notch. 

Education becomes free for its permanent citizens and residents. Education in New Zealand is one of the best, and education at Nelson is one of the best in New Zealand. Thus, you can be carefree about the future of your kids.

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Drawbacks of Living in Nelson 

  • Less nightlife for youngsters 

The quiet life at Nelson even creeps in your nightlife. The city lacks pubs and nightclubs like other cities. If you wish to have some drinks and enjoy yourself to the tunes of music and dance out your anxieties, it is hard to find here in Nelson.

Youngsters may wish to move out after some time due to the lack of exposure in this city. Although music festivals are quite common in other parts of the globe, it is not quite common here in Nelson. 

  • Imported goods are expensive 

As we know that New Zealand does not produce as many goods as other countries do, so naturally, imported goods are quite expensive here. Nelson is quite isolated, and the transportation charges of bringing imported goods to this place are quite high. All this adds up to the already expensive product making it all the more expensive.

 If you are looking for a particular brand, it is quite possible that you may not find here in Nelson, owing to the limited goods being imported and transported across the island nation. Thus, if you order something very specific, you must be prepared to pay the extra price. 

  • Lack of Public transportation 

If you do not know how to drive a car, you better learn it before moving to Nelson. Just like other cities in New Zealand, Nelson also lacks public transport. The locals generally use their cars and trucks to move from one city to the other.

There is no established railway system, and you need to travel to Auckland or wellington if you wish to travel overseas. 

public transports benefits
  • Quite Isolated 

This place is not very huge in geography but is quite isolated from the already isolated island nation. So, if you wish to move from big cities like London or New York, you shall be far away from your family and friends.

This might lead to the feelings of isolation, homesickness or loneliness. If you ever wish to go back home, you must board an expensive and long flight.

  • The price of Housing is not that great 

Nelson has many old buildings with no proper insulation to many other faults such as a complete lack of heating. The old houses are often set on rent and the quality you get for the price paid is up to the standards.

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