23+ Pros and Cons of Living In Northumberland (Explained)

Northumberland, a mesmerizing county, has its location in England’s North Eastern Parts. The beautiful county is famous for its imperial architecture and eccentric landscapes.

The region is also prominent as many great historic people were born here, people like George Stephenson, Thomas Bewick were from the region of Northumberland.

Coal mining and a few multi-national corporations industries in Northumberland, are famous across the globe. The area has a population of about 320,270 against the area of 5013 km2. Below is a list of a few pros and cons of living in the region for a better understanding of the readers.

Benefits of living in Northumberland Drawbacks of living in Northumberland 
Vast job opportunities The high cost of living
Astonishing countrysideUnfavorable climatic conditions 
Housing budgetLow wages and salaries in the region
Enterprise and regeneration Very few good schools in the county
Generous behavior of the communityKind of a boring life
Rich in natural habitats Commuting can be exhausting
Very low population in the county
Low pollution

Advantages of living in Northumberland

Vast job opportunities –

The major advantage of living in Northumberland is that job opportunities are very high. Earlier the job availability was very low in the region but when several digital industries and sectors moved to the northeast of Northumberland, the chances to get jobs increased massively.

Companies like Nissan and coca have set up their bases in the county increasing the rate of employment. 

Astonishing countryside-

Northumberland is linked with the borders of many stunning countries, which is another advantage of living in the county. During the weekend or holidays, one can plan a tour to the amazing countryside. 

Housing budget-

Houses are available in varied ranges. One can find a house for themselves in an average cost as well as in high rates. The region has some of the costliest and cheapest houses. So the budget for buying a house depends solely on the buyer’s desire.

A person with an average salary and a person with a high salary both can find the place amazing for this reason.

Enterprise and regenerating-

In the past few decades, the place witnessed high investments and regeneration in the industrial sector. Many big companies and brands have shown keen interest in the development of the region. High investments and an increase in the number of enterprises can help to improve the living standards of the people.

In the upcoming years, the county is expected to be modernized and well equipped with technical facilities.

Generous the behavior of the community-

The nature of people living in Northumberland is very generous and helpful. You will find that even complete strangers are willing to help you figure out things. The community has a very accommodating approach for newcomers.

You may not find much difficulty in getting settled and adjusted to the new environment. The people of the north are exceptionally proud of their culture and heritage. 

Rich in natural habitats-

The county has amazing wildlife sanctuaries and landscapes. The region is a habitat of hundreds if species. Seabird colonies, sand dunes, salt marsh and etc. are found in the region. It must be delightful to have a sight of such wonderful species and a great place to spend a vacation with families and friends.

Very low population in the county-

The population of the region is relatively low as compared to the other counties in the United Kingdom. This can be a benefit as a low population means more resources for the existing population.

Overcrowded cities and states can be a problem for people wanting to live their life peacefully with an abundance of resources.

There are many advantages of living in a county with less population, for example, a low population means a lesser number of vehicles on the road which also means fewer traffic jams. People always opt for sparsely populated counties.

Low level of pollution-

The county has a fairly low amount of pollution. Due to the lesser population, the number of factories and vehicles in the region is low which means a low amount of emission of harmful gasses that cause air and water pollution.

Disadvantages of living in Northumberland 

The high cost of living-

The cost of living can cause undue stress for the newcomers. People of Northumberland have a lavish lifestyle, they feel free to live and expend on things they want. This kind of environment can be difficult for people who are average income earners and for those who have a family to feed and run. 

Unfavorable climatic condition-

The region experiences extreme cold in the winter seasons and precipitation during the rainy season. The northeast has a humid climate as compared to the other parts of the United Kingdom. The unbearable winters add to the expense of clothing in order to sustain in the season.

 Low wages and salaries in the region-

The major cons of living in Northumberland is that the companies and factories give really low wages and salaries to the workers against the intensive Labour. The low rate of income is discouraging for the workers working in the area.

Many youngsters had to migrate to another region in search of a good pay job. So if want you want a good salary job then the place can be a bit of a disappointment for you.

Very few good schools in the county-

Although there are many schools in the region if you are in search if a good school then this can be a little upsetting as there are very few good schools in the region. Even in average schools, the faculty members are not up to the mark. The school has a lesser opportunity in the field of sports and music.

No initiatives are taken to improve the condition of education in the county. People prefer other places for the quality education of their children.

Kind of a boring life-

If you are planning to live in the region of Northumberland then you may have to put up with the boredom. If you gave newly shifted in the region then you may find the surrounding very surreal and boring.

There is not much happening in the county of Northumberland, people out there are kind of reserved with their own personal and professional life. 

Commuting can be exhausting-

People who are planning to shift to the region, thinking that they will be able to commute to other cities for work or studies can find it really exhausting. Commuting to different places can be time-consuming and tiring. 

Not making the list of cons too long as every other city in the United Kingdom has generally the same issues. If we exclude those find then the county is a good place to live for people who are nature lovers and want to live a peaceful life.

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