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Ontario is a district settled in central Canada, with Toronto being its capital city. It is among the most crowded regions of Canada and home to more than 13,650,000 people. Also, it is the second-largest province in the country by land located in area.

Ontario is known for its natural diversity, which includes beautiful large nature parks, vast forests, four great lakes famous globally, and the world-famous Niagara Falls.

This article highlights some of the significant benefits and drawbacks of living in Ontario. If you are thinking of shifting to Ontario, you must continue reading.  

Benefits of living in OntarioThe Drawbacks of living in Ontario
EntertainmentHigh tax rates
Beautiful tourist spotsA quite individualistic culture at times 
Availability of all food cuisinesOvercrowded leads to traffic all-around
Ease in transportation

Advantages of Living in Ontario

Job Availabilities: 

Ontario has both the capital of Canada, as well as the financial capital of Canada that is Toronto, which is filled with job opportunities in nearly every sector.

Toronto is known for the Stock Exchange and is also continually growing significantly in the technology, industrial, commercial, and financial sectors. Therefore, job opportunities will always be available.  

Multinational Companies are Setting Up their Position:

Ontario is usually termed as the Silicon Valley of the North as over the years, many big multinational corporations have been opening their branches and offices here for expansion and have faced increasing profits. Also, the city promotes and supports the work of art and culture. 

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Attraction Point of Numerous Migrates:

The cities in Ontario attract artists, and entertainers from around the world. About thousands of people migrate to Ontario in search of producing and exhibiting their homegrown talent.

Toronto is the country’s financial capital and has booked seats on the stock exchange and is the most multicultural city across the world.  

High Class Living: 

Ontario has fully developed cities with highly operational technology used in every sector for the people’s welfare. The towns located in Ontario have a thoroughly modern look with tall buildings and skyscrapers, 12-lane highways, metros, and much more. 

Healthcare and Educational Sector is of Top-Class:

The infrastructure and the healthcare department of Ontario have all public facilities with free healthcare for its citizens.

The educational facilities in Ontario are also top class and world-famous. It has some of the well-known universities and colleges that have a name and fame across the globe.  


More than thousands of immigrants have traveled and settled in Canada for decades. These people travel to Ontario and belong to more than 230 different countries making the environment diverse in nature.

Toronto is known for its diversity and has been termed as the most multicultural city in the world. 

Ontario – Financial Capital of Canada

The financial capital of Canada situated in Ontario is Toronto. Toronto has corners in it dedicated to many other countries, such as a Chinatown for Chinese people, Little India for the Indians, Little Portugal for the Portuguese, and the list goes on making the people feel close to their native countries.

Celebrating every festival, the province has always provided their people with love and warmth in terms of culture and have respected all in every way possible.

Crime Rates are Relatively Low: 

Ontario has a safe and secure environment compared to the other provinces of Canada, as the city of Toronto has been ranked in the 6th position for being the safest city globally.

Despite having such a vast population with vast diversity, the province’s law and order are very strong and firm. The crime rate in Ontario is shallow.

There are hardly any cases of mugging, drug use or burglaries, etc. Therefore, one can roam around freely without being scared. 

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Disadvantages of Living in Ontario

Expensive in Nature: 

As the standard of living in Ontario is high, but it comes with a prohibitive price. Ontario is among the most expensive territories of Canada, with being Toronto as the most expensive city.

Toronto has been ranked 10th for being the most lavish city in the world. The housing facilities, the affordability of transportation, and more are way too high for a middle-class individual.

You will get every facility’s availability here, but it will come with a price. 

Lavish Housing Facilities: 

The housing or rent facilities in Ontario are not cheap at all. The price is quite unaffordable no matter you are looking for a house to buy it or to get it on rent. According to you, you will find accommodation with full equipment, but it will come with a hefty price.

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Too Crowded: 

The cities located in Ontario do have tons of opportunities for every individual, which attracts many people and results in settling down. Thousands of people every year migrate to the cities in Ontario, which has now resulted in creating traffic in the area.

As the province cities are highly developed and fast-paced, you will find flocks of people rushing to reach their destination.  

Long Waiting Everywhere:

Sometimes, this crowd is too frustrating. You will find the locals and metros or the public buses overcrowded and long traffic jam sessions on the roads. With cities having nearly 12 lanes on highways, there are long traffic jams for 2-3 hours.  

Unpleasant Weather Conditions: 

The weather conditions in Ontario are mostly not supportive. Most of the time, the province is covered in snow, as Canada is a Northern country, it is expected so.

The temperature here drops below 0 degrees Celsius, which is very often, and because of the change in the climate in the past years, it’s expected that the area can get even colder in the coming years. 

However, there are places in the province where you will find unconditional hot summers. Toronto is the place in Ontario where the summers are too hot as the temperatures reach up to or more than 30 degrees Celsius and are humid. Some may find it too bothering with the humidity, sweat, and heat.   


Moving to Ontario can be overwhelming, as well as daunting at times. Every place has its set of pros and cons; it depends on us to move out of our comfort zone and to fit in any situation for the betterment and growth of life. Sometimes change can also be profitable.

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