15+ Pros and Cons of Living in Otago (Explained)

 Otago is a beautiful region situated in New Zealand towards the Southern half of the island. The reason stretches approx  32000 square kilometers which makes the region the second largest state in the country. This beautiful region is rich in beautiful locations and the state has its own attractive culture and arts.

 Enlisting below some of the major pros and cons of living in Otago:-

Advantages of living in OtagoDisadvantages of living in Otago
Pleasurable climatic conditionInadequate medical facilities
Favors businessNetwork issues
Good education systemIncreasing unemployment rate
High salaryBoring life
Quiet placePoor transport system

Advantages of living in Otago

  • Pleasurable climatic condition

One of the major advantages of living in Otago is that the climatic condition is very suitable.  The region experiences hot summer,  cool winter,  and fare shades of precipitation.

The sunny season is exceptionally Sunny and winters are cool,  the fact that it is not too cold and hence it does not add extra expense. People from all over the world visit the place during the summer to enjoy the warmest sunny days.

  • Favors business

Another major merit of living in this state is that the state favors business. The region is best for small businesses and also startups.  People out there have made business their occupation and are earning enough to live a good life.

Business does not just give a source of income but also promotes self-employment reducing the burden from the government to provide jobs to every citizen of the country and state.

  • Good education system

The place automatically becomes favorable when the education system is good and the region, Otago does have a good and reliable education system. Students from other states and cities migrate to this place to get access to a good education system. 

people living in this state do not have to migrate or commute from one place to another in search of a proper education system. The place has a good number of schools with good faculties and outdoor and indoor games as well.

  • High salary

The fact that there are many big companies and brands located in the state offers a good salary along with attractive incentives to attract talented and skilled employees to their industries.

Talented and skilled people do not have to worry about the package system in the region because it has quite very attractive schemes and packages for those who are genuinely able and hence can give a kick start to their career and life.

  • Quiet place

Despite being a Metropolitan state with a moderate population and chaos of a digital City the state also has quiet Areas where people can go and relax if they need a break from city life.

Many amazing locations which include greenery, beaches, landscapes, and other eccentric areas make the state perfect for living and spending holidays with family and friends all alone.

Disadvantages of living in Otago

  • Inadequate medical facilities

The major disadvantage of living in this state is that the state lacks medical facilities. The state has to do much in the field of Medical and health facilities to make the state perfect for living.

The state government has to build good hospitals, clinics, dispensary, and other Health Care system,  the government also have to make sure that the hospitals are not overcrowded and do not fall short of the bed and do not compromise hygiene at any cost.

  • Network issues

In the era where everything is getting digital and online, few places in Otago do not have proper network connections which causes lags in daily work. 

Poor connectivity and interrupting call services hampered the daily routine of students, employees, and other working class. The government has to take care of this issue if they want full digitalization and proper functioning of every class.

  • Increasing unemployment rate

 Even though the state has a lot to offer in the field of employment and job opportunities still as per the new survey there has been a hike in the unemployment rate among the youth especially.

Due to the increase in competition and population, many mediocre students and employees are not able to get a proper job for themselves. An increase in the unemployment rate is a pressing issue that needs to be solved. 

However, the state favors self-employment. And the trend of self employment makes people self sufficient in this area and independent for all their needs and wishes.

  • Boring life

 One might have to put up with a boring life because people in the region are too occupied and sort of follow a busy schedule and hence there is very little time for socializing and making new friends.

And you might find it boring because there is no one to talk to or to share their feelings which might be depressing. 

If you are an introvert and like to spend time on your own you can find the place as a blessing because there is no pressure to socialize and interact with new people to make new friends.

  • Poor transport system

The poor transport system is a major demerit of living in the region of Otago. Poor transport means facing a lot of difficulties while traveling from one place to another for any reason.

Those who are planning to commute from the region can find it exceptionally difficult because there is no proper public transport running daily and without delays. People have to wait for an hour to get a bus or any public transports to reach their destinations. 

Given all this Merit and demerit of living and Otago, the region is still suitable for living as it has the best education system and climatic condition which attracts thousands of tourists and inhabitants to live in the state and enjoy all the facilities given by the state government. For students planning to go to Otago, they won’t regret their decision that is for sure! 

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