13+ Advantages And Disadvantages of Living in Perth (Explained)

If you want to move to Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, which is home to more than 2 million people, you have come just to the right place.

Living in Perth has its own perks; however, one must evaluate the pros and cons of shifting to any new place before moving there.

Perth has numerous options for its locals, from endless day trips to great weather. There are certainly some drawbacks to living in Perth as well. We have summarized everything for you to decide wisely before moving into the place.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Living In Perth

Benefits of Living in PerthDrawbacks of Living in Perth
1. Among the most isolated cities in world. 1. Among the most isolated cities in the world. 
2. Perth has an excellent educational system.2. It is a bit expensive.
3. Among the most isolated cities in the world. 3. Not as busy as the other city.
4. The health care system is of high quality.4. Limited options and convenience.
5. Perth has a great educational system.5. Expensive housing.

✔️ Advantages Of Living In Perth 

Perth has a beautiful Mediterranean climate and spectacular natural beauty, including pristine beaches and landscapes. The city’s robust economy offers many job possibilities and better-than-average wages.

Excellent educational opportunities and a thriving arts and culture scene benefit the locals. Perth has an excellent quality of life thanks to its laid-back way of life, safety, and cleanliness.

National parks and well-known locations are simple to reach thanks to their proximity to the natural world. Overall, Perth is a desirable place to live due to its combination of natural beauty, economic prospects, laid-back lifestyle, and cultural diversity.

🌤️ Great weather 

The weather in Australia is quite excellent in general, and Perth is no exception to that. The weather is generally very pleasant, and has a very sunny climate; and is a great place to live if you enjoy calm and pleasant weather.

Although summers are a bit sunny and warm, the cold sea breezes make it all worthwhile since it has never snowed in Perth, so the chilliest winters are easy to bear. 

If you love being around natural beauty, you must visit the National Parks in Perth and their wineries. You can see the swan river running through the city. This is a stunning place to live, and you can boast about the beautiful place you live in.

🏖️Surrounded by some of the most extraordinary beaches 

If you get annoyed with the hustle and bustle of the city, there are some fantastic places to chill in Perth. It has excellent places for vibrant shopping and great dining places to curb hunger.

Some of the country’s most amazing beaches are located in this place, which shall help you relax and enjoy the business of life. The top-visited beaches in Perth are Cottesloe Beach, Scarborough Beach, City Beach, Mettam’s Pool, and Bathers Beach. 

pros doing business in perth

✈️ It is easy to get to the airport

Nobody wishes to get stuck in long traffic to get to the airport for that critical business meeting overseas. This inconvenience in Perth is drastically decreased due to the presence of domestic and international airports.

It is just a twenty-minute ride from CBD to the airport, making catching a flight on time super easy without any panic. 

📚 Perth has an excellent educational system 

Australia’s education system is world-renowned, and public schools in entire Australia are free up to grade 12. The public schools in Perth provide excellent education, and some of the most notable private organizations provide excellent curricula for your kids.

The Australian education system ranks fourth in the world, and the education system in Perth is one of the best in Australia. You can look up Private institutions; however, it shall get very costly.

You can be sure that the public schooling system will provide an excellent education to your children.

🏥 The health care system is of high quality 

Australia, in general, has an excellent healthcare system, and Perth is no exception to that.

A mix of public and private health organizations can be found here, with modern hospital technologies. The average public health insurance is 2 % of the resident’s income. 

It is excellent for people of all ages 

Perth has covered everything, from fun playgrounds to great music shows. It has some of the world’s most renowned botanical gardens and is an excellent place for people of all ages.

It does not matter what your age is, whether you are starting a new family, studying, or even taking retirement from your job, it is full of activities for people of all ages and is excellent to accommodate every lifestyle.  

Perth is generally a safe place to live, and no area here can be considered dangerous. Violent crimes are very low in Perth.

pros living in perth

Disadvantages Of Living In Perth 

Due to its remote position, it has limited access to large cities and other countries, which raises the expense of transportation. The work economy may provide fewer options than in larger cities, restricting career prospects.

Perth’s high cost of living can also strain finances, and some people may find the city’s hot, dry weather uncomfortable. A further obstacle to participating in national events and visiting loved ones is the city’s lack of cultural diversity and distance from Australia’s eastern states.

Despite these difficulties, Perth offers stunning beaches, a laid-back way of life, and a strong sense of community.

🌍 Among the most isolated cities in World 

Although Perth is a beautiful city to stay in, it is also one of the most isolated cities in the country. If you wish to go to Sydney even for a music festival, you need to board a 4-hour long flight.

Living in Perth can somewhat make you a bit isolated from the rest of the World and make you feel disconnected. 

💵 It is a bit expensive

Perth’s cost of living is a little above average. It is one of the most expensive cities to live in the country and has prices somewhat similar to Sydney.

education institutes in australia

🏡 Expensive Housing 

The Houses in Perth are expensive compared to other major cities worldwide.

The houses are generally double-walled construction of bricks with no to very little insulation with hardwood and tiles in the common areas and carpet or hardwood in the bedroom. The lack of insulation is the central issue in most of the houses.

Not as busy as the other city 

Perth is not as busy as Sydney, Brisbane, or Melbourne. You might find fewer things to do here. Although it would be wrong to say that Perth has no fun or other things to do, it is not that busy compared to the big cities.

Limited options and Convenience 

Moving to Perth might be a bit challenging for you if you live in a place with shops and other stuff available at your service 24 into 7. The shops in Perth close at 5 pm. And also, there is a role reversal between the white-collar and blue-collar job opportunities.

cons living in perth

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