23+ Pros And Cons Of Living In Rhode Island (Explained)

Rhode Island, officially known as the State of Rhode Island, is the smallest state situated in the United States. It is the 2nd most densely populated state in the country, and also the 7th state with a minimal amount of population covering only 48 miles lengthwise and 37 miles is its width. 

The nickname allotted to Rhode Island is the Ocean State; because there are several activities that you can enjoy without driving for long. If you are thinking of shifting to Quebec, then below are some of the benefits and drawbacks of living in Quebec that you must go through. 

Benefits of Living in Rhode IslandThe Drawbacks of Living In Rhode Island
High minimum wages Weather
Variety of landscapeCost of living
Short road tripsGeneral politics of the area
Best airportLocal traffic
Great employment opportunitiesHigh population density

Advantages of Living in Rhode Island: 

Nominal Crime Rate: 

This parameter plays a significant role when someone looks for relocating, and for Rhode Island, the crime statistics indicate a downward trend. We see petty thefts are not very common here, and they never turn into violent crimes.

Great Education:

Rhode Island has some of the best schools, so you need not worry about your kid’s expensive education in some other state.

There are various good colleges also in the nation, namely, Brown University, and many more. The local school system is also quite influential there.

Rhode Island Has A Great Education System

Low Unemployment Rate:

In such a small area where people are tightly packed, you must consider how the unemployment rate is so low? Many of the state’s fast-growing jobs include being a software developer, business analyst, marketer, machinist, welder, and many more.

And people living in Rhode Island say that the state’s medical world is really booming and is currently the most extensive job provider. The unemployment rate comprising in the state has been recorded at 4.5% only. 

The Best Airport:

The T.F. Green Airport, located in Warwick, has recently been named one of the country’s most convenient airports. Also, as the island is nearer to the sea, it is elementary to move out or in from the state via a ferry or water transport. 

Smart and Creative People:

People here are smart and witty. As Rhode Island is home to Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), you can easily find people with out-of-the-box ideas giving their best advice on how creatively one can solve any problem. 

Lots to Do:

Being a small state, one can easily plan for a road trip or parks that are not far away from where you live. Beaches, city life, farms, and history, everything is present for the people to explore, and with very little distance to cover.

There are a lot of museums tourists can visit, explore, and gain knowledge of the history of the place.

Mild Weather:

The winters and summers in this state are not that extreme; therefore, one can quickly settle here with the weather conditions. The rain we see does not seem to be constant or an obstacle; they seem to blow away very quickly. 


If one is planning to move here near the summers, you will be quite comfortable and fully enjoy your time as the Atlantic coast here is very near. You can enjoy and spend your time surfing, sailing, and more.

Rhode Island Offers A Variety Of Activities To Its Residents

Disadvantages of Living in Rhode Island

The High Cost of Living:

Rhode Island is considered to be around 19% higher in terms of being expensive in nearly every sector in comparison to the other states. Whether you are buying food or finding accommodation, the basic amenities are also considered very expensive in this region. 

Expensive Accommodation:

One big concern while moving to a whole new place is where we will live? The approximate cost of purchasing a house or wanting it for rent is around 43.8 percent higher in comparison to the other states.

But there are tons of construction going on so that might help in lowering down the price of the accommodation. 

Weird Laws:

There are some weird laws that people have to follow in this state like, you cannot, by law, take a horse out on the highway for a ride or cannot drive your car in the neutral gear if you are moving across a downhill coast.

It is also considered highly unlawful to accept any challenge regarding a duel that can provoke someone. 

High Population: 

According to area wise, Rhode Island is considered to be the 2nd highest population, following up by New Jersey. This small state can get crowded at times. You’ll always find a crowd waiting for you if you reach a place late. 

Rhode Island Has A High Cost Of Living

High Tax Rates: 

Rhode Island is popularly known for composing the excessive property tax rates in the entire nation. Also, the price of food is twice the food prices available in the other states.

Rhode Island was said to be on the 9th rank on CNBC’s list, terming it as the Most Expensive State to reside in, in mere 2018, and also terming it to be not a tax-friendly state mainly for the retired people. 

Traffic Congestion:

As Rhode Island is the smallest city in terms of the area so it becomes pretty evident that there will be a lot of traffic in the area. You will always find roads full of people, big long queues, and reaching on time becomes a concern while staying here.

High Heat Bills:

The cost of living is high in the area, and the heat bills add up to the drawback. Though people living in Rhode Island are pretty much used to it now for the people who are deciding to move in can think about this. 


More people have jobs, no doubt, but people working at low wages don’t have the means to afford the necessary household expenses, including food. According to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, one in eight Rhode Island households can’t afford to buy enough food for their families.

Rhode Island Has A High Tax Rate

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