26+ Pros and Cons of Living In Rutland (Explained)

Rutland is a very small yet exceptionally attractive piece of land situated in the East Midlands of England. It is around 16 miles long and 16 miles broad. Rutland is well-known for the man-made lake, Rutland water.

It has a moderately small population than any other normal unitary authority in England. The county is well known for its high living standards and innate beauty. 

Here are some pros and cons of living in Rutland that you must know before deciding anything. 

Benefits of living in RutlandDrawbacks of living in Rutland
Good infrastructure and transportation facility.It is a rural area.
Proper schooling and job availability.The housing is generally smaller and less roomy.
Less pollution means a healthy life.Adds an extra expense in winters.
Natural heritage like landscapes, mountains, waterfronts attracts tourists.You might have to live a socially cut-off life
Small population, greater space.Easy to find a job but with a low salary.
Co-operative society.The economy of Rutland is a mixed sack of poverty and wealth.

Advantages of living in Rutland

Good infrastructure and transport facility – 

If you are planning to live in Rutland or just want to spend a vacation over there, it can be a good pick in terms of transportation and infrastructure. The Amtrak train runs directly into the NewYork city.

There are two national highways that directly connect to the city as well. And if you own a vehicle, then a 10 minutes ride can put you in a picturesque place. You can literally navigate on a bicycle or hire a cab and land in captivating places. There is a big medical center if you need health-related help.

Proper schooling and job availability –

In Rutland, there is a low rate of unemployment. With a small population, getting a good job becomes relatively easier and more convenient.  Rutland is known for its agricultural occupation, even in today’s time farmers are living a good and a high standard of living.

So finding a suitable job might not be a sport. As far as schools are concerned, there are good schools located in and around Rutland.

Less pollution, that means a healthy life –

Rutland has marked a lesser amount of air and water pollution. With a relatively small population, the county has a lesser number of vehicles and factories which means a lesser amount of air pollution.

All these factors have made the place great for outings and games. People residing there live a healthy life. Who doesn’t want good health? 

Natural heritage like landscape, mountains, waterfronts attract tourists –   

Do you want to post good pictures of fascinating landscapes and mountains on your social media sites? Well, this place can give you plenty of captivating pictures. This agrarian place is perfect for enjoying outdoor games. The Rutland water delivers a multitude of recreation that includes water cycling, fishing, and watching native birds.

This rural place attracts thousands of tourists each year. You can also pay a visit to the Normanton church situated below the waterline of Rutland water. Rutland water below built around the reservoir gives a breath-taking sight.

Small population, greater space-  

The population of Rutland is quite low giving the residents more space to live. Rutland has a population of about 39,927 against an area of 381.8 km2. The lower the population greater the resource.  

Co-operative society- 

One of the most fun facts about living in Rutland is that every individual in the county tends to find a way to work together and compromise for a better result. People there are literate and believe in a co-existing society. A healthy environment to live, work and earn.

Disadvantages of living in Rutland

Rural area- 

The major drawback of living in Rutland can be the fact that it is not a metropolitan city. Rutland is a small land with an agrarian culture. People out there have a little less sophisticated life and they believe in simple living.

There is a lesser number of industries and factories, malls, cinema halls, and restaurants. Though it guarantees good accommodation facilities.

The housing is generally smaller and less roomy-  

Housing in Rutland is different than the other states. One of the most notable features is that the houses are smaller in size with fewer rooms. It is adjustable for small families but might be a problem for a joint family.

Another drawback is that almost no house has an air conditioner. People from other states with good housing can face problems in settling down in Rutland.

Adds an extra expense in winters

People who love winters can also find the cold unbearable in Rutland. The winters are exceptionally cold and have a freezing temperature, making it impossible to get out of the house. January and February have plenty of ice, snow, low temperatures. All this means you have to add an extra expense in buying warm clothes to sustain in winter.

You might have to live a socially cut of life-  

The fact that people out there might have to live a life that is socially disconnected scares many people.

In an era where people prefer a socially active life and staying connected via social media and get-togethers, people in Rutland prioritize personal space and are almost antisocial. So this can be a drawback for extroverts wanting to socialize.

Easy to find a job but with a low salary-

Finding a job in Rutland is easier compared to other states because of the low population but getting good pay is a real task. The place offers a good chance to start your carrier but not a good amount to settle. So if you already have experience in a job with a good salary and incentives, it can be difficult to settle for less pay in similar jobs. 

The economy of Rutland is a mixed sack of poverty and wealth-   

There are places in Rutland that are thriving right now at the same time there are other parts with lots of job availability and resources. Unequal division of resources and payment has resulted in disparities between the haves and the have not’s.

If you are someone wanting to live a simple yet fun life, then Rutland is for you but if you want a technologically advanced area then Rutland can be a bad pick for you, as it has very little to offer in that sphere. Make sure that you are making your decision wisely. 

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