25+ Pros and Cons of Living In Shropshire (Explained)

Shropshire, is better known as Salop, is a historic county, located in central England bordering on Wales. The geographic part of the county divides Shropshire into two distinct halves – north and south.

Apart from a good standard of living, proper travel security, low property rates, and attractive landscapes, Shropshire is considered the happiest place to live in England. 

If you’ve made up your mind to spend your days in Shropshire, whether it’s for tourism purposes or you’re moving for a lifetime, you should check out the list of some major benefits and disadvantages of shifting to Shropshire:

Advantages of living in ShropshireDisadvantages of living in Shropshire
A perfect home for families.Be ready to be part of rural life.
A county packed with outstanding natural beauty.Public transport is infrequent.
Low crime rates.You have to aware while traveling at night.
Easy Communication.There might be an accent issue.
Independent shopping centers.
Spreading culture and art.
Theatre for the entertainment lover.
Moderate Climate conditions.
Top Itineraries are ready to fill your stomach.

Advantages of Living in Shropshire

A perfect home for families

Shropshire welcomes your family with the national average house prices that are quite less than the standard.  A good education system with superb states of results, it also has excellent colleges for the young child. 

From top food centers, shopping malls, groceries, and top tourist locations, the county can give you along with the touch of living in wildlife. 

A county packed with outstanding natural beauty

Shropshire is surrounded by Shropshire Hills. Beautiful landscapes, villages, greenery, and hills and valleys, It’s a perfect place for the natural beauty lover. In-between such Outstanding greenery, it has dozens of restaurants, shops, a theatre, cafeterias and whatever a tourist or a person is looking for. 

Low crime rates

Although Shropshire is dominated by wildlife, its sparse population doesn’t affect its safety. It’s generally the safest rural location with a low crime rate. The annual crime rate in Shropshire is reported as 32.9. 

Easy Communication

Shropshire natives speak the English language so communication can be a bit easy. But, we all know when we move from far to some other town or place, it can be quite difficult to adjust due to accent and culture. Try to be involved in the community and you’ll not take much time to make your place. 

Independent shopping centers 

Shropshire has good numbers of shopping centers and independent shops in Ellesmere, Market Drayton, and Oswestry. From antiques, craft shops, inns, tea shops,  It has traditional grocers, butchers, and bakers. Darwin, Pride Hill, and Riverside Shopping Centres are added to the list of high street shops.

Spreading culture and art

It’s the village market of Contemporary art and craft. People can admire and pick their favorite ones in Much Wenlock. The gallery conducts art fairs and exhibitions of attractive paintings, artwork, jewelry, prints, and much more. 

Theatre for the entertainment lover

An entertainment freak must be looking for a good theatre. And, Theatre Severn is one of the principal theatres which broadcasts programs like comedy, dance, drama, music, musicals, etc. 

If you are interested to watch films and screened exhibitions, then you can visit Old Market Hall.

Moderate Climate conditions

If you prefer the weather to be mild to warm, spring is a good time to visit Shropshire. The average temperature (day) is running between 9°C and 16°C from March to May. 20°C is the highest average temperature that is usually recorded in the month of July whereas 6°C is its lowest temperature that falls in the January months. 

Top Itineraries are ready to fill your stomach

All the health-conscious will be delighted to read that Shropshire is known for locally grown produce. It has farmers’ markets and delis. Shropshire’s name has already written in the list of National winners of the retail cheese awards.

Shrewsbury biscuits, Gingerbread, Whimberry Pie, and Fidget Pie are Shropshire’s top specialties.

Along with food and restaurants, Here you’ll find traditional pubs and inns and micro-breweries. 

Disadvantages of Living in Shropshire

Be ready to be part of rural life

Although all the natural attractions such as beautiful landscapes or hills made this county beautiful, if you’ve got a habit to live in a town, you can’t stay here for long. Shropshire has no town or city inside. Despite markets or bars, it is completely a rural kind of area. 

Public transport is infrequent 

If you don’t want to face any hurdles while going out for traveling purposes, don’t rely on public transport. You should have your own vehicle.

Public transport or taxi service can be found in some major village markets but it’s seasonal too. Seasonal shuttle buses are there to take you a round trip of the county including the Shropshire Hills area. 

You have to aware while traveling at night

Although, Shropshire has low crime rates you’ve to be aware in some areas at night. Fighting among people, purse snatching, drug infections are quite common threats at night. So, be careful during the night walk. 

There might be an accent issue

As we already discussed above, Shropshire is bordering on Wales, so Welsh accents can create an accent problem in communication. People speak English but  Welsh influence is also heard in accents.

In the end, we would like to say if you’ve already got employment at Shropshire which is ready to pay a good amount or you’re already blessed with a full bank account, you can enjoy the natural living in the arms of Shropshire.

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