21+ Pros and Cons of Living In South Yorkshire (Explained)

South Yorkshire is the southernmost county, in the Yorkshire and the Humber region in England. From smaller markets to rural areas, the quieter life appeals to everyone.

From the cost of living, education system, tourist attractions to finding the best time to visit as per the best weather conditions, we have prepared the best guide to solve every query associated with moving to South Yorkshire. 

Benefits of living in South YorkshireDrawbacks of living in South Yorkshire
Reasonable property ratesParking is expensive.
Strong industrial heritage.Choices are less.
An attractive outdoors. You can feel homesick.
Adjustable climate conditions.Colder weather needs investment in winter clothing.
Good employment opportunities.Poor Internet Connectivity
Friendly social community.

Advantages of living in South Yorkshire

Reasonable property rates

From houses to flats, the cost of living is affordable as compared to other cities. The price range may vary from area to area but the reasonable property rates provide the best housing to families. 

Strong industrial heritage

South Yorkshire is a hub of museums, canals, railways, and architecture whereas its urban centers are a testament of sports, art, culture, and technology. According to the business psychologists OPP, South Yorkshire comes under one of the top ten happiest cities for employment. 

Attractive outdoors

From jaw-dropping sceneries, rugged hills, stone walls to old churches, art galleries, cathedral chapels, and country pubs, South Yorkshire can be the perfect place for tourists. 

Apart from cycling, climbing, and hiking, people can make a peaceful country walk falls in a few miles from home.

The Peak District National Park is one of the top attractions to get out in the open air where you can join rock climbing, caving, wind-surfing, hang-gliding events organized frequently.

Adjustable climate conditions

The climate is moderate. August is considered the warmest month with an average temperature of 15°C whereas January is the coolest month with an average temperature of 3°C. If you want to enjoy the rain, you can visit before November month. The average rainfall of the month is 66mm.

Good employment opportunities

As compared to London, people are not getting higher salaries but it offers cheap residential space in South Yorkshire so life would be easy if you are thinking to move here with your families. 

Industries like the financial, IT sector, health, conservation, and science are the top booming sectors to find jobs. 

Friendly social community

You’ll find diverse cultures here who are well-connected through one common language-English. People are friendly and welcome newcomers with an open heart. So, You’ll adjust soon if you’re capable to make new connections instantly. 

Disadvantages of living in South Yorkshire

Parking is expensive

The parking cost is higher and space is limited as compared to other parts of the UK. In order to ride your own car, you have to update your new address on the license. Show your proof of driving test in a manual transmission car otherwise exchange your license for an automatic.

Choices are less

From food ingredients to local stores, transport, or theatres, you have to adjust to the limited options. In order to explore big, head over to market towns that are not far away. Once you’ll visit the city for the stuff, you’ll end up loving more. 

You can feel homesick

If you are planning to switch your place alone to South Yorkshire for work purposes then be ready to feel homesick initially. Although, people are friendly but adjusting to the new city or places always takes time. 

 Colder weather needs investment in winter clothing

As we already discussed, the weather conditions are moderate. People are used to the colder weather conditions. You have to spend your money on winter clothing. No worries! With time, you’ll soon adapt to the bracing winds and liquid sunshine. 

Poor Internet Connectivity

There are some rural areas where you would not get a proper internet connection. Mobile telephone coverage is not as good as it should be. Therefore, you have to check out the local internet speeds before selecting the final place to set up your new family home. 

So, If you’re excited with the above pros and ready to adjust to the cons of South Yorkshire, pack your bag and move here. Every new place demands adaptability from a person, therefore, be courageous enough to take the challenge. 

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