24+ Pros and Cons of Living In Surrey (Explained)

Have you prepared enough before moving to Surrey? Well! Surrey, a county in South East England, itself a great place to offer the best schools, top amenities, and attractive countryside. Most people relocate to different cities in search of better employment opportunities, adventure, investment, or for some other personal reasons. 

But you must be struggling with queries like why Surrey is the best moving place? Should you really live there? Is it a good place to work? 

Benefits of living in SurreyDrawbacks of living in Surrey
An employment hub for job seekers.Little racism could be there
Less roadside traffic. Crazy Drivers on the road.
Enjoy four seasons at one location.Ready to invest more in clothes.
A perfect romantic spot for lovers.You will miss your old city.
Public transport is affordable and easy.Nights are scary.
Best restaurants offer full of delicious food.
An excellent place to explore fashion.

Advantages of living in Surrey

An employment hub for job seekers

 Surrey is the hub of numerous international companies, who set up their headquarters in the county, including Unilever, Toyota, Samsung, Sony, etc. Whether you’re moving with your family or settling alone for work purposes, it would be a great workplace for you. 

Childcare products company Britax, McLaren, film studio, Shepperton Studios are some of the popular names from which you can estimate how Surrey can be proved best if you have talent and expertise. 

Less roadside traffic 

Surrey is less crowded as compared to London or some other county. No matter what time in a day or night you want to go out or even on weekdays, you can easily enjoy your time without getting battered and knocked by fellow shoppers. 

Enjoy four seasons at one location

The climate conditions of Surrey is adjustable throughout the year. You will experience Snow at Christmas, sunshine in summer, coolest winds in winters, and thunderstorms during rain. Spring is the best time to visit Surrey.  

A perfect romantic spot for lovers

If you’re finding some secret place to showcase your love to your partner or want to dive in a peaceful moment with yourself, go for Silent Pool in Albury. It’s a spring-fed lake situated in the south of Guildford. You can spend your evening with your loved ones and enjoy a picnic and birdwatching.

Public transport is affordable and easy

Surrey is well-connected with public transport which includes bus, train, and coach. Getting around the county through these transportation modes is quite easy and cheap. 

Travel via coach is more reasonable than train traveling but you have to pay your time for that. One of the best cheap and stress-free forms of transport facilities in Surrey is Bus. You can also use your own car, cycle, or even choose a walk to reach your destination.

Offers excellent education system

If you are finding the best schools in Surrey for your child then Charterhouse or Tormead can be your great findings from the list of some outstanding independent schools. When it comes to youngsters, the University of Surrey is ready to give warm experience in the heart of Guildford with top facilities and wonderful campus facilities. 

Best restaurants full of delicious food 

Head over to The Three Horseshoes situated in Thursley if you want to taste the roast dinner. It can be your perfect ‘stopping off point’ for a walk with a beautiful view from the garden. 

If you’re are planning to do an experiment with your taste, the New Gurkha Kitchen in Reigate will be the right choice. It offers delicious Nepalese cuisine. 

Bryce, a seafood family restaurant, located in the Ockley village also serves great food along with setting meal deals with cabaret nights.

An excellent place to explore fashion

From top brands to trendy fashion items, Surrey is considered as UK’s top shopping destination for fashion lovers. Fashion stores, craft outlets, boutiques, or jewelry showrooms, the county can cater to all your needs. 

The markets of  Guildford, Farnham, and Dorking are ready to welcome you with historic items along with providing the historic tour.  

Disadvantages of living in Surrey

Little racism could be there 

Although, people are hospitable still you will feel a little trace of racism due to language, accent, or body color. As you’re shifting from some other country or part, it means, you have to prepare yourself to adjust to a new place by avoiding some negative initially. 

Crazy Drivers on the road 

You have to be very careful while traveling in the streets of Surrey as traffic laws are not exactly enforced. If the person or driver doesn’t want to follow the red right, he/she can change the light by pressing the button for the pedestrian crossing. 

Ready to invest more in clothes 

As you know, there is constant change in season throughout the year so you have to invest more in clothes and other stuff. It might put a burden on your pocket if you’re out of money and still searching for a job in a strange city. 

You will miss your old city

From top food restaurants, tourist attractions to the pretty countryside, Surrey has all to fulfill your basic needs. But, if you’re shifting into a new county or location, it is quite common that you would miss your home when you are alone or miss your city if already staying with family. 

Nights are scary

There are some areas in Surrey where can’t even visit alone in a day. Due to less crowded streets and towns, minor crimes are there such as snatching, etc. Follow little safety precautions and prefer to stay indoors at night. 

We hope all the above general information regarding Surrey will help to prepare you in advance. Put some effort initially to adjust to the new place and enjoy things later. 

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