25+ Pros and Cons of Living In Tyne And Wear (Explained)

Tyne and Wear, a metropolitan county of North East region of England surrounded by rivers Tyne and Wear river.  Dominated by Newcastle, the county offers a windswept coastline, Bustling towns, and cities, excellent transport links, Tyne and Wear are blessed with rich heritage art.

Apart from searching for the reasons to live, you must be looking for the negatives of the location so that you could prepare in advance. 

Benefits of living in Tyne and WearDrawbacks of living in Tyne and Wear
Cheap cost of livingIt lacks employment opportunities
Excellent Transport connectivityExpensive transport links
Enjoy the best nightlifeBe careful from fakers or drinkers
Explore beautiful countrysideRainy and cool temperature can be unpleasant
Lots of property options to invest/rent
Friendly neighbors welcome everyone

Advantages of living In Tyne and Wear

Cheap cost of living

Apart from converting old factories, warehouses, or popular victorian houses to new homes, Tyne and Wear have new housing options for their residents or newcomers. Most importantly, the cost of the property is quite cheaper than the properties of the UK. 

Gateshead, Newcastle, North Tyneside, South Tyneside, and Sunderland are top locations to find the best properties in order to settle down with your family or investment purpose. 

Excellent Transport connectivity

Tyne and Wear are well connected through all transportation systems such as air, rail, bus, and road. There’s a national rail network that links several local stations of the region. The local residents also travel through the local Metro system. 

It also has bus network connectivity which is overseen by the Public Transport Executive (PTE), Nexus. Apart from that, there’s an International Airport that is situated located on the north-west border. 

Enjoy the best nightlife

If you are a real party lover and like to celebrate your weekends then this place has affordable choices to get the best nightlife. 

Whether you’re a student or a bachelor, there are a lot of places to hangout including Spot White, Buzzers Sports Bar, Jam Jar Cinema, Boulevard Show Bar, or Crown Posada. 

Explore beautiful countryside

Along with Northumberland Coast, Keiter Forest, Durham Heritage Coast, Hadrians Wall to Whitley Bay, and North Pennines, there are a lot of tourist spots are waiting for you. Spend your weekends or leisure time to get some peace. 

  • Lots of property options to invest/rent

It doesn’t matter you are moving alone or with family, if you want to get a space on rent or search for properties for investment, there are several options in the form of spacious flats, apartments, detached houses or semis. 

Friendly neighbors welcome everyone

You don’t need to worry about the neighborhood. They are friendly and excited to help everyone. It attracts the majority of people from the UK and other countries. Thus, diverse culture is waiting for you if you wish to spread your root in Tyne and Wear.  

It offers a rich heritage, art, and culture

In Sunderland, Newcastle, and Gateshead. you can explore top galleries including the Laing, the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Winter Gardens, and many more. 

For history lovers, Newcastle Castle, Segedunum Roman Fort, Baths, and Museum in Wallsend can be great options. Also don’t miss Souter Lighthouse at Whitburn and St Mary’s Lighthouse in Whitley Bay, if you love to explore nature. 

Disadvantages of living in Tyne and Wear

It lacks employment opportunities

When someone moves out to a new city, it’s quite obvious he/she would face difficulties in finding a good job. But, Tyne and Wear have ups and downs in terms of employment. Unemployment is relatively high as compared to the UK. 

Expensive transport links

Although, the county has all modes of transport connectivity still trains that connect London and other cities are lengthy and expensive. You will not get wide options for flights and they are expensive too.

Be careful from fakers or drinkers

This county has a lot of drinkers or fakers who pretend to be homeless in order to snatch money from people. Most people take a huge amount of drugs that are sold in clubs. So, You’ve to be aware while communicating with such people or you should be conscious while going out at night. 

Rainy and cool temperature can be unpleasant

It is one of the coolest and most wet places to live in than other parts of the UK. If you could afford heavy and good winter clothing, the change would be pleasant. Otherwise, the expenses might irritate you. 

In the end, we want to say you might find thousands of negative reasons not to shift into that place or thousands of reasons for moving in Tyne and Wear, the only thing matter is your ‘choice’. We are all different in our tastes and opinions so it can be great if we explore things on our own. 

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