11+ Pros and Cons of Living in Waikato

Waikato is a local government territory settled in the Upper North Island of New Zealand. It covers several districts and cities such as the Waipa district, Hamilton city, Taupo district, and many more. It is the fourth largest territory in the nation, compared by the area and population of about 4,85,300 people. 

In its North, it has the Coromandel Peninsula; at its North-Eastern, it has a slope of Mount Ruapehu, on its South, it has the North Island till the West Coast and having Waikato and Hauraki to the Coromandel Peninsula on its East. If you are giving a thought to shifting to Wellington due to any reason, then you must read this article. It will help you get an answer. 

Benefits of Living in WaikatoThe Drawbacks of Living in Waikato
Safe communityA limited number of activities to maximize growth
Less pollutionTranquil place
Friendly people

Advantages of Living in Waikato

  • Relaxed Lifestyle: 

The Waikato district is famous for its comparatively calm and peaceful environment. The majority of the people residing are from rural populations with vast farmland acres, increasing the region’s greenery level. The locals enjoy the temperate climate with plenty of open space where you can practice outdoor activities like biking, hiking, camping, fishing, etc. 

All the basic necessities can be fulfilled as there are fully functional modern health care centers, top-class education facilities, dynamic business and industrial sector, great scope in the agricultural industry, etc. 

  • Beautiful sceneries: 

The region is blessed with vast green valleys and forests, beaches, lakes and harbors, flowing rivers where you can recreate water sports such as scuba diving, swimming, water-skiing, rowing, etc.

At the weekends, you can thoroughly enjoy yourself with your family, the perks of nature. Also, the national bird of New Zealand ‘Kiwi’ can be seen here often. 

  • Affordable housing price for first buyers: 

Nowadays, it’s tough to find a suitable house in New Zealand with a reasonable value. Cities like Auckland charge house rents, which are nearly half of one’s income, therefore purchasing a home in these cities is quite expensive. 

However, the Waikato region provides an opportunity for everyone to make a suitable home in New Zealand at a reasonable price. You can also purchase the house and can, at times, receive additional benefits with it, such as a private lawn and many more like that. 

Therefore, most families or retired people purchase houses here as it is peaceful, closer to nature, and affordable. 

  • Working as a short commute: 

The Waikato region acts as a short commute route to New Zealand’s largest city is Auckland, and its fourth-largest city is Hamilton. Therefore, people living in this region can often visit both these developed cities and often experience city life. 

Also, the Waikato Expressway is known to be very attractive and is also considered a tourist spot. You will be able to find small settlements here too, where you can also opt for living. 

It is a major 4-lane state highway; therefore, you will be able to find all the necessary amenities available. As the district council has developed over more than $32 million into this project where you can find libraries, upgraded water, power infrastructure, etc., you will find this region a perfect spot for living.

Disadvantages of Living in Waikato

  • Limited employment opportunity: 

The region has only limited job opportunities as most people are engaged in the agricultural sectors or have to work in the factories and industries that are settled nearby. 

There is literally no reach or growth seen in the technological field, thereby creating boundaries for job opportunities. Therefore, you need to travel to either Auckland or Hamilton, which are near the region, for career options. 

  • Restricted mode of transportation: 

You will not be able to find public transport facilities so quickly in the area. There will be a number of available buses traveling from Aukland to Hamilton, but the frequency is shallow. Therefore, most people tend to either purchase their own private transportation vehicles or rent vehicles to travel to the bigger cities. 

  • Lacking in modern culture: 

The region has immense greenery and therefore likes to keep it that way. There is a limited number of food options, nightclubs, etc. and very rarely conduction of any music or cultural festivities. For getting all this, you either need to visit Auckland or Hamilton. 

Also, the University of Waikato is located in the region; therefore, there is an excellent student crowd in the area. The options for students to visit can be the beaches, valleys, parks, lakes, etc. or they can travel and enjoy the nightlife in either of the closest cities situated near the region. 

  • Lacks in infrastructure: 

The only modern infrastructure visible in the area is the Waikato Expressway, which is a four-lane highway. Other than that, there are no tall buildings or multi-functional roads in the region. People here tend to be close to nature and thus believe in preserving it. 


The Waikato region is entirely different from the culture and lifestyle of the city. You will find immense peace and pollution-free air to breathe with the necessary amenities to be fulfilled.

If one is looking for peace and change in life or a break from the city rush, Waikato can be the ideal destination for it. 

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