25+ Pros and Cons of Living In Warwickshire (Explained)

Warwickshire is commonly known as Warks, is a county in the West Midlands region of England. It is well known for being the birthplace of William Shakespeare. 

There are benefits and drawbacks associated with every location or place Warwickshire has so much in its bucket for the new visitors or residents including tourist spots, shopping centers, good accommodation, etc. Here check some major states of Warwickshire before your backpack: 

Benefits of Living in WarwickshireDrawbacks of Living in Warwickshire
It offers both urban and rural living It can be boring if you don’t like a quiet life
Good public transportation facilityBe careful about your safety 
Be a part of a diverse cultureYou would feel homesick
Many historic places to seeA small town with a small mindset
Enjoy the best outdoor views
Best shopping centers and stores
It serves cosmopolitan food cuisine

Advantages of living in Warwickshire

It offers both urban and rural living 

Warwickshire has no cities but it offers market towns and villages. If you need an urban life, head for Warwick and the popular streets of High Street, Castle Lane, and Mill Street. In the north and center east, several townhouses are waiting for you. 

If you would like to spend your days enjoying the peaceful environment of the village, then The village of Dunchurch or r Barford village can be a great option. Spending your evenings in the old coach houses or thatched cottages with your loved ones is not a bad idea!

Good public transportation facility

The routes of the Warwickshire are linked with rail, air, and roads. You can easily travel to London Marylebone or desired place through The Chiltern Railways Mainline. If you wish to fly, you can take a flight from an international airport located in Birmingham. 

There are buses available for the people where Concessionary Bus Passes are managed by Warwickshire County Council. And the good news is that bus traveling is free for those over 60 or for eligible disabled people.

You can also use your own vehicle to reach your destination. 

Be a part of a diverse culture

Compton Verney presents beautiful collections of national and international art for the people. It also offers gallery exhibitions such as British folk art, Chinese bronzes, and British portraits. Apart from that, the towns held an ever-changing program of traveling exhibitions frequently. 

Many historic places to see

You can tour around towers, ramparts, dungeons, or Kenilworth Castle.

 As you know, It’s famous for Shakespeare so explore his life by visiting his home where you can look at the Great Garden and Tudor Knot Garden. 

Apart from him, his wife Anne Hathaway’s childhood home or Hall’s Croft (the home of his daughter Susanna and her husband) can be a good option for history lovers. 

Enjoy the best outdoor views

The county has the best natural outdoor to make people comfortable in their leisure. If your mind is seeking an adventure ride, hire a boat and explore the River Avon. If you want just want to sit and relax while admiring the view Edwardian passenger vessels are all set to serve you. 

Apart from these spots, Warwick’s Hill Close Gardens, Ryton Pools Country Park,  Fishing lakes or a sensory garden are there for you. 

Best shopping centers and stores

Explore the street of Stratford-upon-Avon where you can buy every essential item from department stores, shops, and independent outlets. 

To get branded items with exciting offers, you can visit Bicester Village, situated on the border of Oxfordshire. 

It serves cosmopolitan food cuisine

Make yourself comfortable in The Art Kitchen to enjoy Thai cuisine which is cooked by utilizing traditional methods. You can also be a part of The Arden Hotel if you like to celebrate your time while enjoying dishes like wild mushroom ravioli or many more. 

And, don’t miss delicious homemade ice cream which is considered as the signature dish of Queans in Leamington Spa. 

Disadvantages of living in Warwickshire

It can be boring if you don’t like a quiet life

If you can adjust to the quiet life of the villages, the shifting would be a good choice. If you’re an adventurous person and really like to be in crowded surroundings, then you have to think twice about your decision. 

Be careful about your safety 

There are some areas where you have to go to public transport instead of taking private vehicles. You should be aware of suspicious behavior or packages, as the presence of gangs detected several times. 

You would feel homesick

People shift here from the UK and overseas. So, diversity can be there. You might meet several people who speak different languages or their accents can be sound strange to you.

Don’t feel hesitant to meet up with new people. Take part in fairs or exhibitions. Go to parties and try to get along with them. Otherwise, you would feel homesick. 

A small town with a small mindset

Warwickshire has no cities so you have to find a house of living in villages or market towns. There is less population as compared to other places. People are not road minded and they are not welcoming nature. Such things make you upset if you are settling alone here. 

Overall, Warwickshire is a great idea to switch if you love to be a part of a peaceful place that has all the basic necessities of life that someone needs to survive on earth. It’s always best to explore things on your own because self-experience is always the best answer. 

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