24+ Pros and Cons of Living In West Sussex (Explained)

West Sussex is a beautiful region with culture and history. It has favorable climatic conditions, with sunny summers and cool winters. The seaside resorts of West Sussex are considered to be the sunniest region in the united kingdom.

The county has the most compelling and wonderful ancient Roman, Saxon, and medieval monuments. Here, we are going to examine the pros and cons of living in West Sussex.

Benefits of living in West SussexDrawbacks of living in West Sussex
The county is rich in historical monuments.Livings costs are expensive.
Great job opportunities with good working conditions. You have to bear with traffic jams.
Varieties of options.Easy to get a house but not renting.
Favorable climatic conditions.Expensive food with poor taste.
Good schools and universities.
The city is well connected with good infrastructures.

Advantages of living in West Sussex 

The country is rich in arts and historical monuments-

West Sussex has always been the center of interest since historic times. Several invasions were made by the Romans and Saxons, which includes the Battle of Hastings and the Roman invasion of Britain.

History has left many extraordinary eccentric monuments like a pyramidal tomb, Amberley Castle, Arundel Castle, and many more. Living in Sussex means witnessing the impressive local arts on coastal sides and roadsides, which are worth watching.

Great job opportunities with good working conditions–

If you want to give your carrier a kick-start then the place is apt for you. West Sussex has an abundance of job opportunities for people from all walks of life. Another factor that increases the job opportunity is that Sussex is very close to London which means higher work availability.

Not only the place offers job abundance but also ensures good working conditions with great perks and incentives. The county has low unemployment rates and a promising future for those who are willing to outshine.

Varieties of options-

The region offers you a wide range of choices in the sphere of the carrier. If you are a dreamer and want to do something good in life, then West Sussex is the place for you. It gives you a chance to break from the ordinary and mundane life to something that is exciting and adventurous. 

Favorable climatic conditions-

 It has a moderate climatic condition. Sunny in summers, cool in winters and receives average precipitation in a year. People from all over the world like to spend their vacation in the coastal region of West Sussex.

As it is considered to be the sunniest region in the united kingdom. People out there enjoy winters as it is cold and has snow and ice in the month of January and February.

Good schools and universities –

Universities in West Sussex is ranked 146th  in the world. There are many good schools in and around West Sussex ensuring the quality of education for the students from all streams. Top schools are present.

So Schooling can never be a problem in West Sussex as it has a lot of good schools in the region. Colleges for graduates and postgraduates are also available, which means no problem in terms of acquiring a good education.

The county is well connected with good infrastructure-

  The county has a great road, rail, and air structure that connects you with just every city.  Many people crave easy access to international airports and railways and staying in West Sussex provides you with that. The closest airport to West Sussex is London Gatwick which is just 15.6 miles away with great infrastructure.

It is an advantage if you have a vehicle for yours, just one hour’s drive can rich you to London.  Buses, trains, and cabs run daily making transportation much easier and cheaper.

Disadvantages of living in West Sussex 

Living costs are expensive-

There is no debate that the cost of living in a high-tech county is going to be higher than in the other states. The cost of transportation and maintaining a good lifestyle can increase your expenditure.

The question is whether a person’s salary exceeds his cost of living or not. A person has to limit his earnings in order to keep a check on their expenditures. Everyone has to make some of the other compromises in order to live, the same goes for living in West Sussex.

You have to bear with the traffic jams-

West Sussex is densely populated which means long traffic lines. Traffic jams are the everyday problem of a high-tech region. The number of accidents is also high in the region. In spite of all this, there are traffic police assigned in every signal area to maintain the smooth run of the vehicles. 

Easy to get a house but not renting-

It is easier to build or buy a house in West Sussex. But if you are looking for a house on rent then that can be a sport as the rate of rent is quite high.

The fact that the demand for a room on rent has been increasing tremendously over the years has marked a significant increase in the rate of rent. If you are a student, it can cost half of your budget in paying off the rent. 

Expensive food with the poor taste-

If you are new in West Sussex or just planning to shift there, it is to be noted that the food in the subways is of poor quality and way more expensive than the food in other boroughs. It seems like the number of subways and restaurants is increasing the taste of the food is deteriorating.

Students or employees who depend on the local restaurants for their meals face a tough time adjusting to the food. So if you are shifting to the Sussex make sure you do have a good appetite.

Living in Sussex has lots of advantages and disadvantages but the accommodating nature of the people in West Sussex can make your life a little less difficult. 

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