24+ Pros and Cons of Living In West Yorkshire (Explained)

West Yorkshire is a high-tech city in England with an approximate population of 2.2 million against a 2’029 km2 area. West Yorkshire consists of five metropolitan cities and is hemmed by the cities of Derbyshire. The place is well recognized for its culture and fun. The place has Lots of visiting points which are cheaper and more enjoyable.

The county is full of tremendous means of recreation. From culture to technology the place has everything anyone could possibly wish for.

Here, we are going to list the possible pros and cons a person can face in living in West Yorkshire.

Benefits of living in West Yorkshire Drawbacks of living in West Yorkshire 
Technologically advanced regionPoor network and internet connection 
Quality of lifeChoices are limited
Great housing and schooling Unfavorable climatic condition
Attracts a lot of tourists The high cost of living
Amazing places to visitUneven distribution of resources 
Socializing Highly polluted 
High literacy rate

Advantages of living in West Yorkshire

Technologically advanced region-

One of the advantages of residing in West Yorkshire can be that the technology will be at your feet. The region attracts many employees to build their careers and has experience in advanced science and technology. With the help of technology, the life of people seems to have become easier and more convenient.

Quality of life-

Quality of life is the most important factor in why people are shifting to live in West Yorkshire. With advanced technology, the standard of living has also increased. Many migrate to the county for a better future as the job availability is high with good perks.

Great housing and schooling-

Finding a good school with promising results for your children is easier in West Yorkshire. There are many top schools in and around the place. Finding a property or a house for newcomers is relatively easier. However, the rate of rent is moderately high in the areas.

Attracts a lot of tourists-

Tourism in West Yorkshire gives a massive boost to the economy of the county. Per year over 44% of Americans heads towards Yorkshire county. People from all over the world come to experience the culture and art of the county. People go there to spend their summer holidays along with their family to enjoy the sunny days along the beach.

Amazing places to visit-

West Yorkshire has the best places for you to visit. Starting from Leeds to the sales and moors in the countryside. The rural places of West Yorkshire are noted for their musical heritage.

If you are a nature enthusiast then you must visit the Fountain Abbey & Studley Royal Water Garden, Henry Moore institute famous for its sculptures.

The work in the institute will remind you of historic and contemporary art.  The museums in the county have the finest exhibition of art and architecture. If you are a nature blogger, it’s a plus point for you as the region has everything a blogger wants.


People around there have very friendly behavior, they will keep a regular check on you if you are a newcomer in the area, to make sure you are doing good. In many cases, people get depressed for not being able to socialize. In West Yorkshire, you may not have to put up with the anti-social behavior of the people. The environment there is pretty much accommodating.     

High literacy rate-

There is an increase in the literacy rate in West Yorkshire over the years. Who doesn’t want to live in a place where people of the region are educated. 

Disadvantages of living in West Yorkshire

Poor network and internet connection-

The major drawback is that some part of the county is not well connected. The speed of the internet is very slow and often faces network issues.

So if you are planning to work from home or suppose you need a good internet connection for your online classes then the area can cause you in trouble. You may have to face regular network glitches and buffering.

So before shifting, you need to check the local internet connection if you cannot do it without the Internet. Apart from the negative aspect, the positive aspect is that you will get time for yourself.

Choices are limited-

You may find yourself in a situation where there are few or no choices are given to you to pick. You might have to follow a strict routine and limit yourself up to it.

The routine can turn mundane if there is no leisure activity. With strict routines, people don’t get time for clubbing, sporting, etc.

Unfavorable climatic conditions-

 The climate of the region can be unpleasant during winters as it is very cold during those times. To sustain in the winters you may have to increase the expense of buying woolen clothes.

The month of December, January, and February is marked by a chilling cold with snowfalls and ice. The temperature falls below 0°f making it impossible to go out on those days.

The high cost of living-

You cannot have all the perks in life. Living in a metropolitan city means you have to put up with the expense. Students who are willing to live there can find it much more problematic. The high cost of living might affect their monthly budget.

  Uneven distribution of resources-

There are mass unemployment and poverty in some of the rural areas of West Yorkshire. Resource distribution is not even. Disparities between rich and poor have increased in the county.

More than a million people are living in poor health conditions. Few sections of the place are getting all the facilities and the rest are deprived of it.

 Highly polluted-

West Yorkshire is a metropolitan city which also means that the rate of pollution in the county is also high. Air pollution increased because of industrialization. An increase in pollution means poor health expectancy. Medical issues have been rising over the years. 

In spite of all these disadvantages, West Yorkshire can be a good pick for those who wants to improve their living standards and experience the best for them. The county has vast job opportunities and the literacy rate is relatively high.

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