23+ Pros and Cons of Living In Wiltshire (Explained)

Wiltshire is a non-metropolitan county located in the south-west of England. The county with an area of 3, 485 km2 has a population of approximately 720,060. Wiltshire is known for its wide valleys and greenery. Wiltshire is distinguished for its ham, white horses, and most grandly for its ancient monuments.

Wiltshire is considered to be the most productive region with fertile ground, making farming the main occupation of the people. Apart from farming, thatched cottages in the region used for housing gives the area a cute look.

We are listing the pros and cons of living in Wiltshire, which will help you to decide whether Wiltshire is a good pick or not.

Benefits of living in WiltshireDrawbacks of living in Wiltshire
The price of the property is lowLow job availability 
Decent lifestyleLack of choices in property 
Good motorway connection Low income
Close to nature and farmingFewer hotels and restaurants 
Good weather Parking problems 
LiteratureCommuting problems 
Beautiful thatched cottages 
Ancient monuments and places to visit

Advantages of living in Wiltshire 

Price of the property is low-

If you are shifting to Wiltshire, it is to be noted that the price of the property available in Wiltshire is 40% less than that in London. You can buy a property at a relatively lower price than in any other state. If you have an average income then living and buying an estate in Wiltshire can be affordable for you.

Decent lifestyle-

You can have a very decent lifestyle. The area propagates the importance of simple living. People, out there is less complex than people in metropolitan cities. A healthy surrounding is a must in order to live a good life which Wiltshire offers. A very educative environment for your children to grow and learn. 

Good motorway connection

Wiltshire has a well-linked roadway. If you love to travel on your bike or your own vehicle then it can be a good place for you, as the place is well connected with roadways. Buses and taxis are always available at a relatively low cost.

Close to nature and farming-

Wiltshire is full of vide valleys and greeneries. People go there to see the delightful sight of nature. The region has very few industries, it is mainly based on agriculture and farming. According to the data collected by the bureau of investigative journalism, it showed that the region marked intensive farming.

With approximately 40,000 poultry and 20000 pig farms, the national income of Wiltshire increased by 35%.

Good weather-

Living in Wiltshire means experiencing a variety of seasonal weather. The climatic conditions in the south-west of England are way more pleasurable than in other parts of the county.

You will experience snowfalls in winter, sunny days in summer, gals, and cool breeze flow throughout the year. So the climatic condition is over favorable and enjoyable. 

Literature –

Every county has its specialty in some or the other fields. While the northern part if England claims to be rich in arts the south-west of the county is well known for its literature.  Some of the famous works on literature are Jane Austen, J.K Rowling and the list goes on!

Beautiful thatched cottages-

Some of the beautiful villages are located in the Wiltshire region. The houses in the villages look like chocolate box. The houses are in the honey-colored roof with thatched pillars. Windows are bright and colorful. The region looks amazing with those cute houses. The sight of watching those cottages can b intriguing. 

Ancient monuments and places to visit-

The places in England were habitats for many Anglo Saxons, Romans, and Vikings. History has left beautiful marks in those regions. The county is famous for its historical monuments and places. Some of the places to visit are Chester, Tintagel and etc.

Disadvantages of living in Wiltshire 

Low job availability –

Wiltshire is a non-metropolitan city, the county is mostly based on farming and rearing of animals. The economy of certain parts of south-west England is not as rich as the other parts of the county. Very few numbers of employees are present in the region of Wiltshire, therefore, the rate of job opportunities is low as compared to the other cities. 

Lack of options in purchasing property-

The fact that a very less number of people reside in the county has led to a decrease in the availability of property in the region. People moving in Wiltshire has to be prepared to face very less option in terms of owning an estate.

Low income-

Employees working in the south-west of England has a very low rate of income than the employees working in another part of the country. Low-income opportunities in the region have caused workers and employees to migrate from the region. However, the condition of Wiltshire is still better than many other cities in the south-west of England.

Fewer hotels and restaurants-

If you have newly shifted to Wiltshire or planning to shift in the county, you may face difficulty in finding good hotels and restaurants for food and outings. There are very few good hotels in the region.

The fact that you may have to spend your weakened in your room can be depressing. If you are habituated with partying and clubbing with your friends in the weak days than living in Wiltshire can be upsetting. 

Parking problems-

During the summers, people face a real tough time for parking their vehicles. Finding a space for parking in shade is difficult.

Commuting problems-

If you are an employee in London and willing to live in Wiltshire thinking that you can travel all the way to London daily then that can be a sport. Rarely people are able to commute on a daily basis, even if they do that can be really very exhausting. Although buses and trains run daily connecting many metropolitan cities.

The above-listed pros and cons of living in Wiltshire can help you figure out whether the place is up to your expectations or not. While the county has certain disadvantages but still the county is worth living for living a healthy life.

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