25+ Pros And Cons Of Living In Wisconsin (Explained)

America’s unofficial dairyland, Wisconsin is everything that defines magic! The state is usually known for its delicious cheese, farmlands, and some very famous TV shows. Wisconsin is a part of America’s heartland and it offers a range of benefits to its residents.

Not only does it offer very low rates of living but the place is adorned with some amazing natural beauty, splendid cities, and friendly down-to-earth people which make it an absolute delight living in this part of the country.

If you are considering a move to Wisconsin, you must weigh the following list of pros and cons diligently.

Benefits of living in WisconsinDrawbacks of living in Wisconsin
Cheap housing facilitiesHigher taxes
Job marketSevere climate
A festival havenHealth hazards
EducationDrug abuse
Outdoor recreationsSmelly and infested with pets

Advantages of living in Wisconsin

Cheap housing facilities

Wisconsin records one of the most affordability rates and the costs are around 15% lower than that of the national average. The housing prices are seen to be quite low in the central and the northern parts of the state.

The money that is saved can be very well utilized in some of the other activities to your heart’s content!

Job market

The state is high on their dairy products and hence gives a strong emphasis on their dairy industry.

This paves the way for some of the best employment prospects. Wisconsin records a very low unemployment rate in the country and it boasts of a number of up-and-coming career fields that are showing a great future.

Wisconsin Has Cheap Housing Facilities

A festival havens

Wisconsin is a place that has some of the most happening festivals in the country. Milwaukee has been nicknamed the “City of Festivals”, and the city is always brimming with all the varied kinds of activities you can think of.

The state is famous for its lovely music, rich cultural heritage, delectable cuisines, and many more attractions! The place will surely never let you get bored as it always thriving with a plethora of different ventures.


One of the biggest benefits Wisconsin has to offer is its education system which is in continuous motion of upgrading itself. You can rest assured that if you want to raise a family and give your children, Wisconsin is the answer for you.

The schools and colleges are known for their high-quality standards of education and the reports have shown that they have been ranked 4th in the country. 

Outdoor recreations

If you are a sports lover and always on the look for some outdoor activities, look no further as you have most definitely arrived at the best possible option!

There are a number of options you can pick your choice from, starting from the number of ski and snowboard resorts to the various bike trails, rock climbing, caves exploration you are spoilt for choices here.

Wisconsin Has Some Of The Best Education Opportunities

Disadvantages of living in Wisconsin

Higher taxes

One of the major drawbacks of living in the state is of the obnoxious tax rates they charge. Wisconsin ranks much higher than the other states of the country as per the taxes are concerned.

The residents here are levied extreme taxes on their income and the number of purchase items they indulge themselves in.

According to 2019 Tax Rates, Wisconsin has been ranked at 45th in the entire country. The state is also quite infamous for charging a very high property tax rate as well.

Severe climate

Wisconsin is subjected to some of the most extreme levels of temperatures in the United States. And this stands true for both the summer and the winter months.

In the summers and in particular, the southern parts of the state temperatures can cross over a whopping 90. On the other side, the winters can be extremely cruel and the average low is about 7 degrees with heavy snow.

Health hazards

The place is a dreamland for a foodie as it is home to one of the finest cheeses and other dairy products in the world. Hence, the people here are at constant risk of several health hazards and obesity is one of the major concerns of the people here. 

The Wisconsinites are mostly on the obese side and the sedentary lifestyles along with the heavy intake of alcohol and dairy products add up to the causes of distress for the people here.

Wisconsin Has Higher Tax Rates

Drug abuse

Drug abuse is rampant in the state of Wisconsin. Due to the prevalence of poverty in some parts of the areas and utter lack of access to proper education, the regions have come under the periphery of an array of drug dealers and other criminal activities.

In most cases, it is the children who are being targeted and put into this gory business of drugs and alcohol. Hence, if you are planning to start a family here much thought should be given as to the safety measures for your child.

Smelly and infested with pests

As the state is a major producer of dairy products, it is quite synonymous with the stinky smell that the manure emits.

The production outlets are mainly in the rural areas and are filled with the hazard of the byproduct of the production; it causes much discomfort to the people residing there. This also has led to the appearance of various kinds of pests like that beetles, mosquitoes, bugs, etc. which makes living outdoors a matter of great discomfort.

If you are an admirer of things diversified in nature, then Wisconsin is the place for you. It is a mixed bag of glorious history and entertainment and culture with all the attributes of a big city on one hand, and on the other, the place offers shorter routes for your destinations and glows with the pleasure of a laid-back demeanor!

The state is filled with all the high upscale society standards in the areas having proximity to the cities, while the rural communities help to keep it grounded. Hence, while deciding chose wisely!

Wisconsin Faces Severe Weather Conditions

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