30+ Pros and Cons Of Mobile Phones For Students (Explained)

Mobile phones were introduced in the 1980s, since then they have become largely available for commercial use.

Not just that, the device continued to develop much better and transform to help in communication along with other various things.

The new functions and technology were added to help the people. However, the effect of using mobile phones especially for students is a debatable topic.

Lots of people are on the positive side, some say it’s bad too. And to understand both sides, here is what you should know.

Pros Of Mobile Phones For StudentsCons Of Mobile Phones For Students
Easy to communicateConstant distraction 
Easier to locateCan be disruptive 
Record lectures and lessonsCause cyberbullying 
Easy access to informationWaste time 
Be punctualCan be expensive 
Increase the mobilityNot healthy 
Connect with teachersYoutube and social media can be distracting 
Keep boredom away Sleep deprivation 
Keeping the updatesAdd unnecessary peer pressure 
Helpful to make moneyConnect with the dark side of the world 
Connecting with worldAdding pressure and responsibility
Tracking timeEffect the productivity 
Learn anytime and anywhere
Helpful for emergencies 

Pros Of Mobile Phones For Students

It Makes Easy To Communicate

Communication is one of the purposes behind introducing the mobile phone.

Students also need to get in touch with their parents, teachers, and other classmates or students.

Having mobile phones makes it easier to do that. For example, Parents can directly call their kids when they are running late for school, or teachers can be in contact to help students.

It Makes Information Accessible

Having a mobile phone also helps in having access to all kinds of information that students might need.

They can make quick searches to let their teachers have their deep insight on topics where they want to.

Also, it doesn’t limit their knowledge to the textbook, the internet is a treasure when it comes to information.

Learn Anything And Anywhere

Well, thanks to interest, it becomes easier to learn anything no matter where and when.

The students can get the chance to understand more about what they want to.

For learning, they don’t have to limit themselves to their classes. Different useful sites offer classes, educational lessons and people around the world are ready to help.

Faster And Simple Way For Emergencies

If a student is ill,  having a cell phone can make it easier for them to get in touch with someone and ask for help.

It’s good for other emergencies too, also it’s for their safety as well.

If they feel like they are not safe in certain situations, they can quickly contact anyone, including the police.

Tracking The Time And Punctuality

Mobile phones are also helpful tools for timekeeping, they can be used to keep track of time.

The students can be more punctual in their classes, and having a phone can help them in keeping notes, setting their calendar and memo buttons.

This helps in keeping the track of their important events, information, and assignments.

Because of this, they can be more productive and be on time.

Keeps The Boredom Away

Mobile phones are also a good source of entertainment.

However, the kids can use this to play games that can be engaging, challenging, and fun.

There are different games that help in improving the mind, make the mind more focused, and a good exercise.

Easier To Find The Locations

Students are required to go on trips, sometimes they are with their friends or sometimes alone.

Also having such situations can make parents feel worried. And having a phone can help them in putting their mind at ease along with keeping the check on the student’s safety.

Mobile phones come with GPS technology, by which parents can track their kids and know where they are.

As for students, they can find the destination and right routes by using the maps.

Record Lectures And Important Lessons

Sometimes it’s impossible to write everything down when your teacher is giving notes or important lectures.

Instead of worrying that they might have missed something, having a phone can help them in recording the lessons, lectures, and important classes.

By this, students have access to important studying material and learn better.

Connect With World And Staying Update

For students, it’s important to know and stay updated with what’s going around in the world and them.

Having a phone and internet gives them better access to all the important things that are happening around the world.

Also, they can find accurate information and do their research if they want to know more about it.

Access To Get In Touch With Teachers

Since the pandemic, the students and teachers are in touch, and having the classes via using phone, laptop and desktop,

Having a phone makes it easier to get in touch with the teacher and instructor

Also, there are a lot of students around the world who are doing long-distance schools.

In such a case, having a mobile phone is helping in making this easier for both of them.

Helpful To Create Money As Well

There are a lot of companies who are offering applications that can help them in knowing about their product, and in return, they are paying for that.

The students can make their own money by participating in such things side by side.

Increase The Mobility

There are a lot of ebooks that students can easily read, they don’t have to purchase the books and carry them around.

They can easily download and read three books that are related to their course, interest, hobby, etc.

Cons Of Mobile Phones For Students

It Can Be A Constant Distracting

Having a phone with them all the time can be a great distraction. Especially in the age of social media, students can get unnecessary things to worry about.

Also having calls, messages and notifications can shift the focus from their studies to their mobile phones.

It Can Be Disruptive

Having a mobile phone in school can be disruptive as If they forget to put it on silent and the phone goes off during the important lecture, lessons, or study sessions.

Not just it will disturb the whole class but can destroy the atmosphere.

It Can Cause The Cyber Bullying

Before mobile phones, bullying was either physical or verbal.

However, after the phones, people are doing digital tormenting or cyberbullying too.

There are a lot of cases of students either being part of cyberbullying or the victim.

It Can Waste The Time

There is no doubt that having a mobile phone gives access to the whole world and information.

But for students, it’s important to filter out what they need to see and understand.

Spending too much time on anything can waste their time. Also, it makes them less productive and limits their ability to focus on one thing.

It Can Be Expensive

Even though not all kids are buying their mobile phones with their money, it can be expensive for the parents.

Dealing with educational expenses is not less, adding one more thing on top of that can be an extra burden.

Not just that, the students require to pay for the services like internet, calling, etc.

It Can Be Unhealthy

Studies have shown that mobile phones can be harmful to health if someone is using them on an extreme level.

The electromagnetic radiation that is produced by the phone can cause harm to the health, leading to brain cancer.

Also, it can be an issue with lack of sleep, causing an unhealthy body and mind.

Using too many phones can damage eyesight and make the mind feel restless.

It’s One More Responsibility

Having a mobile phone can be the responsibility that students have to carry with themselves.

They need to take care of putting their phone on charge, keeping it safe and with them all time.

It can also be easy for students to lose, break or damage their mobile phones which adds more waste of money.

Interaction To The Dark Side Of World

Since the mobile phone allows all kinds of information and interaction with people across the world. This can cause the students to get in touch with the world they should be avoiding.

Not just that,  it opens the door for such people to get in contact with the students.

The Internet also has access to the dark web, pornography, violence, etc which need to be monitored.

Adding The Peer Pressure

Having a mobile phone means the student has to bear the peer pressure too.

Mobile phones are considered a status symbol.  Students might want to have the expensive and fashionable model of the latest mobile phones in the market,

This creates pressure on their parents and puts a financial burden.

Cause The Sleep Deprivation

Students might get too much into using their phones,  it can be addicting as there is too much out there that can catch their attention.

They can be using this for texting, calling, or surfing all night. This causes sleep deprivation and over time, it can be harmful to their mind and physical health.

Youtube And Social Media Can Be Distracting

More than 87% of people say that youtube like sites are one of the biggest distractions.

Not just that, the phones are designed, including different apps, social media, etc to keep the attention of people for a long time.

The students don’t have so much free time to use it for such things.

So it can be harmful to them to get in touch with the cities that are taking their attention and value time. 

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