21+ Pros and Cons of Abortion (Explained)

A woman trying to take the best possible decision for both her and her unborn baby, can find herself torn between wanting to keep the baby or simply getting an abortion and ending all of her problems. While trying to weigh out the solutions for unplanned pregnancy, it’s easy to simply feel overwhelmed by others’ opinions.

However, in the end it is your life and you will have to live with the consequences of the decision. So read all the Pros and Cons, familiarise yourself with the facts of abortion and take the decision that suits you the best. 

Benefits of AbortionDrawbacks of Abortion
Most abortions involve low medical riskAbortion involves a couple of minor health risks and/or side effects
Abortion is an alternative to unwanted pregnancyAbortion can have psychological consequences
Abortion is an alternative to parentingAbortion can be costly
Abortion gives women control of their bodiesAbortion can require parental consent
Most women tend to look back positively on their abortion decisionAbortion may be difficult to access
Abortion can be an option for women with babies diagnosed with severe health problems
Abortion can be the solution for women facing life-threatening medical problems

Advantages of Abortion

  • Most abortions involve low medical risk :

   Abortion, when it is carried out in a legal manner, tends to be a relatively safe procedure. Abortion comes with only a handful of medical risks. The risks are the least especially in the early stages of the pregnancy. There are thousands of abortions taking place each year, successfully and most of the patients experience only minore side effects. 

  • Abortion is an alternative to unwanted pregnancy :

   The only solution for unplanned pregnancy, that is presently available to women and allows them to discontinue with an unwanted pregnancy, prior to the baby being born, is Abortion. A number of times the people who are pregnant are not ready to go through the risks involved in pregnancy and/or childbirth and abortion can be their only solution. 

  • Abortion is an alternative to parenting

   Pregnant Women(and/or their partners) might not have the resources, good health, stability in life, etc., necessary to handle the responsibilities associated with raising children. Abortion allow them to continue with their educational targets and/or career goals. Research suggests that abortion can lower crime rates, child abuse, maternal depression, etc., by lessening the number of unwanted babies. 

  • Abortion gives women control of their bodies :

   One argument that is gaining immense traction in the present day is that abortion actually works towards empowering women. One of the greatest benefits of adoption is that women are independent to make their own choice. Abortion similarly allows women a greater control over their bodies by letting them decide, if and when to have babies. 

  • Most women tend to look back positively on their abortion decision :

  While it is true that women are left with a few feelings of loss and/or grief in the immediate aftermath of an abortion, studies have proved that the major percentage of women have no negative long-term emotional effects after undergoing an abortion. Moreover they feel positive about a decision they took regarding their own bodies. 

  • Abortion can be an option for women with babies diagnosed with severe health problems

   There have been several medical cases through the years where a couple have gotten the disastrous news that their unborn baby has some kind of a profound medical anomaly or a life-threatening disease that would be killing them before or soon after they were born. In such a case abortion can be the only options for the heartbroken couple. 

  • Abortion can be the solution for women facing life-threatening medical problems :

   There are often critical medical situations where continuing with a pregnancy can either put the mother’s life or the foetus’ life at risk. In such situations abortions can easily become to go to solution to save a life. It would be better to surely save one life rather than waiting for too long and finally losing both. 

Disadvantages of Abortion

  • Abortion involves a couple of minor health risks and/or side effects :

   Even though legal abortions are relatively quite safe, they are still medical procedures and carry with them health risks. In some rare cases they can turn serious. The risks include bleeding, infections, pain, etc. and in extremely rare cases injuries to the internal organs. Risks attached with abortions keep growing as more time passes from the inception of the pregnancy. 

  • Abortion can have psychological consequences :

  Even though majority of women are content with their decision to undergo abortion and actually look back at it in a positive manner in future, several patients have been found to be left with a deep-rooted sense of regret and loss. These feelings can manifest in severe cases of anxiety and depression, thus leading to substance abuse,etc. 

  • Abortion can be costly :

   Abortion is undoubtedly much less costly in comparison to raising a baby, but the procedure does not come cheap. Performed in early pregnancy, Median Abortions themselves can cost about 500 US$. As a pregnancy moves to it’s latter stages, risks involved increase and thus, so does cost. Often Insurance Companies do not cover the costs of elective abortions. 

  • Abortion can require parental consent

   There are a lot of countries and states within countries that have several parental notification laws. This means minors must first get permission to do so from either one or both of the parents before being legally eligible for the abortion. This can pose huge problems, as the minor might simply not want their parents to know about it. 

  • Abortion may be difficult to access

   The people living in a rural area, can find it extremely difficult to locate a medical facility offering safe and legal abortion. Pregnant mothers might have to journey for hours to get access to proper abortion services. Depending on the counselling and/or medical services stipulated by the law of the region, they might have to make several journeys. 

    The information above has been provided to help you make a decision in case you suddenly find yourself in the middle of an unwanted pregnancy. No matter the situation, always keep in mind that the final decision on abortion lies solely with the pregnant mother. It is always better to consult a doctor before finalising a decision. 

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