18+ Pros and Cons of Activiti BPM (Explained)

Activiti BPM is a great workflow engine that is open source and is therefore available for all. If as a business manager, you have your business process written in BPMN 2.0, then you should definitely start using Activiti. It is Java based and has various different tools for Java developers to use.

The interface that is used is web-based and graphical. There is also a plugin available that is used to create or design different workflows. There are many other applications that Activiti uses to simplify business process management for you. Using Activiti BPM, you can also collaborate with different business managers and software developers who are working on the same project. 

Dealing with large scale business processes or trying to manage an entire organisation can be difficult. The tools that Activiti BPM offers simplify those processes and allow you to stay on top of your workload. It is easier to analyse different situations and activities with such a workflow engine and at the end of the day, your work and your organisation will definitely benefit. 

Pros of Activiti BPM

  • It is great for building enterprise workflow management:

Activiti BPM is excellent in helping business managers build features for enterprise level applications. Activiti takes care of all the transactions and models involved, both internal and external, and various different asynchronous continuations. Activiti BPM helps create a very efficient business process within a short period of time. 

  • Business workflow can be easily optimized:

While it is important to make sure that your business is performing well, it is also necessary to monitor how your organisation is performing. Activiti BPM helps to optimize the workflow and analyse different activities to understand the weakness within the organisation. With Activiti BPM, all planning can be automated and all possible scenarios can be tested. 

  • Activiti is a very versatile tool:

Activiti offers various tools which can be used for different stages of business process management. All features are available for free but there is also a paid version that you can migrate to. The workflow engine is very user-friendly and you will be able to easily change or create a desirable integration structure. 

  • Several different services can easily be integrated, either seamlessly or with an adapter:

For business process management (BPM), web based or software based systems are used. Activiti BPM can easily be integrated into whichever system you wish to use. Sometimes, a custom integration adapter might be required but otherwise, the process is quite hassle free. 

  • Many databases can be used:

Activiti BPM supports various different databases. Several enterprise class systems can be developed using a database like MySQL, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, DB2, H2, or Oracle. All of these can be integrated easily using Activiti. This makes it very easy to implement Activiti, no matter what application you are using. 

  • Can be easily used by Java developers:

Activiti BPM is essentially a Java based tool and therefore is very convenient for Java developers. It provides access to various features of Java like JDBC and JMS. Java developers will find many exclusive tools on Activiti BPM which can help them proceed with their work.

  • Can be used for collaborations:

As a business manager you might have to collaborate with others on a project or your team members might have to work with others. Activiti provides a web app known as Cycle which can be used for a wide range of collaborative work. You can do projects with other managers, different teams or even consult with software engineers working who are working on a similar project. 

Cons of Activiti BPM

  • Not easy to manage different kinds of business process workflows:

Abstract and Executable business processes are the two different workflows. The Abstract business process is usually done on paper while Executable is software based. Activiti BPM can be used for both, but it is better if you are using the tool for an Executable business process. Both types cannot be managed or monitored easily. 

  • Does not have a native rule engine support:

Activiti BPM does support integration with Drools but  even that is very basic and it does not have any native rule engine support. Therefore there are no production rules to simplify the work process. Without any rule engine support here is a lack of consistent condition and action based suggestions or statements. 

  • Difficult to find samples of implementations:

Real life implementation is very important in business process management (BPM). However, Activiti BPM does not have too many examples when it comes to real life usage. It is therefore difficult to understand how effective it will be before you actually use it. There are very few samples available and they do not actually offer a comprehensive overview. 

  • There are no separate tools for non-developers:

While Activiti BPM works well for Java developers, if you are a non- developer, you will find that there are no separate tools. Activiti BPM does not offer any exclusive tools or features for non-developers to work with. As a non-developer, you will have to get your work done with the existing tools. 

  • Beginners will not find it very easy:

Activiti BPM is not very convenient for beginners or those who are not used to executable business processes. Activiti BPM can be leaned but it requires basic knowledge of software applications and workflow engines. For those who do not possess that knowledge, learning to work with Activiti BPM can be quite a task. It will be very difficult for a beginner to understand the processes and integration structures, before being able to use it for management purposes. 

Business process management can be complicated, especially if you are using the Abstract business process. This process is a very traditional approach to management. If this is what you prefer then Activiti BPM will not be very useful to you. Also without the grasp of Java or certain databases, you will not be able to control and take advantage of all the features and tools that Activiti BPM offers.

However, if you follow the Executable business process, and can work with a versatile suite of tools and applications, then Activiti BPM will definitely make your work easier. 

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