20+ Pros and Cons of Adopting 90’s Fashion (Explained)

Fashion is something that changes every day, every season and every year. Something that is trendy and fashionable today might not be so a month from now. Likewise, something that was trending, and fashionable might not survive the blow of time the very next month. Fashion, in most parts, is unpredictable.

However, more often than not, things that were fashionable is the past decades or so, are adopted to fit into the need of the present fashion trends. Many signature styles of various decades are brought back to light. Same is the case for 90’s fashion trends.

Benefits of adopting 90’s fashionDrawbacks of adopting 90’s fashion
Baggy clothesMini backpack
CardigansNot fit for wearing to office
Inner punkLeather trousers
Hair accessoriesButterfly clips
Claw clipsBeehive hairdo
BandanaBullet bra
Cargo pants
Wide-legged pants and mom jeans
Platform sneakers


  • Baggy clothes:

Many a times, it is hard for us to get up, get dressed and become presentable in order to go outside and meet people. We feel like ditching our painful bras and wear something that makes us feel like we never got out of our night suits ang pyjamas only to be hurled back to reality by our regular clothes that we wear outside.

This dream can come true if one adopts the 90’s fashion. Baggy clothes were ubiquitous in 90’s fashion. Adopting baggy clothes into today’s fashion only means we can ditch our uncomfortable innerwear more often.

  • Cardigans:

Cardigans are one of the cosiest pieces of clothing to ever exist, while also making the person look fashionable if worn accordingly. For a long time now. Cardigans have been out of trend and is considered a grandma piece of clothing. Adopting 90’s fashion will bring cardigans back to fashion and thus can be used however we like.

  • Inner punk:

Punk was a big thing during the 90’s. people used to go all in to showcase their inner punk. Nothing extravagant was actually considered extravagant. But today it is not taken well if someone goes overboard with their punk. Adopting 90’s fashion will bring back a lot of things including leather chokers back in style so that people can channel their inner punk.

  • Hair accessories:

All kind of hair accessories were a big thing during the 90’s. Starting from minimal hair bands to extravagant head bands, everything looked and fit perfectly into the look during the 90’s. Most of us are very fond of hair accessories and would absolutely love to adopt this aspect of 90’s fashion.

  • Slides:

People who have grown up in the90’s would remember how easy it was just to slip their feet into a slide in order to go to a nearby super market or even to complete a casual look. One advantage of adopting 90’s fashion would be the availability of these slides.

  • Claw clips:

We have mostly seen claw clips as something used by our moms and grandmas and consider them extremely unfashionable. But these claw clips were the in-thing during the 90’s. no matter how unfashionable we consider these clips, they are extremely effective an does the job that they are meant for. Usage of claw clips result in minimal hair breakage, something that our regular rubber bands cannot guarantee.

  • Bandana:

Bandana is one piece of fashion accessory that is versatile and evergreen. It was a big thing during the 90’s and should be brought back in trend. It is a proof how a simple piece of cloth can create a style statement and change the whole look of a person just by how they wrap it.

  • Pants:

Today the pants that are in fashion literally squeeze our legs and make them hurt. It would be a heaven if we can wear pants that are extremely comfortable and can still be called fashionable. 90’s fashion permits one to be fashionable yet be comfortable in their pants because of the trendy cargo pants, wide-legged pants and mom jeans.

  • Platform sneakers:

Most of us love wearing heels. But even though they are stylish, it causes us much pain. It would be the best of both world if we could wear heels and be comfortable in them. This can be found in the 90’s fashion of wearing platform sneakers.


  • Mini backpack:

Bringing back mini backpack from 90’s as a fashionable is one of the most inconvenient things. It defeats the purpose of carrying a bag at all and one has to constantly struggle to fit in it even the smallest things.

  • Not fit for wearing to office:

Most of the 90’s fashion is either gaudy or extravagant or filled with extra patterns. These clothes might make people look great, but they are definitely not fit to be worn to office or any formal place in the present times.

  • Leather trousers:

Every era has a particular fashion trend that we are glad has died out. Leather trouser is one of these trends from the 90’s and most of us are glad about it.

  • Butterfly clips:

Hair accessories are beautiful and were very important in the 90’s. But butterfly clip was one of the few hair accessories that do not adhere to be the beautiful group of hair accessories.

  • Visors:

Visors are accessories that protect our eyes from the sun. but the 90’s trend of wearing visors upside down defeats its whole purpose.

  • Beehive hairdo:

Beehive hairdos might have been considered classic by the 90’s standard but in present times, it looks simply funny. Moreover, carrying such a huge hairdo on one’s head is very inconvenient.

  • Bullet bras:

If there ever existed an innerwear that was ridiculous, it is bullet bras. Wearing bullet bras is like wearing inverted ice cream cones on one’s chest and the trend better stays in the 90’s.

Adopting 90’s fashion in the present times will mean bringing back the comfort in terms of clothes while also being fashionable and trendy. Everything from shoes to pants to tops from 90’s screams comfort. 

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