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The patient care act or affordable care act is designed by President Barack Obama on March 23, 2010. For that reason, it is also known as Obama care. Affordable care act provides health security to the people of America. Most importantly, before the implementation of this law in America, a large amount of the population of America was unsecured and uninsured.

As the former US government decided to implement the act in the entire United States, the uninsured mass population of the US, who were thriving their life at a very high risk and hazards related to medical care received vast relaxation from the medical treatment cost.

The insolvent half of the mass population of the US ensured to get the benefit of free medical care. Although, the act has faced severe criticism from the many social researchers, social analytics, social scientist, political panelists and also from eminent media personalities from the whole nation of the United States. Here we will describe the principal pros and cons of the act 

Pros and Cons of the Affordable Care Act

Pros of the Affordable Care Act

 Government’s Concern for the common people:

Of course, one of the most considerable issues in the world for every government is ensuring the free and affordable health care benefit to the whole nation. Most of the political parties give emphasis issues like healthcare, medication, and education on their political campaigns.

Although, maximum political parties are unable to deliver the promise and this is a worldwide excepted phenomenon. But, on the contrary, the former Us Government was succeeded in their mission and surely they delivered their promise.

 Health for all:

Our whole world is experiencing from severe difficulties in areas like nationhood, Refugee influx, poverty, and life-killing diseases since the starting of our human civilization. Health care is one of the dangerous issues that are killing lives. Under this scheme, most of the citizens of the US got the relaxation from the burden of the medication.

 Assurance for the quality:

The scope of the medication quality was earlier very limited. Most of the organizations, hospitals, and other institutions did not serve the best quality service. While this law comes into existence, all the medical institutions are bound to provide the best service. 

 Time-bound is unlimited:

Time-bound is unlimited and unrestricted. Prior to the act enactment, the health institutions, as well as the health insurance service organizations provide the service with a limited period of time.

While after implementing the law, the people who were suffering from choric disease and those who require the health care benefit for the long-time, need to pay for their own medical care after a certain period of time.

 Importance of protection:

Obama care gives a keen attention to the prevention of the disease. The term prevention is better than the cure is truly accomplished by Obama care. Moreover, it gives special exception to the person who are already protective and aware of their own health and the diseases. 

Reduction of the cost of the drugs:

The drug rate of the service was considerately reduced by the government. There are so many cheat life-saving drugs are available to the US market. Especially, the senior citizens are getting immense benefits out if the act.

Under the act, the government was assured to distribute more generic low drugs to senior citizens, women, and children. Moreover, the prescribed medicines are offered to the needy person with a very low cost

Caring for the next generation:

the government implemented compulsory insurance for the children, who were not protected by their parents. The life of uninsured children has come under the scheme.

 The fast forward delivery system:

when the law comes into existence, the delivery of the health insurance was more fast and tangible and the more accessible system of the health insurance came into the market of the US. People were started to get the premium services in a very faster period and the health insurance companies’ become more proactive to serve their peoples.

  Cons of the Affordable Care Act

 The pressure of the premium cost is high: 

Under the protection of the law, the insurance companies are compiled to serve the whole nation. Even, this act bounds the insurance company to accommodate their service to the individuals who have been already suffering from deadly and incurable diseases.

As a result, the health insurance service provider increased the rate of the premium out of the increased service cost. After all, no company wants to incur the losses.

 Compulsion and levied amerce: 

The government made this matter as a compulsory affair. If someone is not undergone the process of Obama care, he or she might get penalized for this. A huge amount of fine may be imposed on that individual who has insured himself or herself.

Actually, the aim of the Obama government to ensure every person the health benefit irrespective of any diseases so that the burden of healthcare remains the same or lessen. The burden may come to the shoulder of the government. And of course, the government wanted to avoid that.

 Systematical problems:

At the launching time of the act, the portal of the Obama Care was not working properly. The enormous problem has been evolved due to systematic errors.

The logging process was absolutely critical. People have expressed their grievances related to the system as because a large number of the people were not able to register for their family, business and even for the startup.

Escalated the deficit of the budget:

Due to fact, the care is an inclusive project and it includes the mass population of a country. Therefore it gives a huge pressure on the budget of the country. Although it has empowered the whole country in terms of the medical care, the inclusion for the all slower on the spending on the health care.

Consumer spending is decelerated: 

after the law comes to existence, the consumer spending on the medical is being experienced the recession as there was the need that service has been decreased.

 A huge burden on the tax prayer heads:

The rich are indulged into the higher tax-paying system. The rich have to pay more for the health care of the poor class. According to many pro-capitalist economists, this system of subsidized health care system is squeezing out the hard-earned money of the rich entrepreneurs and the businessman also. They have to shoulder the burden of the poor people of the society. For that reason, there are so many rich taxpayers are really unsatisfied with the system.

 Chances of firing out the employees:

As the compulsion was inducted into the head of the business that if they have the employees more than the fifty employees do not cover the employees under the insurance than they have to suffer. Definitely, government impose a huge amount of fine on them and hence they may fire the employees.

  In the above discuss, we already summarized all the pros and the cons of the affordable care act. Indeed in any new system brings some new difficulties as well as some benefits and welfare. No new system can evolve as error free. So, government should more focus on constrains of this act and should work more on it. 

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