20+ Pros And Cons Of Alkaline Water

Hydrating our bodies with an adequate amount of water is significant. One needs to drink at least three liters and, utmost, five liters of water every day, which carries a lot of benefits.

We know that water is crucial for our survival, but did you know what alkaline water serves? To understand the benefits and complications of Alkaline water, keep reading the entire blog.

Alkaline water helps in controlling people with diabetes and ensures maintaining the sameAlkaline water can show up mild symptoms in those who have just started drinking it
Alkaline water helps in promoting bone health and provides strength Alkaline water is expensive
Alkaline water helps in regulating blood pressure levelsAlkaline water might require a special filter
Alkaline water enables one to lose weightAlkaline water can contain harsh toxins from the bottle
Alkaline water helps in lowering the risk of cancer and helps in treating the ovarian cystAlkaline water can be unhealthy if one drinks it in excess
Alkaline water helps in providing relief from acid reflux and prevents dryness in the eyesThere is no reasonable scientific evidence that alkaline water is good
Alkaline water helps eliminate toxins from the body and promotes healthy skin and hairAlkaline water might not suit everyone

Pros Of Alkaline Water

Alkaline water surprisingly has got enormous benefits that one can achieve by consuming it regularly, and here is a list disclosing the advantages of alkaline water.

Controls diabetics

Ionized alkaline water certainly includes active hydrogen molecules, which help in controlling diabetics for those who intake it regularly. They also help neutralize the free radicals floating in the body, ensuring one is less likely to be diagnosed with diabetes.

Promotes bone health

The studies show that alkaline water helps with bone density as the alkaline PH positively impacts bone health. It also benefits by neutralizing the adverse effects on bone health due to acidic diets. And hence it helps in promoting bone health and provides strength.

Regulates Blood Pressure 

It is claimed that alkaline water helps lower the blood’s thickness, which also aids in the cardiovascular strain on the body. It is also the best source of hydration than regular water. All in all, it helps in regulating blood pressure levels.

Weight loss

As we already understand that alkaline water helps neutralize acidic diets, it also boosts weight loss. For all those who are looking forward to losing weight, then alkaline will certainly do some work and help you lose weight.

Low risk of cancer 

It is said that alkaline water helps lower the risk of cancer, but there is no adequate evidence. However, it might carry some properties that might help lower the cancer risk.

Helps with acidity

Alkaline water indeed helps in providing relief from acid reflux. Studies show that alkaline water has a PH of 8.8, relieving or therapeutic properties that ease acid reflux.

Eliminate toxins 

Yes, you heard it right alkaline water helps eliminate toxins from the body by lowering the acidic waste load accumulated in the kidneys and digestive system and ensures healthily rebalance.

Prevents dryness 

Alkaline water is again said to prevent dryness in the eyes; dryness in the eyes is the most common problem many people face. Alkaline water has antioxidants that do the job of preventing dryness in the eyes.

Treats ovarian cyst

Alkaline water or food containing alkaline naturally helps treat ovarian cysts. It also helps in curing any bodily imbalance that is caused due to polycystic ovarian syndrome, which therefore results in improved fertility.

Promotes skin health

Alkaline water enables balancing the PH level of the body, which helps in providing flawless skin and texture. It also ensures that your skin absorbs the maximum amount of nutrients and minerals, which leaves your skin clear and healthy.

Promotes healthy hair

We all know that hydration is the key to healthy skin and healthy hair. Alkaline water not only provides hydration but also helps in balancing the PH level in the body, which indeed promotes a healthy scalp and hair.

Well, these were the advantages of alkaline water; however, having it on a certain limit will do great wonders for your body.

Cons of Alkaline Water

Alkaline water also has some complications too that one can achieve by consuming it regularly, and here is a list disclosing the disadvantages of alkaline water.

Mild symptoms 

Drinking alkaline water might disturb the nutrients and might cause indigestion. The sudden change in the PH level might cause itchy skin and uneasiness in the stomach.


Yes, alkaline water is certainly expensive, and not everyone can have it every day as it cannot be afforded by every individual.

Special filter requirement 

If you are considering drinking alkaline water daily, it might require a special filter to purify it. However, not everyone can afford that special filter, and indeed alkaline water is not for everyone.

Harsh toxins 

We already know that plastic bottles contain harsh toxins which are not good for the body. And alkaline water also comes in a plastic bottle.

Excess drinking can affect health

Drinking or having anything in excess is bad for the body, and so is alkaline water. Drinking too much alkaline water can disrupt your normal body PH level, and it might cause metabolic alkalosis.

No scientific evidence 

Yes, you heard it right; there is no reasonable evidence that alkaline water is good for you. A few studies show that it is not suggested, and other studies claim that it does a great job. However, researchers are still working and trying to figure out if alkaline water helps.

Well, this was a list of disadvantages of drinking alkaline water, and if you have read all of it, then do comprehend these aspects before drinking it.

All in all, we have discerned both the advantages and disadvantages of drinking alkaline water. So before drinking it, one needs to comprehend both the advantages and disadvantages or consider taking opinions from physicians.

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