22+ Pros and Cons of Ambassador Car (Explained)

The Ambassador car is very famous car model made by Hindustan Motors. It is so popular that it is often referred to as the ‘King of the Country Roads’, making it the most well-known and loved vehicle in the history of the country.

The Ambassador cars were also turned into taxis in the city of Kolkata, people using it as public transport for decades. The Ambassador car is based on the Morris Oxford Series III, which is a British car.

Pros of Ambassador Cars
Cons of Ambassador Cars

1. Spacious

1. Production Seized

2. Available in LPG

2. Maintenance Issues

3. Available in CNG

3. Non-availability of Spares

4. Great for Travelling

4. Price Not Reflecting Value

5. Improved Performance on Updated Models

5. Design Options Limited

6. Power Steering

6. Size and Shape Problems

7. Prestige

7. Marketing Not Strong Enough

8. Charm of Old Country

9. Great Value in Life Span


  • Spacious:

The Ambassador is well known for being one of the most spacious cars in the world making it a first choice for people with big families Ambassadors are known to fit up to 6 people with a driver in the driver’s seat. The cars are incredibly spacious and give a warm reception to whoever rides it.

  • Available in LPG:

Ambassador cars are available in various models and come with different fuel types as well. The car is available in LPG which makes it quite affordable fuel wise for upper middle-class families. LPG is also known to have better calorific value because it is produces more heat.

  • Available in CNG:

From the late 1990s, early 2000s, Ambassadors were also made available in CNG, making it more affordable to middle-class families. This meant that the Ambassadors cars were now more affordable in terms of fuel as well, because CNG is known to give much greater mileage than LPG.

  • Great for Travelling:

Since Ambassadors give better mileage than any other car produced in country like India, it quickly became Country’s favourite car. The brand was well-known for being the perfect choice for travelling to outskirts from cities with the family and friends. It also became well known for being a car used to make cross country trips.

  • Improved Performance on Updated Models:

The Ambassador gives better performance on updated models, since it has now been installed with an updated engine and several other design changes. The ambassador now comes with a better interior design making it more comfortable for people with disabilities and for aged people.

  • Power Steering:

The ambassador had installed a power steering in its most updated model and for this reason it had improved its previous errors of making the car difficult to drive. There were complaints from younger generations of the ambassador restricting mobility by making it difficult to drive, but now that has been solved.

  • Prestige:

One of the most important factors of the Ambassador is the idea that the car is used by the most official government purposes and also by top bureaucrats, making it the most prestigious car in Country. The Ambassador is a marker of status and class, making it a sought after car.

  • charm of Old Country:

The Ambassador has been used in so many references across novels and cinema in Country, it has become a symbol of the old Cuntries, the Country that was growing in the world as a notable country. This made the ambassador an official government car and reminds the people of the old charm.

  • Great Value in Life Span:

The Ambassador car makes it incredibly valuable by being not only a vintage car, but also a car that lasts several generations. There are stories of the ambassador being passed on generation after generation in families. This makes it a very intelligent and valuable purchase.

Disadvantages OF AMBASSADOR CAR:

  • Production Seized:

The production and marketing of Ambassador cars were seized in 2014 due to heavy losses and continued shifts in the Indian marketplace for other cars. This makes it very difficult for an Ambassador owner to find original parts if something goes wrong making the Ambassador a luxury only few can afford. 

  • Maintenance Issues:

The Ambassador was made to suit the Indian roads with the Indian style and life, but times have changed. The Ambassador is a very high maintenance car, and with a shift in the current economic structures of the country, it would be very difficult to maintain the Ambassador.

  • Non-availability of Spares:

If the Ambassador were to encounter an accident at this point of time, it would be impossible to find spare parts that are original. The owner would have to search the black market to find such parts. The Ambassador also makes it difficult to store its value with false parts.

  • Price Not Reflecting Value:

The Ambassador is mainly known for its status as a heritage car, and is also bought due to it being a status symbol, but this makes it a problem for people who want to buy the Ambassador for daily use, since it is incredibly high-priced based on its value.

  • Design Options:

The Ambassador had made minor changes across its interior designs and body, but no major changes were made to the car over its 50 year tenure. This made it incredibly inconvenient for people to drive the car and move with the changing times of the country and the world.

  • Size and Shape Problems:

The Ambassador is also criticized for being a car that cannot be driven due to several shape and size problems. This makes it difficult for the car to be driven on Indian roads. Better options for the consumer are hatchbacks and better versions of SUV. 

  • Marketing Not Strong Enough:

With literally no options to project itself better than the others, it became extremely inconvenient and silly for the Indian consumer to choose to drive an Ambassador, instead of other brands that makes life much more easier than driving a vintage car once a year.

Hence the Ambassador still remains a status symbol with several ministers using the cars, but it would be quite difficult for an average middle-class family to maintain its status and yearly budget over the Ambassador car, making it extremely difficult to move forward with the idea of maintaining the car. 

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