28+ Pros And Cons Of Apples (Explained)

Apples are considered a superfood, they are healthy, delicious, and have a lot of nutrients that improve your overall health.

It contains vitamin C and fiber and is also good for your hair, skin, body, etc.

However eating apples also has pros and cons, it can cause a bowel movement. To understand more about it, here Is what can help.

Pros Of Apple Cons Of Apple 
Skin looks plump Cause bloating and gas 
Natural moisturizer Extra pressure on the intestine 
Aid weight loss Cause teeth damage 
Lower sugar level Gain extra weight 
Improve gut health Fluctuate sugar level 
Makes your bones stronger Cause stomach ache 
Improve hair growth Exposure pesticide 
Preventing gallbladder Cause loose stool 
Reduce wrinkles You might allergic 
Good for Eczema 
Prevent cancer 
Prevent asthma 

Pros Of Apple

Apples Keep Your Skin Looks Plump

If you are having dry skin, apples can help you in getting better skin conditions.

Apples have nourishing and hydrating properties. They also have a high water content providing the skin as well as the right fluid for your skin.

Also, it helps in making your skin look plump and supple. It contains biomolecule tannin and potassium which keeps your skin hydrated.

It’s  A Natural Moisturizer

Since apple contains the most zig properties, it’s used in several homemade moisturizers and beauty products.

Also, the high water content helps in keeping the moisture in the right amount on the upper layers of the epidermis.

This forms the layer of coat on your skin which protects this from dryness and infection.

It’s Aid The Weight Loss

You can add apples to your daily diet and it will help in losing weight.

The fruit contains high amounts of dietary fiber and water content which also keep staying for a longer time.

According to the study, it shows that people who are obese added whole apples or apple juice for 4 or 12 weeks, they reported weight loss in significant amounts.

It’s also noted that consuming apples for your meal can reduce the intake of food without adding the calorie count.

Lowers Your Blood Sugar

Apples are beneficial for people who are going through type 2 diabetes, as different studies show that they can lower the blood sugar level.

According to a particular study, consuming 2 to 6 apples per week can reduce the 28% lowered risk of diabetes to those who don’t have it.

Makes Your Gut Health Improves

Apple contains 17% soluble dietary fiber which is 100 gms serving. It helps in alleviating your stomach-related problems such as hemorrhoids, constipation issues, it can be due to hard stools, bloating, indigestion, etc.

According to a study in 2015, apples have fiber which is called pectin which is a prebiotic for supporting the growth of gut flora.

Not just that, it’s pectin that works as a gelling agent in slowing down digestion and boosting the assertion of nutrients.

It Might Prevent Cancers

According to several studies, apples can also help in preventing the concerns of certain types.  

A practical study indicates that apples contain high concentrations of phenolic companies which helps in reducing the oxidation stress on cells.

To women who consume at least one serving of apple per day reducing lung cancer.

Another study shows that apples contain myricetin in reducing the prostate cancer risk in men.

Help In Fighting The Respiratory Related Problems

Respiratory problems like Asthma can cause oxidative stress in the lungs which helps in constantly being exposed to oxygen.

According to studies, apple juice helps in protecting asthma-like risk with antioxidant compounds.

It also has quercetin food which makes apples more helpful, and it shows that it increases the intake and deals with chronic breathing problems.

Strengthening The Bones

According to a study that shows that apples can help in improving bone quality and preventing bone loss.

Also, it causes inflammation and reduces the various diseases related to bones.

A flavonoid which is called phloridzin in apples, this is effective in strengthening bones and improving skeleton structure.

Improving The Hair and Overall Growth

Apples contain biotin which helps in stimulating your hair and nail growth.

Generally, the doctor can help in biotin for the loss of hair. Apples are also good for their amazing effect and for improving overall health.

It also contains compounds like procyanidin B2, which thickens the hair and makes it more healthier.

It presents the pattern of baldness in males and hair thinning.

It Also Treats The Eczema

Eczema can be one of the issues which are caused by the dry skin condition which varies from one person to another.

However, if you are going through the same thing and you don’t find anything to solve it, then you can use apples for beauty products.

Apple cider vinegar can help in solving the problem, and it’s an antifungal and antibacterial-like property which contains oxalic and acetic acid.

It is also good for treating skin infections and improving the outbreaks of diseases.

Reduce The Chances Of Wrinkles

According to a Korean study, apple flesh and peels contain ethanol. It contains an anti-wrinkle and whitening effect on the skin.

Not just that, it has the antioxidant, elastin, collagen which is present in apples which can fight against the free radicals causing premature signs of aging such as pigmentations, dark spots, wrinkles, etc.

Apple also contains a lot of benefits, you can add the pulp with other ingredients using honey to make it a mask.

Preventing Alzheimer Like Disease

According to the American journal of clinical nutrition in august 2020, people who have the age of 50 or older including a small number of apples in the diet for 2 or 4 times to develop Alzheimer’s disease, and related to other dementia over 20 years as people to those who ate more flavonoid-rich food.

Apple also contains content that can help in dealing with anti-Alzheimer’s.

Preventing the Gallstone Formations

Gallstones can develop which form when the bile in the gallbladder and gates soldier in excess cholesterol.

To avoid this,  doctors prescribe a diet that is high in fiber such as apples that regulate in eight and cholesterol levels.

Apple also contains fiber content, it helps in preventing problems like gallstones.

Cons Of Apples

It Can Cause Bloating And Gas

Eating apples on a daily basis can cause problems such as gas and bloat.

It’s accustomed to eating too much fiber. Eating too much of this can cause problems. 

Not just that, it’s important that you drink plenty of water to make it better, and fiber passing through the digestive tract.

You Might Be Allergic

Some people are allergic to apples and related to fruits. If you have an allergy which can be birch pollen, this also develops the allergy and it is important not to eat them.

Symptoms can also cause different problems such as hives, vomiting, abdominal pain to different issues like anaphylaxis which is life-threatening.

It Contains A lot Of Pesticide Exposure

According to the Environmental Working Group, Apples are the top in the list of dirty produce.

To those who are concerned with the high levels of pesticides, it’s important to purchase organic apples instead.

However, organic produce can be an expense that is not good for the budget.

It Causes The Loose Stool

Most of the fiber that you get in apples contains soluble fiber and it’s a form of pectin. Although apple skin has a good amount of insoluble fiber.

The high fiber contents of apples which can lead to gastrointestinal issues which lead to loose stools like diarrhea.

You get the side effects mostly if your body can digest the high fiber.

Leads To Stomach Ache

Some people also complained that eating apples can lead to mild stomach aches.

These are the symptoms you get because of the fiber content of apples.

The digestion of fiber leads to the gas, and the buildup to the gastrointestinal system which leads to stomach ache.

Apart from this, you get cramps, flatulence, etc.

It Can Fluctuate Your Sugar Level  

Apple is a rich source of carbohydrates, and it can give you a burst of energy and this makes perfect for the workout snack.  This also helps in improving the feel-good neurotransmitters like serotonin.

However, apples can lead to a spike in your blood sugar as it’s a rich source of carbohydrates.

For diabetic people, this can be too much sugar and get worse if you have insulin sensitivity and interfere with your medication.

Gain To Extra Weight

Apples have a lot of carbs which helps in providing you with instant energy.

However, when you consume too much of this, it can lead to gaining weight.  This makes your body burns the carbs first, and eating apples restrict the body from  fat which requires you to lose weight,

Cause Damage To Your Teeth

Apple Donation is acidic, and this can be harmful to your teeth.

The amount is higher than sodas, and that’s why it’s important to avoid chewing apples using your back teeth or eating this as a meal like a snack.

You also need not to eat more than one apple a  day, and it will be fine for you.

Adds Extra Pressure On Intestines

Apples are not good for those who are frequently going through bloating issues or have gas-related problems,

The fruit is ranked in having high amounts of sugar which makes it difficult to digest properly and this leads to extra pressure on the intestine. 

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