30+ Pros And Cons Of Bananas (Explained)

Bananas are extremely delicious and healthy, and they have a lot of essential nutrients and benefits for your body.

Aside from this, it was good and quick snack food. However, here are some drawbacks that can be a real issue.

So to understand more about the pros and cons of bananas.

Pros Of Bananas Cons Of Bananas
It’s a SuperfoodCause constipation 
Build the lean muscles Can cause digestion issues 
Good for health Nutrient imbalance 
Fast muscle recovery Lead to vomiting and nausea 
Perfect for hangover Might cause allergies
Reduce morning sicknessHigh amount of calories 
Makes feel happy High in sugar 
Reduce anxiety and depression Not for diabetics 
Good for constipation Not for obese 
Reduce bloating Cause sleepiness 
Reduce PMS pain Lack of vitamin c
Boost energy Lack of protein 
A lot of nutrients 
Natural detox 
Reduce hunger 
Lose weight 
Helpful in itching 
Moderate blood sugar 

Pros Of Bananas

It’s a Great Superfood

While eating the banana can help you in keeping healthy and it’s an amazing superfood.

Bana has a lot of benefits that can outweigh the apple and because they have nutrients and vitamins.

Also, it’s twice as carbohydrates, 5 times more vitamin A, Iron, and 3 times more phosphorus as compared to apples.

It’s also a rich source of natural sugars, fiber, and potassium.

Is The Banana A Nutrient Dense Superfood

Helpful In Building  The Lean Muscles

After a workout, you can also get the muscle feeling sore or not growing fast. This is because magnesium is not enough in your diet.

Bananas are a good source of magnesium, and they can help in muscle contraction and muscle mass.

Helpful In Fast Muscle Recovery

Banana is known for having a prime source of potassium and since it has an electrolyte, having potassium can help you in recovering muscles.

Especially when you are doing the workout, it can help in strengthening the development and allowing you to do more workouts.

It Makes You Feel Happy

Bananas that have 6% of vitamin B9 that is needed for daily diet. This one is called folate, a nutrient that also helps you in fighting against depression by boosting a substrate that also has an antidepressant.

It promotes serotonin, also considered as google chemical, and makes the brain faster.

Banana Have A lot Of Important Nutrients

Bananas are known as one of the most popular fruits.  It’s native to southeast Asia and also grown in different parts of the world where the temperature is warm.

Bananas also have a lot of fiber and have a range of antioxidants. Eating one medium-sized banana, it has:

  • Vitamin C: 11% of RDI
  • Potassium: 9 % of RDI
  • Vitamin B6: 33% of the RDI
  • Magnesium: 8% of RDI
  • Copper: 10% of RDI
  • Vitamin B6: 33% of RDI
  • Fat : 0.4 grams
  • Protein: 13 grams
  • Fiber: 3.1 grams
  • Net carbs: 24 grams

Moderating The Blood Sugar Level

Bananas are a rich source of pectin, it’s a type of fiber that can help in the flesh in a spongy structural form.

If you are eating unripe, it contains restaurant search

Can Bananas Improve Heart Health And Regulate Blood Sugar

It’s  Boost Energy

According to an Appalachian State University study in 2012 published in Plus ONE, Bananas are also one of the great sources that you can consider instead of expensive sports drinks. 

Eating two bananas gives you the calories of a 1-1 /2-hour walk or workout.

Bananas are ideal for picking me up, especially when you are feeling sluggish and tired in the afternoon. So skip the sugary snack and coffee, you can simply eat bananas.

It will help you in keeping the energy restored for much longer hours and you won’t find yourself suffering a dramatic crash that usually causes cake and caffeine.

It’s Good For Heart

Since the banana is rich in potassium, you can also use this for the body’s circulatory system which helps in delivering oxygen to your brain.

This is also helpful for the body in maintaining lower blood pressure, regular heartbeat, and the proper balance of water as per national institutes of Health.

Banana Are Natural Laxative

If you are going through with constipation, Eating bananas can help you in saying goodbye to that.

You can consume well-ripened bananas, and it has a type of fir which helps in restoring as well as maintaining with your regular bowel function.

According to a Chinese study in 2014 published in the Journal Of Medicinal Food, bananas are the natural source for making your bow moment better.

Perfect For Hangover Remedy

The natural ingredient is helpful in replenishing the vitamins your body needs and reduces the effect of hangovers.

You can simply put the bananas in a blender along with plain yogurt and honey to sweeten them.

This fruit also has a calm and soothing tendency which keeps your stomach feeling comfortable.

And with honey, it keeps the blood sugar return to a normal level.

It Can Reduce The Morning Sickness

The natural way of getting rid of morning sickness, it can reduce morning sickness.

Bananas have cleaning properties that are associated with vitamin B6.

And this one can be eaten during pregnancy which helps in fighting giant early pregnancy morning sickness.

You Can Get Rid Of PMS Pain

Going through menstrual pain and it can be difficult to do everyday work. However, instead of taking the pills to reduce the PMS pain, you can consider the banana.

Bananas come with a lot of vitamin B6 and according to the National Institutes of Health’s Office of Dietary Supplement or ODS,  they suggest that b6 helps in reducing premenstrual syndrome.

It Helps In Treating Warts

Banana peel can help you in treating warts. It has healed plantar, flat, or warts.

If you are having anything like that, you can simply take a banana peel and tape it over the area before you go to bed as the University Of Maryland Medical Center suggests.

Helpful In Itching Relief

If you are having a lot of itchy mosquito bites and it’s important to get relief soon.

It can be annoying, so make sure you don’t throw banana peels away.

You can rub the banana peel to the place where itching and swelling of insect bites.

It Can Also Good For Soothe Ulcers

Bananas are also helpful in increasing the mucus in the digestive tract. And it can help heal or prevent stomach ulcers.

This also helps you in reducing their ratio of having a digestive system and leaving the protective coating to inner walls.

This makes a natural way of promoting intestinal and health.

Apart from this, you can also use this for getting rid of heartburn.

They are natural antacids that also help in soothing the burn.

Lowers The Stress And Anxiety

Bananas are good for mood-boosting, it has tryptophan which is a precursor for serotonin.

And this works as a natural antidepressant, and also treats insomnia, anxiety, and stress.

Bananas have norepinephrine, which regulates the fight or flight response and improves the regulating stress.

This makes you feel positive and helps you in getting energy if you are feeling anxious.

Improve The Sleep Quality

If you are going through bad days and it’s affecting your sleep. You can eat a banana before you hit the bed. And this will help you better relax and help in regulating the sleep quality.

It contains tryptophan which is a response for having a good amount and quality of sleep.

Reduce The Bloated

Belly bloat is one of the issues that might make you look fat.

Fighting against fats as well as water retention, you can use the balance.

According to a study, a woman who ate a banana twice every day as her pre-meal snack for 60 days, it helps in reducing 50% of the belly bloat.

It contains potassium which diminishes the retention of fluids in the body.

It Makes You Feel Fuller

Eating a banana makes you feel like you had a meal, it gives you energy and makes you feel refreshed without consuming anything unhealthy.

Banana contains resistant starch, and it resists the digestion process.

Also, it feeds the gut bacteria which are healthy, suppressing the appetite and leading to efficient fat oxidation.

Support The Healthy Digestive System

For those who feel like something is not right after they eat or have bad digestion. You can eat bananas as they can improve the digestion of your body.

It’s an amazing source of getting prebiotics and nondigestible carbohydrates which act as food for healthy gut bacteria.

It also improves digestion and makes your gastrointestinal health better.

Can Bananas Lead To Digestion Problems

It’s a Natural Detox For Body

Bananas are rich in pectin which makes this fruit a natural detox. You can consume this one which works as gelatin-like fiber and sticks to all the toxic pumps which are present in the blood.

Also, it helps in flushing out all the harmful toxins out of the body via urine.

Cons Of Bananas

It Can Cause The Constipation

Eating unripe bananas can also cause constipation. The unripe banana contains starch in huge amounts and it’s not able to digest such an amount of starch.

You can also suffer because of constipation. The fruit contains fiber pectin that draws the water from the intestine and makes you feel dehydrated.

Cause The Digestive Issues

Having the right amount of fiber is good and it can help you in making your digestive system butter.

Consuming too much or excess large quantities can cause problems such as bloating, gas, and cramps.

Also, too much fiber can interfere with the absorption of minerals like iron and calcium.

It Contains High Amount Of Calorie

Eating bananas can be high-calorie foods, this banana makes an ideal snack, and consuming two of them can help you in getting more than 300 calories.

However, it’s important just to eat two bananas, especially if you are not eating more fruit.

It Can Cause Sleepiness

Banana is a source of tryptophan, it contains amino acid which helps you in sleeping better.

When you are consuming a banana, It contains carbohydrates which blood eh amino acids from entering to your brain.

This is also because of tryptophan that leads to boosting in serotonin production. This can make you feel sleepy.

Problems Regarding Dental

Bananas contain sugar, even though it’s natural but it does have its own harmful dental problems.

One of the problems with eating a banana is that it can lead to tooth decay.

Also, it contains acid which eats away the tooth enamel and it damages your dental health.

Lose Weight

One of the major side effects of eating too many bananas on a daily basis and it can start your weight to go down.

Also, it contains fiber-rich and protein which makes you feel full and you don’t feel hungry, this makes you feel less fat which can cause weight loss.

Lack Of Protein And Vitamin C

Too many bananas can result in weight gain if you are especially on the journey to lose weight.

It doesn’t have the right amount of vitamin C and protein, This can make your diet incomplete.

Also, it has a problem which affects your health.

It Not For Insulin Sensitive And Obese

People who are going through pre-diabetics obsess and insulin-sensitive should not eat a banana at all.

It can spike the sugar level as it has been observed.

People who are suffering from cold and cough should also not consume bananas in any form.

Might Have Allergies

Banana leaves are safe, but they can be allergic if you don’t know about them.

That’s why it’s better to check that you are not having a reaction to your health, skin, and others.

It Has Other Problems

Bananas might not have a lot of problems if you are eating in the right amount 

But some of the side effects that you might have if it’s too much in amount are cramping, gas, bloating, nausea and vomiting.

It Has Nutrient Imbalance

Not having a balanced assortment of nutrients is one of the problems of eating bananas. It doesn’t have all the nutrients that your body needs. If you have the banana which dominates the diet,  your stomach might not have enough for other healthy foods.

According to USDA  guidelines,  eating two cups of fruit every day is equal to having a large banana

This leaves no room for adding other protein, grains, vegetables, etc.

Are Bananas Bad For Your Teeth

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