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17 Pros and Cons of being Sex Addict

   The term, Sex Addiction, can be defined as a compulsive need to engage in sexual acts so as to momentarily satisfy their inner desires. It should not be confused with sexual disorders like Bestiality or Paedophilia.

Sex Addictions have become increasingly common nowadays and several studies show that they often go diagnosed. It can manifest in different situations like, an overly excessive need to masturbate and/or watch porn, be in sexually stimulating scenarios, etc.

Despite the consequences, sex addicts can alter their lives significantly to perform sexual activities several times each day and reportedly cannot control their behaviour. 

Benefits of being Sex AddictDrawbacks of being Sex Addict
A whole lot of ExerciseRisk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
Relief from Pain, even MenstrualVaginal Tears are a Real Possibility
Lowers Stress and lessens Blood PressureHigh chances of a Urinary Tract Infection
Possibility of Reduced Prostate Cancer RiskMen can have uncomfortable genital experiences
Better Sleep and Heightened Sexual DesireDestruction of Societal Relationships
Better Mood along with a deep-rooted Relationship
Skin that looks Younger and Glows

Advantages of Sex Addiction

  • A whole lot of Exercise :

   Exercising your body is basically engaging in physical activities and sex is a very “physical” activity. In October 2013, a study published in the PLoS journal proved that on average, 4 calories by men and 3 calories by women, were burned off in a general 25 minute sex session. Moreover, sex has also been found to be beneficial for cardiovascular health. 

  • Relief from Pain, even Menstrual :

   One of the reasons why sex acts as a pain reliever, is that sexual activities activate the release of the endorphine hormones within our body. Endorphins interact with our brain receptors to lessen our perception of pain. You also get to experience a lot of uterine contractions owing to orgasms during sex, which also help in alleviating menstrual pain. 

  • Lowers Stress and lessens Blood Pressure :

   Sex activates endorphin production in the body along with several other mood-boosting hormones. It also plays it’s part in calming you down. Studies have been published that prove that sexual activity prohibits rises in blood pressure in case of stressful events.

In fact you don’t need to have penetrative sex for these advantages. Any sexual activity including masturbation should be helpful. 

  • Possibility of Reduced Prostate Cancer Risk :

   Several studies have been published (eg. Journal of European Urology, 2016), that have shown men who tend to ejaculate in excess of twenty one times every month, had a twenty percent lesser chance of developing prostate cancer in comparison to men who ejaculate only a maximum of seven times each month. So sex addiction could actually prevent prostate cancer. 

  • Better Sleep and Heightened Sexual Desire :

   Sexual Intercourse releases the hormone Oxytocin and orgasms release another hormone called Prolactin. Prolactin helps you relax and feel sleepy, while Oxytocin gives you uninterrupted sleep. So it is quite normal to fall asleep after having sex.

On the other hand this uninterrupted and refreshing sleep improves upon your sexual responses. Regular Sex means better sleep and better sex. 

  • Better Mood along with a deep-rooted Relationship :

   The neurotransmitters released during healthy sexual intercourse coupled with the mood enhancers hidden in the semen, help to give your mood a boost. Moreover skin to skin contact has been proved to lessen stress hormones, like Cortisol, in the body. Sexual satisfaction helps humans to achieve an afterglow and thus also helps in building stronger, more intimate relationships. 

  • Skin that looks Younger and Glows :

   You might actually have a certain glow in the morning after. Humans do tend to acquire elevated beauty traits after they have had sex. The most obvious reason for that is that the human skin tends to look more bright as more blood flows under it. Blood flow naturally increases during the arousal process making your skin look younger. 

Disadvantages of Sex Addiction 

  • Risk of Sexually Transmitted Diseases :

  Trying to satisfy a sex addiction can make a person have incredibly excessive amounts of sex and it would not matter to him/her if the sex was unprotected. The USDA Departmental Management states that around thirty eight percent of the male and forty five percent of the female population, who have a sex addiction, contract a venereal disease. 

  • Vaginal Tears are a Real Possibility :

   To have healthy sex, the body is required to produce a lot of fluid for lubrication and other purposes. In case you continue to have too much sex in a short time, the body will be able to produce lesser moisture with each bout of sex, leading to a dry vaginal wall. You can also experience irritation, chafing, swollen vaginal walls, etc. 

  • High chances of a Urinary Tract Infection :

  The thrusting motion performed during sex, paves an easy path for the bacteria called “E.Coli”, to go up through the urethra, right up to the bladder, and cause a Urinary Tract Infection or UTI(more so in women). Hence having too much sex, like in the case of a sex addict, equates to high chances of a UTI. 

  • Men can have uncomfortable genital experiences :

   As the frequency of having sex increases, it also takes an unseen toll on your body, especially your genitals. Studies show that men ejaculating in excess of eight times over a weekend, stands to face severe discomfort in the end, and possibly in between also. There can also be feelings of extreme irritation and soreness in the penis. 

  • Destruction of Societal Relationships :

  Even though romantic relationships can grow stronger with lots of sex, sex addicts often cannot maintain any boundary when it comes to having sex. The thought of having sex takes complete control over their minds and they lose sight of everything else in life. There is a steady decline in their family engagement followed by personal and societal relationships. 

   So as we can see having a whole lot of sex does have it’s fair share of benefits. But the problem is one you give in to your addiction, it is very hard to keep a track of which sexual activities are safe and which are not. Sex Addiction is a very real problem in today’s world and it is even very hard to categorise and/or detect. In case you ever are doubting yourself seeking professional medical help immediately. 

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