20+ Pros and Cons of Binge Watching Series (Explained)

The newest trend that has hit the world and the lives of young adults is the habit of binge watching web series.  This is a habit that has found itself to be quite in tune with the new generation and the people who seem to stay up all night.

This practice of staying up all night to binge watch series or watching a web series all day before your assignments is a good way of refreshing oneself from workload, but at the same time it can also be a massive hindrance to any work getting done, resulting in pressure and anxiety of failure. This is something that needs to be discussed.

Pros of Bing Watching SeriesCons of Binge Watching Series

1. Refreshing

1. Loss of Valuable Time

2. Exciting

2. Unsocial Behaviour

3. Good Way to Spend Time with Family 

3. Health Hazards

4. Break from Responsibilities

4. Unfit Body

5. Up to Date with New Season Launch

5. Distraction from Work

6. Relaxation

6. Lack of Sleep

7. Helps You Fall Asleep

7. Losing Content of TV Series

8. Content for Conversation

9. Easier and Cheaper than Going to The Movie    Theatre


  • Refreshing:

The best way to refresh yourself from a long, tiring day of work is to watch a web series that will help you do so. This makes your day fresher and brighter, but at the same time, you have to put in zero effort.

  • Exciting:

The rush of watching a new web series with its drama and twists and turns is one that keeps the people awake at night. It is an exhilarating experience to watch a web series at a go, binge watching an entire season of several episodes. It is exciting.

  • Good Way to Spend Time with Family:

The best way to spend time with family and friends nowadays is to binge watch an entire web series. This makes the bond between the people stronger and keeps your hope up about finding close people in your life you can trust.

  • Break from Responsibilities:

Binge watching an entire series is the only method of ensuring that the series you watch also gives you a break from responsibilities of life and work. If you watch one episode at a time, you will still have to engage in work and life issues.

  • Up to Date with New Season Launch:

Nowadays new seasons of popular web series is launched at an interval of only a year, hence binge watching is a good way to extend your knowledge about these shows and ensure you are up to date when the new season arrives.

  • Relaxation:

A great way to relax is to watch web series while you eat, and do your household chores. This makes the practice of doing work enjoyable, but also keeps is relaxing and helps you wind down with your show. Binge watching web series keeps your tired mind relaxed.

  • Helps You Fall Asleep:

Binge watching web series is a great way to fall asleep when you are not feeling sleepy. It is because the web series keeps playing on the back and works as sleep noise to help you fall asleep when you are tired and lying down.

  • Content for Conversation:

The web series world is great input for introducing conversation with people and the reason this helps with the conversation is because everyone watches web series nowadays. This is another reason binge watching may make you the most knowledgeable person in your group when discussing series.

  • Easier and Cheaper than Going to The Movie Theatre:

The practice of binge watching web series saves you a considerable amount of effort and time as it is much easier to watch web series in your pyjamas than dressing up and going to the movie theatre to watch films.


  • Loss of Valuable Time:

A big con of binge watching web series is the loss of time that occurs due to the binge watching of web series. This makes it difficult for you to catch up with lost time and may lead to the kind of problems that may ascend. 

  • Unsocial Behaviour:

Binge watching web series or any series for that matter is considered unsocial behaviour and keeps you away from those who care about you. The family and friends that you do not watch web series with will feel left out when you are constantly binge watching series.

  • Health Hazards:

Binge watching for a serious amount of time may lead to you feeling sick and can lead to other serious health hazards as well. For example, constant exposure to radiation and screens may cause problems later in life for people with genetically weaker eyes and is a big drawback. 

  • Unfit Body:

For those thinking that they do not binge watch for too long and can get away with just a weekend of binge watching series, will know that the problems of life are not limited to this. The body and mind becomes unfit when binge watching.

  • Distraction from Work:

A huge problem for people binge watching series and becoming addicted to it is that it is a huge distraction from work and financial matters. You may lose your job and have horrible financial catastrophes for choosing to binge watch web series over going to work.

  • Lack of Sleep:

A lack of sleep may tire the brain and make you feel like you are a zombie, incapable of working within human works hours and incapable of sleeping at night. The sleep cycle changes after you have watched series for very long and have a habit.

  • Losing Content of TV Series:

When compared to the other problems, this may not be that major, but binge watching the series of a particular network will make you lose the content and will keep you waiting till there are newer releases on the particular website waiting to happen.

The problem with binge watching web series or any series for that matter is that it takes a toll on your body and mind, but at the same time if done with caution and in scheduled period of time, then the binge watching of series might actually lead to productivity. 

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