23 Main Pros and Cons of Blogging

Blogs can be the very difference between someone having a bad day and reading something to make their mood lighter. Since the inception of the internet and website access for general people, blogs have become the method of ensuring that the people who want to express themselves through writing can do so without compromising on their career elsewhere, and at the same time do not have to wait for a publishing house to publish their works.

This means that blogging can be used to write about things that others may not write about. Blogging start-ups have been very common since the turn of the decade and several magazines have now moved their content on blogs.

Express Opinions on Various IssuesBlogs Have to Be Active
Ensure Useful ServicesThe Investment for Promotion
Health Related BloggingWebsite Domains can be Expensive
Use Website to Spread AwarenessContent has to be Unique
Employ Great WritersGetting Sponsors for Blogs is Difficult
Websites are PopularReading is Less Popular Nowadays
Blogging is Passionate WorkChance of Controversy
Spread the Practice of Reading
Make Profits on the Go


  • Express Opinions on Various Issues:

The opinions expressed through blogs often serve as sources of inspiration for those who want to see better in life than just the common opinion. Blogs serve as helping hands to people suffering from medical ailments that they wish to keep secret.

  • Ensure Useful Services:

The services provided by the blogs range from marketing to the introduction of new practices and conventions in society. This means that the people who write blogs have their say on several issues concerning human society. This means that the blogging start-up could lead to better accountability.

  • Health Related Blogging:

The blogging that a person does is often reduced to topics based only upon the understanding of the human relationships and other forms of understanding. This means health related blogging is often the only method of ensuring better understanding of medical issues.

  • Use Website to Spread Awareness:

The website that you use for blogging purposes can be used for the purpose of creating social awareness and ensuring that the society you are living in has sensible, responsible individuals capable of thinking for themselves. Blogging start-ups could do a lot to help this cause.

  • Employ Great Writers:

The greatest writers that are employed in the blogging business are ones who have had considerable experience blogging. This means that the people who blog are often journalists or other forms of social commentators. This is one of the reasons blogging is useful for writers.

  • Websites are Popular:

In the age of internet, anything on websites is often considered to be not only relevant but also true. This is where your blogging start-up can make high profits throughout its tenure by providing content on issues that have a lot to do with popular content. 

  • Blogging is Passionate Work:

The blogging start-up that you launch is often going to be clustered with several forms of content and several articles to publish. This is because the blogging that you do is something that can be done only through the method of passion. If you are passionate about writing, then blogging is the best way to do it.

  • Spread the Practice of Reading:

The practice of reading is something that people have lost touch with over the years. This is because the blogging that a person does is not merely the kind of things that people would want to read about. Hence to make other forms of reading material more popular a blogging start-up is great.

  • Make Profits on the Go:

The blogging start-up that you set out to establish can be made a profitable venture by adding interviews of celebrities and other people who are used to fame and are popular on the internet. This is one of the reasons why blogging can make profits on the go if monetized.


  • Blogs Have to Be Active:

The blog start-up which will be host to several blogs and write up content has to be kept active and in demand throughout the year. Hence it will have to publish content that people are talking about and provide an outlook on the scenario. This is hard work.

  • The Investment for Promotion:

The investment for the promotion of the blog is something that you will need sponsors for. This cannot be done in terms of the donations and other forms of monetized forms of payments, it has to be done through investments. This is hurdle to cross.

  • Website Domains can be Expensive:

The website domains can be quite expensive if you look at it from the perspective of the owner. The management of fund and the payment of domains for the services they provide along with the server payments are going to cost a lot of money.

  • Content has to be Unique:

The content of the blog has to be unique and has to be used for the purpose of producing better content and better articles. Blogging is all about content and without content no blog can survive the length and breadth of a start up.

  • Getting Sponsors for Blogs is Difficult:

The sponsors for blogs and such websites are not many in number. The reason the blogging start-up market is dry and usually out of viewers and readers is due to the lack of sponsors that it receives. This leads to the problems of sustaining the start up.

  • Reading is Less Popular Nowadays:

The practice and act of reading in itself is much less common nowadays than it used to be in the years before the massive influx of the television and the method of recreation that involved audio visual means. This is also a reason for the failure of having a blogging start-up.

  • Chance of Controversy:

The pieces that you publish are often pieces that can land you in trouble if they are on controversial issues. This means that the people who use the blogging start-up to write articles and pieces have to be filtered and kept off these issues.


The reason blogging start-ups are gaining an interest nowadays is because of the newer methods of reading and learning that they exert. This means that the people who have to ensure that their start-up is a success must keep a keen eye out on the relevant issues of society.

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